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Juan Pierre To Cubs Complete

670 The Score in Chicago and RotoWorld are reporting that the Cubs have finalized their deal for center fielder Juan Pierre.  Left-handed starter Renyel Pinto and two other unknown prospects will head to the Marlins in the deal.

The trade was originally reported by Bruce Levine on ESPN Radio 1000 on November 14th.  After speaking with Bruce, MLBTradeRumors.com was able to narrow the possible prospects down to a list of five pitchers.

The Cubs hope Pierre can bounce back after posting his lowest OBP since his rookie season.  Pierre's game is reliant upon his ability to get on base.  He's a subpar defender; Pierre posted the worst range factor in Major League Baseball in 2005 among regular center fielders.

The Marlins continue to stack up promising young pitchers as their fire sale continues.  Pinto struggled mightily in six Triple A starts, but did an admirable job in 129 Double A innings this year.  The stint in Triple A Iowa was his second failed attempt at that level.  Pinto continues to be plagued by his high walk rate, but hasn't yet gotten a fair shake in Iowa.

Baseball America ranked the 23 year-old righthander 6th among Cubs prospects entering the 2005 season.  He has a good changeup, lively fastball, and deceptive delivery.   


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So I guess you don't like it when people point out your false rumors? This rumor is not true. You purposely changed the quotes for some reason. Then when it's pointed out, you delete the responses. At least get it right. You have no credibility whatsoever. This entire website is a fraud, as is the person that runs it.

The deal is happening blah blah. And 3 of these 5 pitchers will be going in the deal.
Jae-kuk Ryu
Ricky Nolasco
Sean Marshall
Renyel Pinto
Angel Guzman

The only reason is stalled was because of the holiday. Lookf for a deal by saturday/sunday and a press conference in Chicago early next week.

ok first of all, it is only a rumor site. read the address: mlbtradeRUMOR.com and so don't get your tailfeathers all riled up if the rumor doesn't turn out to be true. And the second person needs to read the bruce levine (who personally doesn't really have that much crediblity) rumor correctly! The cubs in no way would be trading 3 OUT OF THE 5 pitchers listed. That would be pretty stupid on hendry's part. It's just one of those (looks like it's pinto) and two others from the organization (maybe greenberg? and another who was left off the 40 man roster). But I will add that I was a little irked by the fact that the previous 2 comments were deleted.

People have different ways of handling limited budgets; they applaud winless in post-season beane's methods but consistently lampoon Williams'. It is Williams, however, who consistently shows more creativity because he's able to acquire major league, instead of minor league, talent, while steal keeping a pretty stocked farm club.

The Sox operate on a budget, albeit a greater one than Oakland. What Williams did was get a legit DH and only pay an annual salary of $6.5 million. That will allow him to upgrade a weak spot (DH) and sign konerko. So like the Lee trade, this trade should be evaluated after the money's spent.

Williams uses his minor leaguers - he doesn't set them up at an altar and adore all their potential; he plays them or trades them.

I don't know if this is a good trade, but there is a tendency to inflate minor league prospects (his "only" problem is a grotesque walk ratio - hello, that's a major problem).

"670 The Score in Chicago and RotoWorld are reporting that the Cubs have finalized their deal for center fielder Juan Pierre."

That is not true, whatsoever. Neither of those sources said that. This site is a joke. It makes up it's own rumors and misquotes it's sources so that rumors appear bigger than they are. It's not a rumor if it's made up out of the blue with no credibility whatsoever; that's called a lie.

The blog writer here is a big-time pussy. Can't handle a little criticism, so delete some comments==a skirt-wearing girl who everyone will quickly ignore. Including this reader. Out.

Hey, don't get on MLBtraderumors just because you guys made a foolish trade.

Read what I'm writing. MLBtraderumors.com is falsely reporting a trade. They fasely quote Rotoworld who is correctly quoting WSCR.

"WSCR 670 in Chicago is reporting that the Cubs are close to acquiring Juan Pierre from the Marlins for three prospects."

That is the quote from Rotoworld. It does not say that the deal is final, nor does it say which prospects were involved. It says they are close. They are intentionally misquoting the source. This site is a joke.

I deleted the first two comments because they didn't add anything to the discussion - trashing the site and making weird jokes about Bruce Levine's mom are not helpful.

Chip - you're not ignoring the site or what I say. You seem obsessed with it.

Maybe the choice of words was suboptimal, but I've got other sources confirming the Pierre deal.

I enjoy running this site, although it can be a pain to take a bunch of anonymous shots from people, on Thanksgiving day no less.

I think we have a good track record so far - first to report the Cameron trade and St. Louis's interest in Dotel. Like the other guy said, not all rumors come to fruition. I confirm rumors and use only credible sources (I receive tons of rumors I don't post.) I guess if the site offends you, no one's forcing you to visit.

