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Mets Re-Sign El Duque

The Mets inked Orlando Hernandez for two years and $6MM.  For that price, who can complain?

So far the only locks for the 2007 rotation in my mind are Hernandez and John Maine.  Of course, there are plenty of remaining options.  Keep in mind that El Duque hasn't topped 161 innings for a while now, so the team will have to use its sixth or seventh starters.

Here's a look at the current state of the starting pitching free agent market.

UPDATE: The deal would be a lot less desirable at double the price, which is what Ken Rosenthal is reporting.


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I guess you get what you pay for.

Rotoworld is calling it 2 for $12MM. That's a big, big difference.

two-year, $6 million contract

If it's 2 years for 6 million, that's pretty good. I'd say 3 million a year for two years is going to be worth it, sort of like how Wakefield costs 4 million a year and is worth it.

If it's for 12 million though - And that is a big if, then that is a terrible move. That is the same contract that Kenny Rogers signed last year, and I wouldn't really consider Hernandez and Rogers the same pitcher.

The guys at MLB Home Plate on XM radio say it's 2 yrs/12 mil.

A New Pirates Generation

I like the move. He is better than Steve T, and can be moved out to the bullpen. The contract amount is reasonable and he is a dogged competitor. We have two spots in the rotation locked up [1.El Duque, 2.Maine], now we can concentrate on Tom Glavin and the daunting task of getting two more starters. As a Mets fan, I have exhausted a myriad of potential pitching solution for my Mets and EVERYTHING seems rash, unlikely, one sided, or expensive. The two positives are that Omar Minaya is the GM and the Mets have some cash.

It’s going to be fun to whupping on the Phanitics down the turnpike! If they get Soriano, we might finally have a turnpike pennant race!

Good move, a younger guy with the same numbers would cost a lot more. Why isn't Oliver Perez a lock for at least the number 5 start... If he gets back to his 2004 form then it'll be one of the best trades the mets ever made.

Perhaps there's a reason Perez's velocity has gone down as much as it has.

Oliver Perez is a project. Projects don't make it on my list. If he craps the bed during spring training, he will be in New Orleans (the Mets new affiliate). I know Willie R loves his fire and his stuff. He has good stuff, but he has to learn to control it. I hope Willie does not fall too much in love with him. He has to realize that he still has some developing to do.

What do you guys think about Jason S filling the Mets rotation next year? He is riskier, but you won't have his contract weighing you down for more than 3 yrs. How much do you think he will command in the market?

Not Joe,

The other problem of the steroid era, anyone whose numbers have dropped is instantly been called a steroid user...

"The other problem of the steroid era, anyone whose numbers have dropped is instantly been called a steroid user..."

Very true, but some of those people accused actually are guilty.

I love this signing.

It's an obvious gamble, but look at it this way...

If not for El Duque's injury issues, given his talent , he'd cost almost triple the price we're paying for him.

Most people know nothing about Oliver Perez...

He is no more of a project than John Maine, Mike Pelfrey or Humber. in fact, he is less so....

The tragic story of Oliver Perez:

1) Is a top 3 pitcher in baseball in 2004.

This is unprecendented for a lefty power pitcher, who typically don't blossom until they are 26.

2) Has a sore shoulder in spring training after being overused in 2004.

The Pirates limit him to approximately 9 total innings in spring training, and send him out to pitch with a sore shoulder on opening day. He gets rocked and is topping out at 90 mph, when ni 2004 he was topping out at 98.

Another issue to note, is Oliver Perez had pitched through the winter his whole career up to this point. After 2004, the Pirates told Oliver Perez, "If you throw one pitch this winter, you lose your opening day start.", and restricted him from pitching during the winter at all. I think this was bad for him.

3) While nursing a sore shoulder, after dominating baseball in K/9 in 2004 with a 3:1 K/BB, the Pirates ask Perez to learn an assortment of new pitches, including an 80 mph curve/splitter pitch. All this at the major league level again, WITH A SORE SHOULDER AND after throwing only NINE INNINGS during spring training.

4) Is placed on the DL. SURPRIIIIIISEEE!!!!

