Yanks Sign Damon

The Yankees snagged center fielder Johnny Damon for four years, $52MM, making the winter splash we’ve come to expect from them.  I had Damon as the 12th best free agent on the market, but I guessed wrong that he’d re-sign with Boston.  I will give myself a minor pat on the back for coming within $2MM of his contract, however.

Back in mid-October, I explained why I thought Damon at four years was going to be a bad signing.  His defense is slipping big-time, and his bat isn’t far behind.  In 2008 and 2009, the Yankees might have another Bernie Williams-type liability on their hands.

That said, it’s the Yankees.  If they want to treat Year 4 and maybe Year 3 of this deal as sunk costs, they can do that.  He’s still the best option for 2006 (given that they already tried Kenny Lofton) and this type of thing is expected from the Yankees.

One last thing – it’s really cool to see an article of mine up on Fox Sports.  Thanks to all those who read what I write and have given me opportunities.   

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