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Mirabelli Back to Boston?

Word is that Doug Mirabelli is currently on a charter plane to Boston from San Francisco.  Apparently this one is all over Dennis and Callahan and Dale and Holley on WEEI.

No word yet on who the Red Sox would send over to get Tim Wakefield's personal catcher back.

UPDATE: The Red Sox are trying to get Mirabelli to Fenway by gametime tonight.


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The trade was Doug Mirabelli for Josh Bard and Cla Meredith.

This seems like a superficial "quick fix" move to me. Granted, it probably wouldn't have been done without some kind of strong lobbying from Wakefield, but had they stuck with Bard, he likely would have improved. I'm not sure Mirabelli represents a *long-term* improvement substantial enough to justify trading a potential deadline-deal commodity and cash.

I love this move. Love it. Short and long term. Bard seemed like he had a pretty good bat and arm, but there's no absolute guarantee he ever would have figured out the knuckler. Further, apparently Mirabelli lobbied hard to get traded back to Boston since he was reduced to backup status in San Diego anyway. Since NY was trying to acquire him, I'm not sure Boston would have been able to wait a few more starts to see if Bard improved.

As for the short vs long-term benefits...I see Mirabelli as fully capable of playing his role as Tim's personal catcher through the end of both their careers. He only goes one day a week anyway, and his only recent injury problem that I can remember was a messed up hand.

Finally, let's just think about what this means in terms of value. Trading a solid backup catcher for Loretta was a steal...trading a career minor-league catcher and minor-league reliever for Loretta is still a fantastic trade.

Mirabelli was re-acquired for Josh Bard, middle reliever Cla Meredith, and cash considerations (and one source reported a player to be named later as well).

Well worth it. Bard could never handle the knuckler like Mirabelli does.

Solid move. Bard is a bust regardless of who he is catching. He has good defense but when it does not translate to your need (knuckleball catcher) there is no reason to keep him. The Red Sox need another pitcher to step it up and with Mirabelli Wakefield should be able to do this. Cla is an overrated prospect. He might put it together some day but the Red Sox have so many other better bullpen pitchers in their farm system.

How could the Red Sox afford to have any more starts with Bard behind the plate? Theo thinks none...and I agree. Bard was getting worse.

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