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The Scott Boras Factor

I'm trying to compile a list of GMs who basically refuse to work with Scott Boras, as well as teams with which he has a good relationship.  I figured who would know this better than my faithful commenters?  Please post a comment and we can compile the definitive list.  Here's what I've got so far:

Likes Boras:  Cubs, Tigers, Red Sox, Dodgers, Royals, Mariners, Angels, Diamondbacks, Yankees

Shaky Past But Might Be OK With Boras: Mets, Phillies, Rangers

Hates Boras: White Sox, Orioles, Padres, Marlins, Twins, Braves, Astros, Giants

Unknown: A's

I'll update the post as we sort this out.


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it is often said around here that the red sox have a good relationship with him.

As much as I don't like him, Texas seems to like to negotiate with him as well.

The Mets were known for having a terrible relationship with him until they managed to sign Beltran. Still, Beltran is the only Met on the team with Boras as his agent, except for Pelfrey (who took a while to come to an agreement with).

While the Astros had a bad past with Boras (due to the "K"arlos Beltran Incident), he has spoken to McClane since and patched things over. He is a sports agent, which is what you get when a used car salesman and lawyer have a baby. I think the Stros would negotiate with him, but only if they really really wanted a guy, and thus Boras would know he has the upper hand to bgin with.

I think its safe to say that the Phillies hate Scott Boras.

Boras and the Ed Wade era didnt get along, but Gillick has a good working relationship with Boras.

Being a Rangers fan, I would file Boras under "Shaky Past But Might Be OK With Boras", instead of "likes".

Some years ago I would have agreed with your assessment, but not recently.

Millwood has worked out well for us, but in the past, we've been burnt by him.

The Padres definitly hate to deal with Boras.

The fish hate boras it seems with a passion.

remember they tried to offer Hansen a large sum of money to quit having Boras as his agent. After the Pudge incident and what he pulled there (pulling pudge to detriot right under the marlins feet after they traded lee because they thought they had a deal).

They seem not to want anything to do with him and his clients.

I would put the A's in "Neither" or "Unknown" category.

The A's might be willing to deal with Boras, but all the players he represents are always too expensive for the A's anyways.

I know this is cheezy, but Wikipedia has some background that reminded me of Met's refusal to draft Ankiel because of him. Philly and the J.D. Drew experience (new GM though). Twins used to not like him for the Travis Lee incident. Dodgers have Lowe and Drew now after free agent signings. And the Royals weren't scared about going after Hochevar, but that was supposedly before Moore took over.

Bill Bavasi (Seattle Mariners) has a very good relationship with Boras, so at the moment the M's have a very good relationship with him overall.

Ron Villone and Adrian Beltre are Boras moves in Seattle (although Villone was later traded), and when Boras client Kevin Millwood was taking too long to make up his mind, Bavasi jumped ship to another Boras client - Jarrod Washburn. This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course, meshing with Bavasi's Seattle history and ignoring his previous work with Boras clients.

Oddly enough, Boras deals with Seattle haven't worked out that well recently... but I doubt that's going to scare off Bavasi. That's about the player, not the agent.

Padres fans: what do you make of the Zito rumors given that Boras is his agent?

Hochevar left Boras half way through the negotiations and they had something in place because he felt he could get more. He then left that agent and returned to Boras but by that time it was almost impossible for the Dodgers to offer something of the original deal because this guy is going schizo on who represents him.

Comes down to this,
If you are a large market team, Ie. Both LA's & NY's you'll pay for the player no matter since the money is there.

Small market teams will refrain from doing business with him since they simply can't afford it.

A's are a definite no-go.

Giambi left

Damon was an A & left to go to a large market team

Zito leaving

I don't know about that - the Orioles and White Sox have money but probably will avoid Boras clients.

as a Padre fan, i see the Scott Boras factor asa large one. it doesnt seem to matter if Zito is a homegrown kid mainly because Boras is using it to lure LA into the mix. overall i think that Towers could ultimately do the deal with Boras, its just a matter of money.

and Boras knows how high he can drive prices...

he could drive it right out of a Padre type money range.

Even though the Padres don't like to deal with Boras I think something might get worked out for Zito to land in San Diego. I'd say it's a 50-50 chance that Zito comes to San Diego. I also think that Boras will inflate the price tag for Zito. Even though the Padres have the money to spend Towers will only spend so much of the money just to get Zito home. Personally I think the Padres should do a sign and trade with the A's in order to bring Zito and Chavez home.

Even though the Padres don't like to deal with Boras I think something might get worked out for Zito to land in San Diego. I'd say it's a 50-50 chance that Zito comes to San Diego. I also think that Boras will inflate the price tag for Zito. Even though the Padres have the money to spend Towers will only spend so much of the money just to get Zito home. Personally I think the Padres should do a sign and trade with the A's in order to bring Zito and Chavez home.