5) Still complains of a sore shoulder after the DL stint is over. The Pirates tell him to pitch in Triple A to contiue working on his 80 mph Curve/splitter, again, after he dominated all of baseball with his 4 seamer, 2 seamer, slider, slurve, change up offering.

after 3 bad starts in triple A, pitching through a sore shoulder and learning a new pitch, the FUCKING Piratse promote Oliver and start him in YNKEE STADIUM.

In his start against the Yankees, 45% of the pitches he throws is this bullshit 80 mph curve/splitter they game him. His heat never break 91 mph, and sits in the high 80s most of the time.



This lasts until the end of the year. Mixed in is 3 new pitching motions the FUCKING Pirates asked Perez to try.


6) The dumb get dumber.

After a completely wasted year of development, the only remote benefit being that Perez gets more innings under his belt, albeit useless innings, the Pirates state publicly that they learned their lesson in 2005 and will allow Oliver Perez to pitch more than NINE INNINGS in spring training AND to allow him to REST if his shoulder hurts.

WOW!!! THey're learning!!!

Not quite....

While other teams are regulating their pitcher in the WBC to ensure that they get enough innings to prepare, Oliver Perez gets about 10 innings in during the WBC.

So what do the Pirates do after Mexico is eliminated and they get Perez back?

Give him as many innings as possible for their best young pitcher in over a decade after a disastrous 2005?

Not the FUCKING Pirates....no no no.

They give him about THREE more innings.

After promising to give Perez more innings to prepare during spring training, Perez throws THIRTEEN INNINGS during 2006 preseason.


7) Oliver Perez comes out starting 2006 with a new pitching motion again, with a slight hitch in his leg kick. Again, 30% of his pitches is 80-82 mph, and his fastball is topping out at 91 mph.

8) At the suggestion of the FUCKING Pirates pitching coach, Perez has a new pitching motion almost start to start. He is demoted to the pen, and then sent to the minors for failing to learn one of 4 different pitchnig motions and for getting hit when 30% of his pitches were new pitches he had never thrown before.

9) The FUCKING Pirates pitching coach made public statements saying he would stop fucking with Oliver Perez and allow him to go back to doing what he was doing when he dominated all of baseball in 2004.


his very next start, Oliver Perez threw a quality start.

His next start was rough, but threw another quality stat in his 3rd game since coming back.

Since day ONE after Oliver Perez was acquired from PIttsburgh, I haven't seen that bullshit 80mph curve ball from Oliver Perez.

Rick Peterson didnt waste his time with that bullshit.

From day one since Oliver came over to the Mets, Perez has gone back to throwing his power stuff.

Perez has been fantastic since joining the Mets becuz peterson simplified his motion, and basically instructed Oliver togo back to being himself.

Go back to what DOMINATED ALL OF BASEBALL in 2004.

The Pirates have the worst pitcher development program in baseball. Name one great pitcher they've developed in the past decade.

They mishandled Perez terribly and Omar Minaya made a brilliant trade to acquire the young fireballer.

People rating John Maine over Olivr Perez on this board is a joke. Most baseball fans have no idea what they're talkinga bout anyway, especially most of the monkeys on this board.

Olver Perez is 10 times the pitcher that Maine, and the comparison will seem like joke within 2 years.

Perez is a fixture in the Mets rotation....

bsox again, could agree more, i was just thinking after reading some1s post about maine and duque being the only 2 starters known for the mets. Oliver perez is a project yes, but with unbelievable upside, i was estatic when i learned he was a throw in for the bert hernandez nady deal. This guy was a stud 2 years ago, on a horrible team, and yes he is a fixture in the mets rotation. On another note, even if el duque was signed 12 mil for 2 years, fine by me. I dont really care how old he is cuz he is ageless like julio franco. The guy is a physical specimen and in amazing shape, for whatever his age is. Apart from 4 or 5 real bad starts as a met, he was very good. His met era would have been sub 4, but he took a beating in one game giving up 11 runs in 4 innings to save the bullpen.in 20 starts, he allowed 3 earned runs or less 16 out of the 20 starts. In this day, where a quality start is 6 innings 3 runs(4.50 era) el duque is easily worth 6 mil a year.

