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Juan Pierre To The Cubs: Update

Yesterday, Bruce Levine reported that the Cubs are in the "final stages" of a trade for Marlins center fielder Juan Pierre. 

This afternoon, I was able to get in touch with Bruce to obtain a little more info on the deal.  It seems that the Marlins are still a little shaky on this deal; they're not sure whether to hold out and target top-tier prospects or to pull the trigger now just to dump Pierre's salary.

Also, Levine confirmed that Rich Hill will not be part of any deal for Pierre.  Levine said the Marlins are indeed looking for young pitching.  As a refresher, here are some top hurlers from the Cubs' minor league system who may be available:

Jae-kuk Ryu
Ricky Nolasco
Sean Marshall
Renyel Pinto
Angel Guzman

Chicago's recent trade history with Florida has had mixed results.  Most would agree the Cubs made out like bandits getting Derrek Lee for Hee Seop Choi, but that trade was motivated very much by salary concerns.

The Marlins' unloading of Matt Clement and Antonio Alfonseca for Dontrelle Willis worked out in their favor, although Clement was an integral part of the Cubs' 2003 playoff run.


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WSCR 670AM in Chicago is reporting the Cubs will make an offer to free agent pitcher Bob Howry.

I might've seen that online somewhere as well...how much for? I think I read two years, $7.5MM.

Im hearing rumors around the internet of a possible 3 way trade...

Mets would get - Manny Ramirez

Red Sox would get - Xavier Nady, Mark Loretta, and Aaron Heilman

Padres would get - Mike Cameron and a prospect from the Mets

Interesting. Given that the Red Sox hold the cards here, I'd think they'd hold out for more than that. Nady's a utility player and Loretta isn't getting any younger.

Where does Pierre go then? Florida is not even mentioned there.

I'm working on confirming Alex's rumor, but haven't heard anything yet.

I know that the Indians considered offering Howry two years at $7.5MM but backed off.

Jerry Crasnick has also reported that the Brewers would like Howry to set up for Turnbow.

If there's more info, we'll have it here. Free agents won't be signing for a couple of weeks, anyway.

i think it would be dumb for the cubs to end up with alex gonzales from florida if they can't get furcal...i would rather see nomar there...heck...i wouldn't mind them getting the other alex gonzales back from tampa...he's also a free agent and would probably be cheaper.

When Hendry brought Murton and Greenberg up, I thought it meant a commitment to OBP. Alex Gonzalez (either one) is the opposite of good OBP. They would be a huge disappointment.

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