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Red Sox Need A Catcher

Jason Varitek needs knee surgery, and WEEI in Boston is saying he may be out 4-6 weeks.  I'm sure Will Carroll will have the definitive word on this Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, the Red Sox are scrambling for a catcher who can hit above the Mendoza line.  They're going to have to shop for the high-salary, waiver-passing guys.  Who's available?

Javy Lopez is the first name that comes to mind.  Lopez wants a flat-out release, but the Orioles won't do that.  According to the Baltimore Sun, the team would like to pass him through waivers and cover some, but not all, of his salary in a trade.  He's only caught 20 games this year.  There's always the possibility the Yankees put in a claim on Lopez just to thwart the Sox.  Lopez has worked with current Yankees Jaret Wright and Sidney Ponson before.

Bengie Molina was a name thrown out by Jerry Crasnick today as a possible waiver trade candidate.  Molina makes $5MM on the season and the Jays are 6.5 games back (3-7 in their last ten games).

Mike Lieberthal is in the last year of a huge contract with the Phillies.  Liebs has experience catching Mike Timlin and Curt Schilling.  As a 10 and 5 player he can reject any waiver claim.

Jason LaRue is a player the Reds wouldn't mind sending off.  He makes $3.9MM this year and $5.2MM in '07.  LaRue is not happy as Dave Ross's backup.

Rod Barajas is being pushed aside in Texas, and he'll hit free agency after the season.  He was a teammate of Curt Schilling's for several years in Arizona.

UPDATE:  According to Will Carroll, Varitek's procedure is minor and should keep him out about three weeks.


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I figure the Yankees will claim just about every catcher that is put on waivers. That being said, I hope someone takes Jason LaRue.

yeah, but what if the Yanks claim someone like Javy Lopez and the Orioles stick the Yanks with him? Which isn't, like, exactly out of the realm of possibility.

Always risky to claim a guy to block a trade. Randy Myers, anyone?

Oh yeah, and how much would the Sox love to have Josh Bard and his .357/.421/.579 back now?

Although by the time these catchers start to go through Waivers I'm sure the Yankees should be above the Red Sox.... which will make them unable to block waivers I believe?

But what if the teams are tied(in record) and a waiver selection comes along who gets the first pick?

Lopez or LaRue would make the most sense

I seriously doubt the Yankees would get "stuck" with Javy Lopez.

For one thing, they can afford to take on his contract, and second, he's not a bad bat to have on the bench as a DH, backup to Posada, maybe occasional 1B, though they seem to have a lot of those types right now. With Fasono, Lopez, and even Craig Wilson all able to get behind the plate and hit with some stick, it makes it much easier to rest Posada (who logs a lot of hours for a 34-year old) for the post-season, keep him fresh, and not lose much in terms of offensive production behind the dish.

If it keeps him from the Red Sox (and Lopez would make much more of a difference to them if Varitek is KO'd for a while), you can bet the Bombers will claim him.

That, of course, assumes Javy Lopez can still hit with any semblence of his former self, and that, I think, is an iffy proposition.

i assume Lopez would at least still be able to about around league average for catchers, most likely somewhat better

Lopez demanded to be a starter. If he goes to the Sox or the Yanks he'll be a bad pull in the clubhouse.

Anyway, Sunny, I think Lopez's final days are here...

lopez wouldnt be to happy about being traded to be a bench player but id rather be a bench player for a contender then the orioles!

How about Doug Mirabelli as their catcher who can hit above the Mendoza line?

How come nobody suggests Toby Hall? He & his agent were begging for a trade daily since being sent to the Dodgers. He's making 2.25M this season & will be a free agent. He has had success in the AL East.

The Yanks are tied for first today (& technically ahead due to winning percentage). Now is the time for a move. The thing people keep worrying about with the Yanks going to block any claim isn't logical. Go through the list of all the catchers potentially available & think about them having to accommodate roster spots for all of them... it's not going to happen.

Whoever suggested Bengie Molina isn't thinking clearly. The Blue Jays are not going to help someone within the division especially since they are still (marginally) in playoff contention.

Lieberthal makes a good deal of sense given being the catcher while Francona was managing them & having an albatross contract. The chances of him rejecting a deal to the Sox is highly unlikely & knowing the Phillies history this Deadline they'll probably give him away in a salary dump.

Javy Lopez would almost have to be considered an automatically blocked deal if the Yankees had the chance to so if it were to come to him, the deal would be reliant on timing (& him accepting that he'd be a bench player once Varitek returned).

LaRue would be a poor move too since he's signed through next year & barely 'out hitting' Mirabelli.

The Sox could also make a play at Kelly Stinnett who was DFA'ed by the Yankees last week.

Yeah I wouldn't have mentioned Molina but Jerry Crasnick did in his article.

Stinett isn't an improvement over Mirabelli so it wouldn't be the most logical deal around

wood34: The thing is you aren't looking for an improvement over Mirabelli, at the very least you are looking to improve over Ken Huckaby.

if that's all the BoSox want they might as well go after Chris Widger(who was just realeased by the ChiSox).

I'm trying to figure out who those players are in the banner at the top of the page... any guesses?

"I'm trying to figure out who those players are in the banner at the top of the page... any guesses?"

Edmonds is the one on the far right. The rest is tougher to figure out.

I think I chose random nondescript non-Major Leaguers to avoid copyright stuff. So do you guys like it?

How about Brad Ausmus? Maybe the Sox could use him. He is very good at calling games but isnt very good offensively. But with a lineup like Boston has, I dont think his lack of offense will hurt them.

he obviously fits for this situation, but Phil Garner is kind of obsessed with him, so i don't see that one going through

""I'm trying to figure out who those players are in the banner at the top of the page... any guesses?"

Edmonds is the one on the far right. The rest is tougher to figure out."

The one on the left is the guy shin-soo choo before he was traded. and I think the middle one is someone on the nationals

i thought that guy looked familiar

I think the Padres can trade a cather for Red soxs...

Because they have three cathers: Mike Piazza,Rob Bowen and Josh Bard.

Look at Padre's cather's ststs,their stats is so good,0.315/0.378/0.536 as cathers is unbelievable,and
don't forget their home is PETCO park.

But the important point is Pardes has a good cather Prospect: George Kottaras.

Kottaras,turn 23 in May,began this season in Double-A,and hit .276/.394/.451,last month,Pardes move him to Triple,he hit .262/.333/.524 in 42 ABs...

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