Latest Mets/Soriano Rumor

A source of mine reports some info concerning the Mets’ interest in Alfonso Soriano:

The Mets do want Soriano, but they’ll only make a deal if the Nats will accept Kaz Matsui.  The Nats would use Matsui at shortstop and would also receive Victor Diaz.

Matsui will be out until mid-April with a sprained knee ligament.  He last played shortstop in 2004, appearing in 110 games there.

This morning, Soriano plans to announce whether he’s willing to play left field for the Nationals.  The fact that he’s even considering it leads me to believe that he will play out there.  Soriano refused to play LF on Monday and would likely be placed on the disqualified list if he refuses again.  He’d lose his salary and right to become a free agent after 2006 in that case. I’m pretty sure his agent is going to advise that he gives in.  Still, he may still be a trade candidate if he’s enormously unhappy with the Nationals. 

Another note from the article: it looks like Jon Daniels pulled one over on Jim Bowden.

"Texas denied Washington permission to talk to Soriano about a switch from second base to left field until the players took their physicals and the trade was official."

Diaz may start the season in Triple A, as Xavier Nady is the heavy favorite for right field for the Mets.

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