"bsox again, could agree more"

meant to say couldnt agree more

Hmm rotation looks decent all the sudden,if we can get glavine back and just need to sign one big FA, schmidt zito or somebody like that

1. Zito/ Schmidt?
2. Glavine hopefully?
3. El Duque
4. Maine
5. Perez

Humber Pelfrey Soler Bannister Williams all waiting incase of an injury or ineffective starter. Pedro should be back intime for a playoff push.

not joe morgan i dunno what perez uve been watching but he was hitting 94-96 on the gun consistently. He has already made huge strides since he got to the mets and began to work with peterson, and oh yeah he piched a fucking gem in game 7 of the LCS, the biggest game of his life by far


Ollie Perez 2004 numbers:
12-10 2.98 era 196 innings pitched 80 walks 240 strikeouts
On a fucking horrible ass team that couldnt hit. If he even comes close to those numbers as a met, he will win 15 games easily


Can't wait til Pelfrey is part of that crew.

Pelfrey scrapped he curve ball and is throwing a hard slider now.

UPper 90s heat with a hard slider from a 6-6 (or whatever his huge hieght is) righty coupled with Oliver down the road with his mid 90s heat and slider from the left side, with Zito (he's as good as ours) giving us 220 innings per year is pretty bad ass.

The WFAN is saying the Mets are looking at a potential deal for Freddy Garcia orJavy Vazquez for Milledge.

I'd prefer Vazquez. I'd do this.

I think Vazquez's WHIP and K/BB were encouraging and signs that if he gets back in a pitcher's park, he could still be dominant.

180+ Ks with less than 60 walks in 202 IP with a 1.29 WHIP.

Not bad at all....Him and Zito would lock down 400+ innings guaranteed.

Yea, and i really think milledge will be a great player, but im so damn excited about carlos gomez looming in the minors for the next few years, just waiting to get called up. This kid excites me like reyes did in the minors when he was being hyped up. 20 years old, can supposedly fly and rake. I cant wait


Check out Fernando Martinez and Deolis Guerra too....

They are years away, but 2 teenagers hand pickd by Minaya, which means a lot.

Minaya committed big money to 3 other teenagers before. You might have heard of them.

Sammy Sosa, Juan Gonzalez and Pudge Rodriguez.

I am VERY excited about Fernando Martinez, He is the youngest player in the Arizona (Mesa) Winter League(he's 18), and doing Very Well. As far as Milledge, trade his punk ass before his trade value goes down.... or he ends up in jail.. he's a thug, and doesn't belong on a Class Act team such as the mets.

He should play center field next to Bonds in SF

"People rating John Maine over Olivr Perez on this board is a joke. Most baseball fans have no idea what they're talking about anyway, especially most of the monkeys on this board."

Ouch bosox1! I am assuming you are referring to my post.

I appreciate the low down Oliver Perez's harrowing Odyssey. I did not know all the reasons for his decline. To be honest, I just saw some Pirates games, looked at his stats (and velocity), and some press releases about his stint on the DL. I know this guy has impressive stuff, and that it takes lefties longer to develop, which made him a steal in the Nady trade. I am still not convinced that he is a dominant starter. He has the potential to be again, but it seems to me that he needs to forget everything the Pirates taught him, something that involves a lot of work (you don’t undo it over night). Why stick him into an already weak rotation on a contending team right away. Let him figure his shit out with as little stress as possible. To me he is a project, because he still has things to work on, mechanically (getting back to what he was doing in 2004). If you look at his stats during his time with the Mets, you will see that some work still needs to be done. I, as a Mets fan saw most of his starts, and I saw pitches with lots of movement but unpredictable control. His BB/9 3.7 in his best year, with the Mets it was in the 4’s (not horrible, but needs work). John Maine’s BB/9 last year was in the low 3’s (3.3). Even his starts were unpredictable; it was a matter of which Ollie Perez was going to show up. I feel he is a project, not a Victor Zambrano type project, but a project nonetheless.


Would you rather have Schmidt or Zito?

people have the misconception that milledge is a bad guy just cuz hes black and looks like a gangster lol, he really isnt, he just made a couple of stupid mistakes any rookie can make and he roots for his team as much as anyone, he is only 21, and although i think he will be a star i would trade him for the right part, not for some junk though, this guys a potential 5 tool player, he reminds me a little of gary sheffield

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