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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: Orioles

Thought you might be interested in some Orioles sleeper-types, both past and present.  Check out the new RotoAuthority article here.

Also, I bumped into the Fungoes baseball blog today and I liked it.  Smart baseball commentary from a Cardinals fan.  The author cautions patience before lambasting Walt Jocketty's non-moves this winter, a somewhat rare point of view. 


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Jocketty is right to not overpay, but I cant figure out where all their money is going. Two rounds of playoffs in 2005, brand spankin new ballpark, some of the best attendance figures in baseball, great marketability, and yet, they cant give Grudzelanek an extra million bucks to come back?

On the Fungoes blog, the author does quote Jocketty as saying that not bringing Grudz back was a baseball, not money, decision.

Rumor has it today that it was not De Witt or Jocketty that did not want Grudz back, it was La Russa because of conduct detrimental to the team. The rumor is only that Grudz had his hands somewhere they should't have been. As I said, it's what has come out just this afternoon; no confirmation.


'Had his hands somewhere they shouldnt have been.' Was he going through wallets in the locker room a la that guy on the Saints a few years ago, or was he pulling a Kevin Elster(who fucked Ryno's wife in the visitors locker room--has anyone strangled that bitch yet?).

It seems that Kevin Elster wasn't the only one mowin' Mrs. Sandburg's lawn........word is that Grudz tapped that oil well a few times, also. And, yeah, apparently Markie was squeezin' some melons that belonged to another farmer at the market. At least, that's the story floating around. It was mentioned on 1380ESPN on their evening show in St. Louis, and also some dweep in the front office (I think it was their stats guy)reffered to the situation in a post at another site. And, y'all know, where there's smoke............

Grudz and Sandberg were on the Cubs at the same time? What year?

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