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2007 Free Agent Market - Second Basemen

Updated 1-9-07

Let's assess the 2B free agent market next offseason for those teams in need.  These are the guys who I consider starters at the position.

Ronnie Belliard - Should be worth about $4 mil at age 32 in 2007.  Consistent if not spectacular.  The dreads are a plus.


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No Todd Walker?

Oops, that was dumb. I'll add him.

Oops, that was dumb. I'll add him.

Who do you think the Mets will go after? Kennedy? Great glove. Solid bat. Cheap. Relatively young.

No love for KazMat as a starter? No way he goes back to Japan, and I think he might be a good fit somewhere. Prolly not in NYC, but I could see him and his good power, range and speed somewhere.

Go Matsui!

He stinks. You can have him.

I'm curious, you seem pretty certain Loretta won't return to Boston, but if they could get him for 1 year at 3-4 million, I sort of think that they would. I mean unless Pedroia and/or Lowrie really put on a show this year and don't leave Boston any choice, I wouldn't be too surprised to see Loretta sign a one-year deal and have Pedroia break in at SS. Lowrie's ETA is late-2007, so Boston could go with Loretta and Pedroia at 2b and SS next year, and then Pedroia-Lowrie in the middle after that. I mean I'm just throwing ideas around, but I'm a huge Loretta fan and would love for him to stick around for one more season (Assuming his bat picks up, and I'm certain that it will).

Isn't Marcus Giles going to be a free agent in 2007?

Far as I can tell, Giles will be a FA after the 2007 season.

Someone could sign Matsui just for opening day, then get rid of him, hah.

Go back to Japan, Matsui. Giles will be a FA. Braves look to play Prado? I'd like to see Kennedy in a Braves uni. Then pick up Crawford. Then add lots of QUALITY pitching.

lol last poster is an idiot,
hmm okay first of all being a mets fan i hate to say this but the braves arent far off. They simply need bullpen help , and maybe a few more pieces. Carl Crawford is out of the qeustion, so stop thinking about it. Oh yeah, what teams dont need to add quality pitching. Everyone wants pitching not just you

well the braves actually dont need pitching. even if they are shopping haracio ramirez they still have smoltz, hudson, davies, james, villareal, cormier, and others. thugh there are talks of glavine i think glavine is using them to get more money out of the mets. also giles isnt a FA though he is in the trade market and i expect he will be traded to the padres to fill there hole. i dont see kennedy in a braves uni and crawford is out of the question. the braves should be good this year if they get bullpen help.

roto i noticed that you left aurilia off the list he had basically a career year and i expect he will get a good contract

Yeah...I feel like I wrote him up under some position but I could be wrong. Maybe 3B?

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