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Biggio Re-Signs, Huff Close?

A reader reports in with some info from Sports Radio 610 out of Houston.

Apparently the Craig Biggio deal is done, at a price of $4MM plus incentives.  Is a .700 OPS from a 41 year-old worth that money?  That might be what the Astros are getting here.  Unfortunately loyalty and goodwill do not translate to wins.

In addition, Sports Radio 610 mentioned that Aubrey Huff was "close" to re-signing as well.  Reportedly the deal is for three years with an option for the fourth.


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Biggio is about 3000 hits and him never really getting paid when Bill James thought he was the best baseball player on Earth. He'll get his 3000 hits and cede to Burke (3 year positive OPS streak, BTW).

Huff comes as a surprise. I guess he likes Houston and came at an affordable price. This means a trade with Ensberg as a principal is on the way. Too bad, Mo's got an eye, power, and a good glove... if only he were consistent.

The Huff news is a surprise to me also. I was listening to 790 The Sports Animal but I didn't hear anything about Huff being close to a deal. If Ensberg is going to be traded, I hope it is for a starting pitcher.

Why would you pay someone for past performance if you didn't have to?

Roto, I think what he means is that in his prime, Biggio stayed in Houston for less money than he would have gotten via free agency. I do remember one year when Biggio could have gotten a lot more money with the Rockies, but he stayed in Houston.

He's on track to get 3,000 hits. He's a HOFer, lifetime Astro, etc. He's got a close relationship with Drayton McLane, played wherever they wanted him to (moved to CF for Kent, LF for Beltran) never complained, always played hard, and never got his big deal. So he demands a raise every year (he earned that raise in 2005, struggled in 2006).

There really was no other option but to resign him. Sure, he won't earn that paycheck... but the contract and raise was inevitable. Just the way McLane does things.

They owe this to Biggio, and sometimes loyalty and goodwill does translate to wins. You hear about "team chemistry" all the time...how important is Biggio to the clubhouse, organization, and to the fans? You can't measure the number of wins that generates, but treating your franchise players well in their twilight years always helps you land free agents and makes you a team that players want to play for and that fans respect.

If you just cut him loose or don't reward him for his loyalty, then what message does that send to your current players, farm system, and potential free agents and trading partners? It says that as soon as times get rough, they jump ship. I think this is a move to show free agents and current players that the Astros will take care of their players. I like it...it's a classy move.

Biggio was an pretty friggin good from 1989-2005... he got paid $77 million for those excellent 17 years. Throwing 4% of your payroll at a guy that was a cornerstone of your franchise for 17 years is fine by me. He's about to get 3,000 hits and will probably have a pretty decent swan song the first half of 2007.

Ensberg for Burrell sounds about right!

Burrell for Ensberg actually sounds good to me except for one 'minor' issue. Ensberg's salary for 2006: 3.8M, Burrell's: 9.75M going to 13 this year. That's a lot of scratch to eat.

Burrell, no thanks. He's not a right fielder, has foot issues, is a base clogger, and maybe more inconsistent than Ensberg. I'd rather keep Ensberg and play Huff in right, before trading for Huff.

Burrell, rather.

ive always liked houston, but they do seem to show loyalty to their guys that are over the hill, buthave done grat things in the past, bagwell now biggio

I don't know how much I buy into Huff being resigned this soon. I think he'll test the market. They'll low ball him and he'll go elsewhere. I see a Lamb, Ensberg platoon again.

Ensberg is probably heading to the Pirates for Santos or Chacon.

Ensberg is probably heading to the Pirates for Santos or Chacon.

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