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Pirates/Yankees/Braves Deal About Complete

Bucco Blog is reporting tonight that the oft rumored three-team trade between the Yankees, Braves, and Pirates is all but complete.

Mike Gonzalez is taking a requested physical for the Yankees today and, if he passes, it looks like he will be a Yankee for Christmas. The Pirates will be getting Adam LaRoche and the Braves will get Melky Cabrera and at least one unidentified Pirate who is thought to be either Nate McLouth or Jose Castillo. There are a couple versions of this trade running according to Bucco Blog so more as we hear it.


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I really have trouble understanding this deal for any team but for the Pirates at least they get LaRoche but now who closes? Who's the 4/5 OF for the Yankee's going to be? What happens if Matsui/Damon/or Abreu go down? I guess for the Braves they at least have a 1B in the wings to replace the one they're trading...

Why trade melky for anything but a quality right handed first baseman?

welcome back Bernie Williams

So lets get this straight... Cashman just traded a decent OF who has the potential to be a good OF for an absolutely filthy left-handed power reliever without losing anyone else?

Wow the Pirates are dumb. Way to go Cashman and welcome back Bernie. If Gonzalez doesn't have any arm problems (elbow) then this is a sweet deal.

Better give him a thorough check on that elbow though.

great deal for Yankees, great deal for Pirates, horrible deal for Braves

As a Sox fan, I can only say one thing in response to this: Fuck!

Nice ball, Cashman.

Yanks are getting a steal in this. Gonzalez is a monster.

Pirates are getting a pimp 1st baseman bat. I dont get the braves though. Melky isnt close to as good as Laroche really. Better be a nice prospect from the priates

will melky start?

dont you mean mely?

This deal makes no sense. Something larger must be afoot.

If this deal actually goes through and the Yanks do end up getting Gonzo, wow, what a deal for the Yanks. BUT, I have a feeling there is something more up with this deal. There is no way the Braves would be giving up Laroche and getting just Melky and some other Pirate in return. I really think the Yankees need to ship another player (Scott Proctor) to ATL to really make this deal work. And if that is the case, then I would get out of this deal as fast I could if I were the Yanks cause quite frankly, I think Proctor is almost of equal value to Gonzo and adding another great prospect who has partly proven himself in NY would be a total ripoff for the Yanks.

Remember JS loves to use deals w/ other teams to force the hand of the team he actually wants to deal with. Hello Halos!

or baltimore

If not for Brandon Lyon, the Sox would've had Gonzalez for years now.

Even as the possibilities seem fewer and weaker, I think the Sox have one big trick left up their sleeve this offseason.

Im like all of you and saying that I hope something else is going on, and I really think it is. If the braves were gonna trade laroche, we would be asking for more, no doubt. I would love for proctor to come in the deal. But hey, like it has been pointed out, its JS, some how hell make it work for the braves.

I hope this is not true. This deal makes no sense for the Braves if they only get Melkey Cabrera. I love Cabrera and think he will be a star however, the Braves should get more. The Braves don't need Jose Castillo or Nate McLouth or whomever he is. I like how the people on the BuccoBlog are ripping LaRoche. LaRoche is a better hitter than anyone they have on that team other than Bay or Sanchez.

Something bigger has to be at hand. The fact the Angels were brought up makes me wonder. Some said the Pirates thought Kotchman was a better option than LaRoche. This sounds a bit out there but perhaps it could happen. What if Cabrera was traded to the Angles for Kotchman who in turn was traded for Gonzales. The Angels will then trade Cabrera and either Figgins or Erick Aybar for LaRoche. Maybe?
Otherwise, I can't see JS making this deal unless he really has something already set in stone. The only Yankees I would want would be either Cano or Wang and since I don't see Cashman being that stupid, I doubt that is the other player. The only Pirates worth a damn are one of their starters. If all the Braves got for LaRoche was Cabrera, this is a horrible trade. Horrible!

I don't think anything bigger is in the works. Every team is getting something they need.

I like this deal for everyone.

I think what people don't realize here is OF is becoming a premium position in baseball.

The difference between the haves and have nots in the OF is widening, and I think it's almost to the point that big bats in the OF are almost as rare as hitting SS's given that u need 3.

3B and 1B are everywhere.

With that said, altho Laroche brings a 5th slot bat to the Pirates, and I always favor power, Melky is a very good player to drop in left field.

I dont like dealing good position players for relievers, but the Yankees are one team that can do it, and Mike Gonzalez has the arm to make it worthwihle.

I like this deal for all involved.

LaRoche is being traded while his value is at its highest. If his contact rate or Fly/Ground ball ratio fall a tad, you are looking at the average ML first basemen. Braves have been frustrated with his mental lapses at times. Really not worth more than Melky and Castillo. You can argue the Braves should get different players, but they can't get anymore than that and now is the optimal time to trade LaRoche. And yes, I would rather have Kotchman any day and take the chance the power follows his bat, because the bat is legit and the defense is in another league compared to LaRoche.

And dont be silly, Scott Proctor might even be than Gonzalez, but for the fact that the Yanks could use a lefty. No way in hell they'd include Proctor unless the Pirates offered more than just Gonzalez. Not that I wouldn't mind them trading Proctor, his arm could fall off next year.

