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Akinori Iwamura To Be Posted?

In keeping with our recent Japanese theme, how about 27 year-old third baseman Akinori Iwamura?  It was revealed today that Iwamura will probably be posted.  He's a fine hitter and could jump to the top of the list of available 3Bs quickly.  If it's true that Japanese baseball is a cut above American Triple A, Iwamura's .390 OBP and .550 SLG should hold up pretty well.

I don't know about Iwamura's glovework, but Iwamura could probably outhit every free agent 3B outside of Aramis Ramirez.  If I'm the Phillies, I jump on this and give him a three-year, $24MM deal.


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i think the padres are pursuing him as well. Kevin Towers had originally said that we will be "very aggressive in the japanese market" and i dont see the Padres being agressive towards Matsuzaka. therefore i think that while everyone is distracted with Matsuzaka the padres will sneak in there with a better deal than the phillies....lets face it we have more money to spen then the phillies unless they trade Pat Burrel.

Agreed, great fit for the Pads.

If one of those top three teams in the west can make a major move it will go a long way to putting them on top. Obviously the Giants have more holes to fill so they will be more active. What are the chances of James Loney starting for the Dodgers next year? I think he is incredibely underrated offensively, a great defenisve 1B, and I could see him hitting over .300 with maybe 15-20 HRs his first season

Loney is pretty much a lock to start at 1st, with his performance at the end of the season and in the playoffs replacing nomar

i heard that Loney will for sure start because of Nomar not only being a free agent, but severely injury prone as well.

so i mean....a rookie with a high ceiling of talent..

or an expensive semi star who is often injured.

it doesnt look to hard to decide in my view. (and i hate the dodgers)

I believe Iwamura can play 2B if need be. So, the Mets & the Indians might have interest.

yea, the mets could be. the indians wont be tho, theyre looking at bringing Belliard back or getting Mark Loretta.

or getting marcus giles

Iwamura has won 5 Gold Gloves (00-02, 04, 05) so his defense is proven. It might be hard to expect the same kind of batting average since most power hitting Japanese sluggers have dropped in batting average when they have come over.

His numbers should look very similar to this seasons's Johjima, maybe a slightly lower batting average and slightly more power.

It would depend on the park he plays in though, Johjima played in a tough park for him ... and if Iwamura goes to the Pads it should be similar.. and obviously if he goes to the Phillies he shold put some pretty crooked numbers up.

Either Pads or Phillies would make sense. Giants too i suppose but they have so many hole to fill right now that I have a hard time seeing them getting him.

i noticed also that when players from japan are posted, they usually like to work with playoff contenders or highly regarded teams.

i remember a while back when we sucked Hideki Irabu was posted and turned down signing with the Padres because of their lack of prominence. he chose to go to the Yankees if i recall...

so when i say this he would prolly pick the Padres over the Phillies since we already have a playoff contending team.

but thats just me.

one thing your forgetting. posted players cant pick where they play. It all depends on the highest bid

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