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Astros Interested In Paul Wilson, Pedro Astacio

Some interesting rumor bits courtesy of the Houston Chronicle's Richard Justice this morning...

Justice mentions that Tim Purpura is discussing a contract with Paul Wilson and examining Pedro Astacio's medical records.  Wilson had a second labrum surgery in June and has been unable to regain velocity.  Astacio tossed just 90 innings this year because of a strained forearm (often a precursor to an elbow injury).

The Astros could invite right fielder Richard Hidalgo to compete for a fourth outfielder job.  I like the idea; Hidalgo has always been one of the game's best defensive RFs.

Justice also adds that after reviewing Taylor Buchholz's medical reports, the White Sox requested that Hunter Pence be added to the package of Jason Hirsh, Willy Taveras, and Buchholz for Jon Garland.  Now that's just silly.


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Yes, it is silly. Kenny Williams must be a nut or something. Oh well, Jason Jennings is better than Jon Garland. I wouldnt midn the Astros adding Paul Wilson. He had a decent record 2 years ago with Cincinnati and their ball park is a launching pad. Maybe he could do better in Houston.

Plus that would keep him in the National league, away from Kyle Farnsworth!!! Anyone know a link where I could see that fight again? That was probably the best baseball fight I have ever seen, but I cant find the clip anymore....

Not silly, stupid, but I can't blame the guy for trying.

I think the Astros bringing in Hidalgo would be great. I figure Jason Lane's time is up as he can't even hit in winterball (.156avg .536ops). Hidalgo on the other hand is lighting up lefties and hitting an overall .275avg and .844 OPS. I know who'd I'd rather have right now.

Yeah that is a bit much Kenny. But I like that in you. Oh and Jason Jennings is not better than Garland. Not that either would be confused with Roger Clemens. One good season with the hummy doesnt erase the whole career.

I thought I had read a while back that Hidalgo had signed a minor-league deal with the Cubs.

I don't know about this a little while back the one of the Cincinnati papers was saying something about Wilson coming to spring training on a minor league deal. Nothing was offical but that means if both the Astros and the Reds are offering this then I think he would take the team that he is currently with and stay a Red. Last I heard he was having a lot of trouble getting his velocity back. Maybe that has changed now.

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