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Pads, Mets, D-Rays Interested In Giles

Marcus Giles, with a career line of .285/.361/.448, has been granted free agency at age 28 after only five seasons of Major League service.  While last year was ugly, Giles still may be the best second baseman available.

Most speculation has been centered around the Padres, because Marcus's brother Brian plays there.  The Padres could've had Giles for Scott Linebrink, but now they can get him without surrendering players.  Kevin Towers will talk to Giles's agent today, though San Diego does have a capable option in Todd Walker already.

The Mets are also interested; they are looking to acquire a second baseman despite re-signing Jose Valentin.

Finally, the Devil Rays might check inJorge Cantu could be moved to first base or traded, opening up a spot.  If Cantu were moved to first, he'd be competing with Ty Wigginton for playing time.  That assumes the Rays sign Akinori Iwamura, which seems likely. 


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Wow, I didn't think about Giles to the Mets. Maybe it could work.

I doubt it will happen Tina. He will almost certainly go out west to SD, as long as they want him. Atleast I would think so. Somebody was bound to bring this up, but I am pretty sure Valentin is the 2B in NY

'Wow, I didn't think about Giles to the Mets. Maybe it could work.'

I like Giles' grit and he'd be a great fit, but blood is thicker than water. Besides, the Mets merely want Giles. The Padres NEED Giles.

Needy or wanty? Needy takes precedence, no?

I'd love to see him in Tampa. He is the kind of player that would be a great influence on Upton, and Cantu, and all their up and coming infielders. That being said it will take a chunk of change to keep him out of San Diego or NY.

Yeah. The D-Rays could use a second baseman. Maybe i'm wrong, but from what i've seen, Cantu is a brutal defensive player. I suppose they could shift Upton to second and open up third for Longoria.

But is Cantu a DH? If so, what do you do with Gomes? What DO you do?

Giles could definetly go to the Mets. Giles is ONLY 28, he's not going to go home (SD), and play with his brother for sentimental reasons. He still has a lot of years left to make an impression and make MORE MONEY.

Giles is going to a contender and will get a nice contract -- but from the Padres, not the Mets.

Just this feeling I have...

(please, don't tell me my feeling is wrong, it's all I have)

Erik i agree, although i wouldnt mind seeing Giles bat 8 for the mets at all. The dude is a worker. Then maybe the jokers who call omar a racist will stop it.

Don't pay any mind to those hosers.

For the record, I'd love to have Giles on the Mets. Kid scared me to death as a Brave. I'm quite ecstatic that he's no longer in that Devil's uniform.

That devil's uniform? Grow up!

I don't grow up, I shut up, and when I look at you, I throw up.

*Bronx cheer*

I would think the Red Sox would have some interest in Giles. I think Cora and Pedroia up the middle could be risky offensively at best.

I would have rather kept Loretta over any other option though.

The Red Sox most likely won't go after him 'cause I think you're forgetting that they have Julio Lugo. If Theo really wants to develop younger players, this seems like the perfect time to give Pedroia the starting job and see what he does with it.

Are Red Sox fans as high on Pedroia as us Cubs fans are on Theriot?

Also, kind of wondering what Red Sox fans think Papelbon is gonna put up as a Starter?

30 Starts E.R.A. around 3.00

I would've rather kept Loretta for one year, not signed Lugo and let Pedroia/Cora tackle SS. But I don't hate the way chose to go. Sox fans and FO are very high on Pedroia....I have no idea what a Theriot is.

I don't know if Papelbon will be as dominate since players have seen what he has and it'll be his sophomore year. But, I see a below 4.50 ERA, 28 starts, 150+ strike outs in his future.

Red Sox won't be shoving him out there for 32 starts and 200 innings. He's too young and needs to adjust back into the rotation.

A 4.50ERA season from Papelbon still has a better sound to it than anything involving Matt Clement at any point in the season.

Now that I think about it I wouldn't have too big of a problem with having Pedroia at 2B this season. There are aspects of the Red Sox that are either aging or not going to be around the Red Sox nation very much longer(Manny, Schilling, Lowell, Wakefield, and Timlin) so its good to start mixing in some youth while still remaining a strong favorite for the AL title.

Pedroia, Paplebon, Lester, Beckett and Matsuzaka are a great foundation to carry the torch past 2008.

And as for Ryan Theriot

Career MiLB stats
Theriot (6 Seasons)
.271, 5 HR, 181 RBI, 115 SB

Theriot '06 Combined AAA and MLB
.312, 3 HR, 38 RBI, 27 SB

The stats may not wow you, but in the lost season of '06 his steady play after being called up earned him big respect from Cubs fans. Along with Matt Murton he's already become a fan favorite already being dubbed "The Riot" which has to be one of best pre-determined built into their name nickname ive ever seen.


Not a nickname I know, but i love it, cause non redsox fans always want to know why he is being booed.

"Are Red Sox fans as high on Pedroia as us Cubs fans are on Theriot?"

Gleebo you are too funny. Cora and Pedroia, are you up to date on free agent signings? Ryan Theriot sucks. He is like already 28 years old... how high on him can you be. A 28 years old with average at best numbers in the minors, where he is like 4 or 5 years older then his competition. Leave it to a cubs fan to be raving about Ryan Theriot. Jeeez. Cubs fans are priceless(not all of you). But really. Ryan Theriot?

"Are Red Sox fans as high on Pedroia as us Cubs fans are on Theriot?"

You couldnt even make this shit up hahaha

He said are FANS as high on a player... not do experts and analysts agree they are equally good. Red Sox fans loved Kevin Millar. When I ask other Red Sox fans how bad ass they thought Kevin Millar was, I'm not asking do they think he was Albert Pujols.

You ridiculing someone, for a perception you made up in your mind....you couldn't make that shit up.

Cool. what an awful post. Your a clown. Kill yourself

If red sox fans were high on kevin millar then they were idiots too. He didnt say.... is pedroia as much of a fan favorite as theriot. You lose.

"If red sox fans were high on kevin millar then they were idiots too. He didnt say.... is pedroia as much of a fan favorite as theriot. You lose."
How is that different that saying fans are high on a player. I'd say it means the same thing, and harsh much?

This site would get so many more interesting, thoughful contributions if it wasn't overrun with little children. Grow up.

Hey NRMAX/BSOX21 or whoever you are today..recently you stated that sportswriters are idiots. In another post, you essentially claimed that you're smarter than everyone on these threads because you read alot about sports. So, if you're reading and spewing information from idiots..where's that leave you?

Do you have a job? I can't see anyone hiring you, except for Jay Mariotti. Wait, are you Jay Mariotti?

I never said anything about sportswriters idiot

Are the yankees as high on phillip hughes as the mets fans are on damion easley?

Why does everything anyone says about anything not related to the Red Sox or Mets end up getting ridiculed?

What's the point of a comments board if its not to share opinions with each other. Nothing makes anyone elses opinion more valid than the next.

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