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Nats' Soriano Demands Revealed

According to Jon Paul Morosi of the Detroit Free Press, the Nationals want three good prospects in return for Alfonso Soriano.  As much as critics panned it, you have to admit that Jim Bowden is sitting pretty after his Wilkerson/Soriano deal.

23 year-old Tigers prospect Humberto Sanchez would apparently be the centerpiece of the deal.  Sanchez dominated Double A for 11 starts this year before earning a promotion.  Sanchez has been far more hittable in Triple A, and his strikeout rate slipped quite a bit.  Still, it was an aggressive promotion.  Sanchez's stuff is described as "a shade behind Verlander's and Zumaya's" when he's at his best, according to Baseball America.  They project him as a "solid, middle of the rotation starter."

Brent Clevlen was actually ranked higher than Sanchez coming into this season. The 23 year-old rightfielder has good raw power but is hitting just .223/.303/.343 in 89 Double A games.  Jair Jurrjens of Curacao is just 20 years old.  He was promoted to Double A in June after 12 dominant starts, and his success has with a 2.78 ERA despite a 1.39 WHIP in 32 innings.

We know that the Angels are unlikely to part with their big-name prospects.  The Yankees will need to surrender Philip Hughes and more.  The Mariners are a dark horse, with players like Adam Jones, Chris Snelling, and Rafael Soriano likely to be desired.


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The Angels can sign Soriano in the off-season... no worries...

Is Soriano really worth three top-notch prospects? I think the Tigers would be making a mistake bringing him in for that cost.

Heard Bowden on ESPN Radio in LA last week. He said there are seven teams interested in Soriano, five that are "serious." He also said that neither LA teams were part of the seven.

No way the Yankees give up Hughes for Soriano with Cashman in control. They can probably get him for nothing but $ in the offseason...

My YANKEE prediction, we get Abreu for mid level prospects.

I think if the Tigers can sign Soriano to a longer deal before they make the trade it would be good for them because it would add a big time hitter in there line-up. If they win a World Series it would be worth the prospects. Plus they already have a young pitching staff that should be there for a long time.

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