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2007 Free Agent Market: Starting Pitchers Part 5

Click here to view all of our previous 2007 MLB Free Agent posts.  Today I'll continue my look at the free agent starting pitchers.

John Thomson - Thomson turned 33 in October.  Elbow soreness and a blister slowed him down in the beginning of the season, followed by shoulder problems from a mild labrum tear.  He's going to take the rehab approach and hopes to start fresh in '07.  Thomson made $4.75MM this year; he spent two years as a solid innings eater from 2003-04.  That seems like a long time ago. 

Steve Trachsel - Trax will turn 36 on Halloween. He's been with the Mets since '01, and had been quietly dependable until last year.  Trachsel's K rate is dangerously low this season and he hasn't walked this many in a long time.  He's dealt with back spasms this season but has been fairly healthy overall.  The 15 wins look nice, but Trachsel may no longer belong on a contender by 2007.  He's another one of these guys who can be had for $5MM.

Jeff Weaver - Weaver turned 30 this season.  His awful 2006 has been surprising.  When the Angels signed him for one year and $8-9MM, it seemed like a smart, low-risk move.  On the plus side, Weaver has maintained good control and a tolerable strikeout rate.  On the other hand, he's allowed a ridiculous number of hits and home runs.  Those rates almost have to regress, and Weaver could be a mild bargain in 2007.

David Wells - Boomer, 43, returned in August from knee problems.  I'm sure it's still hurting him, but it was a good month (2.67 ERA in four starts).  That month enabled the Red Sox to trade him to the Padres for George Kottaras.  Wells still makes for an intriguing $3MM mercenary that a lot of teams would love to have pitching in a big game.


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Man, you really don't believe Jeff Weaver is replacement-level.

Weaver has done "well" in the national league maybe he'll realize that...

Jeff Weaver will be around baseball for about 3 more years and in that time he will be an "innings eater". Is that a good thing? Not really.... but there are worse things. (Sidney Ponson comes to mind)

Funny thing is, if Trachsel gets 5 million, he'll have just about doubled this year's salary! Mets got him really cheap for this year, and he's done well as far as wins.

Suppan is A Pirate.. MARK MY WORDS!

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