I doubted this sight once and I was wrong (on howry). With that being said, maybe we should give him the benefit of doubt. He has been right more often than not and he knows a whole hell of a lot more people that actually know what they are talking about than we do. I hope he is right. If they get Pierre and Furcal, this team on paper should be able to compete. Granted, I know I'm being nieve (considering they have been dissapointing me for the last 20 years).

I accidentally put my comment for the Sox trade under the Pierre comment.

He also had the Cameron/Nady deal two full days before anyone else reported the possibility. Then Ken Rosenthal mentioned the possibility, a day later the deal was done.

rumor man, keep doing what you do. i appreciate the site and the hard work that goes in. the site's only a month old and there have already been a number of scoops here. those who are calling you names appear to be high-school journalism students

The choice of words isn't "sub-optimal," it's a complete lie. You completely changed what your sources said. If Rotoworld and WSCR are not saying the deal is finalized, then don't say that's what they said.

Way to step in and set the record straight bro. We all owe you one.

I was at first skeptical of the site when I saw the Nady for Cameron deal due to it not making much sense whatsoever.

Then the trade went down.

The Bob Howry was mentioned in a blurb by rotoworld about 4 days before the signing happened, so this site was early, but not first.


"670 The Score in Chicago and RotoWorld are reporting that the Cubs have finalized their deal for center fielder Juan Pierre."

as far as I can see from the websites has to be coming from sources that this website's publisher has because they are not on the websites nor being broadcast by the radio station.

The publisher, however, never said that they had put out this information to the public in anyway. He also did not directly quote any sources. As far as we know, this statement can be COMPLETELY credible.

It seems Blah Blaherson may be taking this site's report out of context and should hop off of his high-horse so that he may see the forest for the trees.

Just so that Blah does not continue his miscomprehension, I am saying Blah DID NOT READ THIS SITE'S REPORT CORRECTLY.

I apologize for the long reply, but it seemed needed. Logic doesn't seem to prevail with many.

Keep up the good work RumorMonger. We baseball fans appreciate it.

I really enjoy both your sites. Keep up the great work, and Happy Thanksgiving.

For chrissakes it's a "rumor" site, why doesn't Blah Blaherson pull his panties out of his hiney and relax?

I'm reading this site's reporting exactly the way it's written. Neither of those sites said was this site is reporting. This site likes creating it's own rumors, just like it created a rumor of Todd Walker for Aaron Heilman a few weeks ago. As long as the writer of this site continues to misquote its sources, it will continue to be a joke.

This site made up Walker for Heilamn? That's amazing considering it was also reported by Kevin Burkhardt of WFAN.

Thanks for the site!
If the Marlins end up with 3 of those 5 pitchers above, then the Cubbies are overpaying for an expensive, average CF. Hendry seems desparate this winter, overpaying for relievers and possibly this now.

For someone that doesn't find this site very credible, Blah Blaherson sure comes here alot.

The trade is done and includes Pinto, Nolasco and Novoa. Will be officially announced next week.


ESPN news just said that there is a very good chance this deal will get done this week.

Imagine that.

On the other hand, Phil Rogers doesn't think a deal is imminent and he thinks the White Sox are the frontrunners.


Needless to say I don't agree. The Sox have shown a willingness to promote from within, and Brian Anderson appears ready.

The White Sox are hoping the acquisition of Jim Thome as possible protection in the lineup for Paul Konerko will entice the free agent slugger to return, says the Herald's Scott Gregor. As for the vacancy in center field created by trading Aaron Rowand, the team is not believed to be interested in Florida's Juan Pierre and will instead take a chance on youngster Brian Anderson.

Williams said this three days ago. Posted by Fox Sports.

Has anyone heard of the rumor of soriano and mench going to the cubs for walker, jerome williams, and other prospects

wher did you hear that?

yeah supposedly ITI is saying that we have a deal going down with the rangers... cubs getting soriano and mench and the rangers getting walker, jerome williams, aardsma, ronny cedeno and one other minor league pitcher... the supposed reason for the wait is that the cubs are waiting to agree to a new contract with soriano...
this seems like an ok deal considering we were going to trade walker, williams is an inconsistant bottom of the rotation starter (with the cubs haveing plenty of those in their system), aardsma is hard to see go but you gotta give up something to get talent, cedeno's only had one good season so he coud blow up to becomes great but that's another risk you gotta take. The only question then is what's going on with the pierre situation because according to the same article the cubs have furcal in the bag. So that would mean that we got three potential leadoff hitters if we also get pierre. Not that that's usually a problem, but then I'd want a bigger power guy in rf than mench although soriano does offer some pop. thoughts?
(kinda sad that i had to keep using suppose becuase some people *eh-hem* blah blaherson... don't seem to understand what the word rumor means)
oh yeah and thanks for the site RumorMonger... keep up the good work... but you might want to jump on this rangers deal to beat other people to the punch... :)

Thanks for the update...it's OK if I don't beat other people to the punch on this one. I'm way too skeptical to post a link to it, and I haven't been able to contact the author.

