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More non-tenders

Joe Hamrahi at Baseball Digest Daily has a complete list of non-tenders.  (While you're there, check out the first half of their giant prospect list.)  Most of the important ones were listed in a couple of posts earlier tonight, but there are a few other guys your team might actually consider:

  • Scott Dohmann
  • Brandon Duckworth
  • Mike Wood
  • Willie Eyre
  • Jorge Sosa
  • Toby Hall
  • Jayson Werth
  • Victor Zambrano

Not the most inspiring list, but hey, somebody has to pitch for Pawtucket.

By Jeff Sackmann, Brew Crew Ball


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i love how in the baseball digest daily, the link for the Cubs' Jose Reyes goes to the stats for the Mets' Jose Reyes.

Jayson Werth will be a nice pickup for somebody if he gets healthy

I'd like to see the Jays Pick up Zambrano and throw him in the "battle" for the 5th spot in the rotation.

Haha... so the Mets got... nothing for Kazmir. Hilarious.

I can't believe the Reds let Claussen go. I remember him coming up with the Yankees as being talked about how Phillip Hughes is being talked about now.I hope the Braves make a run for him to stick him at AAA for some depth when he comes back from injury.

i think these are the guys that could be some great bargains:
Jayson Werth
Chris Reitsma
Damon Hollins
Marcus Giles
Chin-Huo Tsao
Brandon Claussen
Marcus Giles
Joel Pineiro
Jerome Williams

"I can't believe the Reds let Claussen go."

Rotoworld speculates the Reds (and many teams) are using non-tenders as a roster loophole to remove guys from the 40 man roster. If you designate someone for assignment, you expose them to waivers allowing other teams to claim him. If you simply non-tender him, he becomes a free agent, and you can sign him to a minor league deal and keep him on the club. I suspect the Reds plan to do this with Claussen.

I think (hope) the Braves go after some of these guys. I think they should go after Zambrano, Pineiro, Williams and Werth. If the Braves are going to trade James/Davies, they will need some depth and by signing a back of the rotation guy, they can afford to lose one. Werth and Hollins would be great additions to the braves left field spot. Langerhans just isn't getting it done.

Hollins and Worth are nothing more than 4th or 5th OF's. I would like a starter in LF we already have those type of players in Langerhans and Diaz. I would like the Braves to lookinto a deal for D.Erstad or S. Stewart if one can be had for cheap. I would also like the Braves to give Kelly Johnson the 2B job and just let him play and bat 8th.Hopefully he comes back from Tommy John surgery in time for spring training. If the Braves can just find a LF capable of batting leadoff I believe the roster will be set.


A healthy Werth would be a much better option than Erstad. If a healthy Werth is a 4th or 5th outfielder, then Erstad (at this time in his career) is a 15th or 16th outfielder.

Don't know what baseball your watching if you think Jason Werth is on Erstad's level. You wanna talk bout injuries when did Werth ever play a full season.

Oh I should have seen the LA in your name another over hyped Dodger in Werth. I would rather take a shot at Erstad and give him Incentives for a year than sign Werth and have him sit in AAA because Diaz is better than him.

"Haha... so the Mets got... nothing for Kazmir. Hilarious."

Actually the Mets got... Omar Minaya, Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, Carlos Delgado, Paul Lo Duca, and Billy Wagner for Scott Kazmir. One of the best trades in Mets history, and I will stand by that forever

Hood i like erstad better to, but im nto sure if he isnt more of a 1B then a outfielder at this point in his career. Some team with a pitching coach known for having control pitchers should grab Zambrano. His stuff is soo nasty, he just cant throw a strike with any regularity, its extremely frustrating, because his stuff really can be dominant

I would like to see Pineiro to the Cubs, he had a couple nice years with Pinella in Seattle. More pitching, the better.

Well, we definitely need a backup when Marquis is ran out of town in mid april.


Yeah we will see about Marquis, maybe he will end up being a change of scenery guy, also, we don't need much from him, a 4.40 ERA would work get the job done.

But don't you think we could get the same thing from Marshall for the league minimum and use the money we save on re-upping Zambrano?

Id rather see us giving our farm system a chance than blowing wads of money on overpriced mediocre veterans.

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