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Clemens Signs, Nevin to Cubs

The long expected Roger Clemens signing with Houston has finally been made official.  One less distraction; the sideshow is finally over.  Until Clemens decides there's a slight chance he pitches in 2007.  The Astros are 6.5 games back and Clemens should provide a several-win boost over the likes of Fernando Nieve.

The Cubs are 11 games under .500, 12.5 out of first, but they're not giving up.  Jim Hendry just swapped Jerry Hairston for Phil Nevin, a clear win now type move for a team with little chance of winning now.  Cubs fans shouldn't mind the deal, given that the Rangers should take on most of Nevin's salary.  Would've been nice if Hendry could've pulled this off a month ago though.

Finally, Pat Burrell was curiously absent from the Philadelphia lineup given all the trade rumors swirling about.  Burrell makes plenty of sense for the Yanks if they can get him, but they can't afford to give up any decent starting pitching. 


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Hairston for Nevin...I can't believe I didn't see that one coming. Does anyone actually believe this trade is going to matter?

I'm just thinking here, but if Clemens agreed to come to the Stros for one more shot at World Series redemtion, do you think that he made a specification that a bat needed to be added? I'm guessing there's going to be at least one trade for a bat and maybe one more for a reliever.

"give up any decent starting pitching"
The Yankees have decent starting pitching? Who? Phillip Hughes? Ching-Ming Wang? Randy (holds back laugher) Johnson?

Face it, none of those guys are enough for Burrell.

Given Burrell's contract and long-term outlook at Wang's, it'd be an OK deal.

Given Burrell's contract and long-term outlook at Wang's, it'd be an OK deal.

I'd rather the Yanks get lefty Abreu rather than righty Burrell. Yanks actually have many good prospects, they're just in the mid to low minors so you may not have heard of them. Hughes, Tabita, Jackson, Cox, Beam, Henry come to mind. Duncan is also a good prospect. He hasn't done well at AAA because he was rushed too soon (I believe he's the youngest player in the AAA league). I think I'd hold onto Hughes unless we're getting a front line starting pitcher back. Hughes is that good and Cabrera has done well enough to live with him in the OF...

YankeeBaseball....Those guys are all well and good but they aren't elite. And it isn't anything to do with what level they play at, they just aren't the Jon Lesters and Brandon Woods of the world. Cox and Beam are actually just relievers at the Minor league level. As for Duncan, ya, he's pretty young for AAA (21 years old) but he's REALLY struggling. Plus, he wasn't really hitting all that well at the lower levels either. He hit .260 with 84 K's in 288 at bats for the first half of 2004 in the Midwest League and then .254 with 47 K's in 173 at bats for Tampa in the FSL. Then .235 in 451 at bats in 2005 at AA (and was 3rd in the league in strikeouts) and now .206 in 110 at bats in AAA (24 K). Just saying, Hughes is the only guy any teams is gunna look at when talking trades of a good player (like Burrell or Abreu)

Jose Tabata is a guy that's really turning heads these days.

He's super-young and years away from the bigs, but he's drawing raves from the minor league experts.

He's probably their second-best trade chip at this point, and could very well go if they decide to make a move.

Hey Rumor, did you hear about the Tigers' interest in Cliff Floyd? There is a link to the article on Metsblog. What could the Mets get for Uncle Cliff??? Also, could the Mets actually get a good pitcher (Livan, or Kerry Wood) without giving up Lastings?

As a Phils fan - I would want Tabata, Hughes and either Jackson or Cox.

I think Tabata is for real.

And probably prefer to give Abreu (since we need RH bats right now) although he's admittedly a better talent.

I may just do it for Wang and Duncan though, too.

Id throw in Lieber for somebody if you guys want!

Think the Yanks would want him back??

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