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All-Star List Available

According to RotoWorld, you can get a sneak peek at this year's All-Star roster before the names are officially released.  Just check out the available players for the customized jerseys at MLB.com's merchandise shop.  It looks like Derrick Turnbow snuck in there somehow. 

UPDATE: Turnbow did indeed make the cut.  Official rosters available here.  Pretty cool to see guys like Jose Lopez, Alex Rios, Gary Matthews Jr., Bronson Arroyo, Dan Uggla, and Freddy Sanchez earning berths.  Who could've seen that coming?  Pretty uncool to see Mark Redman on the squad.  He has a 5.59 ERA in 13 starts.  Somebody's gotta do it though.


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Totally false,
it says right on there that any player not on final roster will have orders canceled. and also there's not even enough players listed

I don't think either of those statements make it totally false. Regardless, we'll know 'em soon enough.

It's definitely not final because they will not have 4 NL players wearing #5 in the game as the dropdown menu shows right now.


When I looked at the AL one, he was in there...

When I looked at the AL one, he was in there.

He wasn't starting, was he?

If not, that's a goddamn atrocity.

They're out now, Pudge starting...shame.

So is Paul LoDuca... i'm so embarrassed.

Sadly, most people who voted couldn't pick Joe Mauer out of a lineup. MLB should name an all-league 1st and 2nd team at season's end as other sports do to truly recognize the best over the full season.

who else would you name as NL's starting catcher?

I know lo duca wouldn't be in the top 5 in the AL, but in the NL... who else is there?

Barret should be an All-Star. Defensivly he is not that good. But he is, at this point, the best offensive catcher in the NL. And remember he did miss about 13 games with him being hurt and the suspension so his #'s should be even higher. McCann does deserve a spot because he is hitting.

And he Mauer should defintetly be the starter. He is one of the best catchers in baseball, if not the best.

The one rep. from each team is a very dumb rule. They are many pitchers that deserve to be an all-star more than Redman. Schilling, beckett, Verlander, Liriano, are just some.

Hafner deserves to be there too, i hope he gets voted in.
Nomar definely should be voted in, he is hitting and he is a great player.

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