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Olney's Scoop On Willis

As the rumors heat up about possible Dontrelle Willis trades, Buster Olney had an informative blog post today.  Here's an excerpt of Olney quoting a team exec:

"When they traded Beckett, they basically contacted every team and then took offers.  They haven't said anything about those guys being available, and it would make sense that if they wanted to move them, they would tell everybody, because there would be a lot of interest."

I find it interesting that every team was given the opportunity to make an offer for Beckett.  I wonder how common this practice is?  Olney finishes by saying:

"Though neither Willis nor Cabrera is believed to be on the market now, the executives also have little doubt that both will be elsewhere before Opening Day next season."

It seems that the several GMs Ken Rosenthal spoke to are not any of the same people Olney spoke to.  You'll recall that Rosenthal's sources said it's "practically a given that the Marlins will trade Willis before July 31st."

I'll side with Olney - I think Willis stays put this summer.

Who's the favorite in the Willis derby, whether it's this summer or this winter?  I lean towards the Red Sox, but the Yankees need him even more.  The Sox definitely have more young talent to offer, however.  A couple of dark horses are the two Texas teams.  But really, there are probably 15 teams that could be in the running.    


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I feel like the Red Sox are most likely. Especially after the outing Wells had. It would give them a bona fide leftie in the rotation. But how much would you think it would take to get Willis. I am assuming Lester and Pedroia would have to be included.

Heres another team that could be interested, the Mets. An offer of Milledge and Humber/Bannister/Heilmann one of thost three could be a good start. The Mets are going to need pitching and if the marlins can have an outfield with Hermida and Milledge for the future that would be pretty solid

Roto, just need some advice. I really need a third baseman and someone else in my heads-up 7x7 happens to own both Rolen and Wright. I can get Wright for Sizemore or Rolen for Doug Davis. Which would you do?

"I feel like the Red Sox are most likely."
Don't see why not...

"An offer of Milledge and Humber/Bannister/Heilmann one of thost three could be a good start."
Um. That would be a difficult trade to refuse if you're a Met fan. I'd do Milledge/Heilman/Bannister in a SECOND.

I would do the Wright for Sizemore one.

I just did the deed.

On a more personal note... do you care to revise your David Wright projection? Dear GOD, he hasn't even struck out yet!

Check out this unfounded rumor.


3 way between Oakland, FLA, and NYM involving Zito and DWillis. Makes sense. No?

My last (maybe) Zito bashing comment:

As a Yankee fan, I’d be in heaven if the Mets traded Milledge for Zito.

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