"The Astros have patched things up with Scott Boras"???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Drayton McLance, the Astros owner, will NEVER deal with him again!! Why do you think Carlos Lee changed his mind about having Scott Boras represent him?? Because Carlos Lee found out that the Astros wouldn't want to deal with Scott Boras again. All the sports writers and commentators down here in Houston know this as a fact. So DEFINITELY put the Astros on the hate column.

The Pirates will never, ever get close to signing a Boras free agent. Ever!

Are you saying that about the Bucs because they hate Boras, or because they would never sign an expensive FA?

Giants DEFINITELY hate.

Boras made his name getting Matt White, the Giants first round pick, free agency because the Giants did not follow the administrivia to the letter because of some legacy "understanding" that if teams didn't make the offer deadline, it was OK. Boras invoked the rule, made White $10M (less fees) as a free agent auctioned off to Tampa Bay, pissing off the Giants big time (Magowan was already owner by then if I recall right and Sabean might be already in the organization).

There was also the Greg Maddux situation in the 2003 off-season where Boras used the Giants to drive up Maddux' price to the Cubs, who Greg really wanted to join, they apparently strung the Giants along until the Cubs caved.

Then the Giants "got" Boras a month or so ago. They signed Villalona, whom Boras, ironically, thought he had an "understanding" with, a legacy of working with a handshake I guess, but when Villalona signed, Boras was nowhere around. Boras screamed bloody murder and threatened to sue the Giants but the Giants said that they worked with Villalona's family and if Boras has a problem, he needs to bring it up with Villalona, which I interpreted to mean, he can try to sue Villalona, which to me is a lose-lose proposition for him, so he's been quiet since then. So there is no love lost there.

Besides, the Giant already said that they aren't pursuing centerpiece players and that is what Boras specializes in mostly, centerpiece players, so they should not cross paths this off-season, unless his threat to sue comes to fruition.

Also should have pointed out that the Giants made an exception when Boras was Bonds agent briefly when he was negotiating his 5 year/$90M contract in the 2001 off-season.

I think Bonds hired him for a set fee for show, as he added Boras mid-season sometime, dropping his looong time agent, then very quietly after the signing, it was announced that he re-hired his old agent and dropped Boras.

LMAO, the best post on this topic is padres fan claiming a 50-50 chance the padres get zito. You are a jackass, they had a payroll under 70 million this year. And now there is a 50-50 chance they land a guy that is about to get a 15 million dollar a year payday.

Just a question:

Didn't Andruw Jones drop Boras as his agent?

Well, I'd say most GM's hate boras, but they also will have to work with him from time to time. Brian Sabean is certainly up there on the list of hating Boras, but has said he has a working relationship with him.

Sabean discussed some pitchers with Boras last off-season (none were named, but I assumed Kenny Rogers)

Hey ptk420biatch,

Is it necessary to stoop to a child's level and start flaming and name calling? You should check up on some numbers before you call anyone a "jackass."

The Padres have $30+ million of free cash to spend, so why wouldn't they be a contender for Zito, who has expressed interest in playing in his hometown of San Diego.

being a padre fan, i would love to see zito come here. as far as boras being his agent, although the padres may hate boras, grady fuson had a great relationship with him in texas. and these days fuson and sandy alderson are bigger influences on what happens than towers(who has at most one more year). and with all the extra money i can see it happening.

Wait! I thought the Dodgers did not like Boras because of what happen in 2004 (when Beltre left).

Spundin, Giambi and Damon were already long gone, with really no hope of resigning them. Giambi maybe, but Damon hated Oakland it seems. Giambi went for the big money (and regrets it).

Zito again, was long gone. He hired Boras because he knew he woudln't be resigned by the A's.

Interesting fact: Zito fired Boras because Boras was against Zito signing the contract he did with Oakland. So he fired him and signed it anyways.


Andruw decided to by pass Boras when he negotiated his last contract. He took a hometown discount.

That's not happening this time. Boras is negotiating on his behalf and this week said a) Andruw deserves at least $20 mil per year and b) he will not accept a trade before the contract expires.

B) may be simply a bargaining chip. But it's safe to put the Braves in the "hate" category.

"deserves at least $20 mil per year"??

"deserves at least $20 mil per year"??

20 mil per year shit, Boras is frickin nuts!

by the way andrew jones is a FA after the 07 season right. not this off-season?


Correct. He's a FA after next season, but he's also a 10/5 guy and the Braves would like to move him if they can't sign him. Matters are now complicated ...

From what I've read they would also like to trade him this winter or before ST so the roster isn't mangled during the '07 season.

Didn't prevent them from getting McGriff, of course, and that worked out pretty well.

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