Regular poster @ ITI here. I post under the same name there, btw.

We have serious doubts as to this report coming to fruition. The person who wrote the story is new as the original publisher just stepped down. I am not going to doubt his intentions though, as I have no reason to doubt him as of yet.

It is widely believed that the Cubs will bring in Furcal, but not for the money that the author of that article states.

It is also widely believed that Williams is not going anywhere unless it is in a trade for another pitcher.

And the last thing, Cedeno is more than likely not going anywhere either. Walker may/will be moved, but not Cedeno.

Agreed on all counts. And I want to add that when the Rangers deal Soriano, they are going to want a top tier, elite prospect - something like Yusmeiro Petit or better. So it would require Felix Pie, basically.

Any new info on the Pierre to the Cubs trade?? Is the deal still supose to go down early next week??

The Soriano, Mench trade makes no sense to the cubs. First of all Jerome Williams is only 23 (might be 24 now) and showed plenty of upside at the end of the season. Also Woody's health is not at all reliable, so they need all the starting pitching they can get. Also, the cubs are very fond of Cadeno, and i have not seen any signs of wanting to deal him. Finally the cubs will only deal walker once they find out their shortstop situation (Furcal, Nomar, Alex Gonz, or Ronny Cedeno). thx for setting em straight RumorMonger

P.S. Have you heard anything about a trade involving Corey Patterson and Rich Hill in exchange for Juan Pierre (rumor from bleedcubbieblue.com)?

Apparently ITI is a total BS sight that coincidentally is running a free promotion this week. This rumor is totally bunk and also has them paying 100 mill over 6 years to Furcal, who they're reluctant to give 50 over 5 to.

And the Cubs should have no interest in Soriano...it would be more of the same old same old strikeouts galore.

Cubspride - I have heard that the Cubs will not include Rich Hill in a deal for Pierre.

"Apparently ITI is a total BS sight that coincidentally is running a free promotion this week. "

ITI is a subsection of scout.com. The entire network is running a free promotion this weekend.

It is not a b.s. site and is very highly regarded.

I agree it's a very good site, i been posting things on there for about two years now.

Thats why that article has came such a shock to people. Every bit of that article seems like nonsense, so its very shocking it would be on that ITI site

So it's almost Tuesday, and I'm still a Marlin. So much for the deal being "complete."

Man, it's Thursday at noon and I'm still a Marlin.

I thought I was suppoed to be at Wrigley for a press conference earlier in the week?

Juan, what are you doing at the University of Toledo? Are you headed to the Indians? But what about Grady Sizemore!!??

Congratulations, you discovered that we got Juan Pierre wrong. Fantastic.

Theres no need to get pissy about it RumorGuy.

You run a site that is purely speculative, I understand that. Actually I like it because it is a hell of a lot more interesting than finding out what has already happened.

But this post wasn't speculative, it was more like a breaking news story that ended up blowing up in your face.

You would carry much more creditibility if you would offer some insight into why you came to the conclusion you did in the first place instead of just whining and making smart ass comments when people make jokes about your posts.

Then maybe this site could turn from having the level of enjoyment people get by reading The National Enquirer to actually carrying some heavy credibility.

Well, see, Dude, I respond in kind. Smartass comments get smartass replies, and it's pretty useless.

Your post, for the most part, was constructive criticism. Not sure if I'll ever establish credibility the way I'd like; if your name is not Gammons and you post things that aren't in newspapers I think there will always be a healthy amount of "who's this guy, his site's a joke."

On Pierre, I messed up. Had a source I trust tell me the deal was done. Should've confirmed with other sources before going public, but it was early then and I was overeager. Plus, my post didn't reflect that.

I guess I could always print a retraction or delete the post, but I didn't really want to draw attention to my mistake.

"Not sure if I'll ever establish credibility the way I'd like; if your name is not Gammons and you post things that aren't in newspapers I think there will always be a healthy amount of "who's this guy, his site's a joke."

On Pierre, I messed up. Had a source I trust tell me the deal was done. Should've confirmed with other sources before going public, but it was early then and I was overeager. Plus, my post didn't reflect that.

I guess I could always print a retraction or delete the post, but I didn't really want to draw attention to my mistake."

Point taken about Gammons.

And I appreciate you at least saying what drew you to make your original post about Pierre. An explanation like that goes a long way from something being a mistake to something looking like you just made stuff up to get buzz from a major market fan base.

Although it may not seem like, I do enjoy the site. I think you at least provoke baseball discussion, which is all I'm basically looking for.

In the future, just mabye think twice about getting Cubs fans hopes up, haha. 97 years tends to get ya a little ancy as is... confirmations about our filling our gaping CF hole tend to put us over the edge.

Well I'm glad you came, and said something more than "you suck" when you didn't like something.

It is Cubs fans who were most pissed about the Pierre misstep; the key is to not use the word "complete" unless something is truly done beyond reproach.

As a Cubs fan, I'm glad I was wrong on Pierre. There are better options.

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