Saying you'd rather have Kotchman than LaRoche is just asinine. You've been drinking that dumbass from Bucco Blogs kool-aid too long. To say his Defense is in a whole othe rleague than LaRoche proves it. You can tell by reading the comments on Bucco Blog that pirates fans havent ever watched LaRoche play for any extened amount of time and the only thing they can think of about his d is the one mistake he made jogging to 1b. Roche will win Gold Gloves at 1b and how can anyon say they think he will hit 16 hrs with a straight face? I know the hitters int he middle of the line-up for Pitt will be worse than the Braves #8 hitter (Diaz) but to say his power will drop in half while he is in his prime is a joke.

His numbers in his second yr with extended playing time mirror Howards from the yr before last, and while he won't be aperrenial all-start like Howard he's going to stay one of the top 5 1b's in the NL for awhile. Castillo is horribly overrated by Pitt fans and would be our 3rd best option at 2nd (behind Aybar and Kelly Johnson).

The braves were offered Kotchman and Figgin earlier for LaRoche so theres no way theyre gonna trade him for an OF 2 yrs away and a scrub. We already have 3 good outfielders in their 20's. (Diaz who noone ouside of atlanta aparently knows, hit over .330 last season in extended playing time, and Langehrhans who can't hit much yet, but right now is as good a CF defensively as AJ).


I see that Braves' fans have once again donned the blinders.

Haha, saying you would rather have kotchman then laroche isnt as asinine as comparing Laroche and Ryan Howard. Adam Laroche is a good player but nothing special. You call him a top 5 1B in the NL, and you are, by the way, ....
"The braves were offered Kotchman and Figgin earlier for LaRoche so theres no way theyre gonna trade him for an OF 2 yrs away and a scrub."
What are you talken about dog? What OF that is 2 years away and whos a scrub? What r u talken about seriously. Anyway, back to your laroche is 1 of the best 5 1B in the league. Heres the NL 1B that i would take over Laroche.
N. Johnson (healthy)
Helton/ Atkins
There are also others you can make an arguement for. As far as Diaz, yeah hes decent. But your extended playing time is 300 atbats, where he had a nice BA, but not very much run production or power. Being 28 , he is not likely to develop more and is really nothing more then a good 4th OF. You are drinkin the kool aid brutha. Langerhans will be 27 soon, and he cant hit much yet? You make it sound as if these are 20 year old prospects. These dudes are almost 30 years old and you are still talking about them like they are ready to explode. Langerhans will also be nothing special. AJ is nice but chances are he will be gone in 08. I dont know what else to say

I'm really interested to see who will play OF if Abreu, Matsui or Damon goes down.

Maybe an early debut by Tabata? lol

Some new guy, I cant remember his name, I think its Bernie Williams or sumthin...

(btw Tabata is 18 and 2 years + away)

Don't get how that arguement makes any sense. Abreu and Damon have played their entire careers relatively injury free, and Matsui played 1768 games in a row without getting hurt.

I'd be much more worried with the pen. Proctor is the guy after Rivera, and he was good last year but not amazing like most yankees fans would lead you to believe. After that I wouldn't trust another guy since most of them are still wet behind the ears (Karstens, Britton, Bruney). Gonzalez would give them a lefty who can get more then 1 guy out (myers) and possibly the guy who steps in when Rivera hangs em up. All for a 750 OPS guy who could be replaced by anyone off the streets (seriously put Sammy Sosa in that lineup and in a little better shape, and he's a lock).

I'll believe this when it really happens. I highly doubt this, considering the questionable source and the fact I don't think Schuerholz plans to give up LaRoche without getting some pitching in return. Plus this trade, as written, is terrible for only the Braves. If you're the Yankees or Pirates, it's a great deal.

Schuerholz must be trying to force Baltimore's hand.

I think this trade would help out all teams in it. The Yankees really dont need more offense and could use some pitching help and thats what Gonzalez gives them. The Braves need a corner outfielder and Melky should start for them and then if they get Jose Castillo they will fill Marcus Giles's spot at 2B. Then the Pirates needed a guy to go behind Bay in the order, well...LaRoche could do that. I dont see why this trade could not happen.


The Yankees also have Farnsworth in the pen.

Ok, I'm not a Pirate fan or anything, but here's my scenario, just for fun, assuming this trade goes down, and Castillo is the throw in:

Trade Paul Malholm to Tampa Bay for B.J. Upton

Trade Salamon Torres to Philadelphia for Jon Lieber.

Sign Jeff Suppan.

CF Duffy
SS Wilson
2B Sanchez
LF Bay
1B LaRoche
RF Nady
3B Upton
C Paulino


Closer: Capps

This team, I think, has a chance in the NL Central.

Bash away.

Since when did Adam Laroche turn into Babe Ruth? This guy is not much more than a firstbaseman with a little pop. He may hit 30 bombs a year and hit .290. The Braves would be okay with Melky Cabrera and Jose Castillo. Oh, and the Pirates aren't going to compete for a division any time soon because their GM is an idiot. He won't make those moves. