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Did Cards Meet With Bonds?

The Mercury News reports that Tony La Russa met with Barry Bonds's agent, Jeff Borris, and requested a meeting yesterday.  Walt Jocketty and Borris didn't exactly deny interest when asked, either.

While pitching is rightfully Jocketty's top priority, he could have a bargain on his hands here.  The fact is that Bonds would add wins to the 2007 Cardinals.  He's also a low-risk signing if it can be done for one year.  Plus there's that little home run record thing to bring increased revenue.

Can you imagine it?  Two .400+ OBP sluggers hitting back-to-back?  That's Manny/Papi-like.

UPDATE:  Walt Jocketty got fed up with this stuff and told MLB.com, "There's nothing on Bonds."  In addition, the slugger did not meet with La Russa.


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this could blow wet rocks. compiled by bolstered cubs.

stros fan

I have no clue what that means.

Although I just voted on sportsnation that I wouldn't want him. I would definitely take him for the right price. say $10/1. and yes Duncan looked like a lost puppy out there in the post season. though mostly in RF, where he had even less experience than while in LF.

How could you possibly say it would bring increased revenue?? Did you not realize the entire season was sold out this past year?? I highly doubt 2007 will be any different. Nevertheless, this move would be terrible for the team, the fans, and the city!

so on espn it says bonds doesn't want a pay cut. I'm not about to shell out $18M just so I can have a year long headache.

On another note, now that the royals probably aren't going after Bautista, does that mean we get him. God I hope not. Carp will be the only playoff caliber pitcher on the cards this year. maybe reyes too.

Also has anyone heard a peep from Boras or Weaver? I have no idea what he's demanding, but I know I'd rather have weaver than bautista and a couple mil in my pocket.

I also don't like it because I wouldn't see Pujols and Bonds gettin' along. those two egos are just way too big for one clubhouse. plus I don't want Bonds givin' Albert any ideas.

Bautista would be better than anything else we're gonna get. Weaver wants too much cash and all the good pitchers are gone. We have to do SOMETHING for crying out loud!

Pujols and Bonds get along fine. I don't want the deal because of the Hank Aaron circus, but I do wonder what Albert's totals would be with Bonds protecting him.

I also wonder how many singles in LF would be turned into triples and Inside-The_Park Home runs.

Nice, the biggest asshole in baseball (Barry) teamed up with the second biggest asshole in baseball (Albert "Jr. Bonds" Pujols). Maybe they can share HGH recipes.

Hey wouldn't it be great if Bonds just quit for no obvious reason whatsoever. Everyone hates him so why not? And wouldn't Bonds actually DEcrease value in some cases.

Ha Ha I was just kidding, but its nice to dream sometimes.

yes it is nice to dream. could the Braves till acquire Bonds i kno it would be highly highly highly highly highly etc, unlikely but there are no rpeorts that there nt interested in him and it would be cool to see him break the record in Atlanta

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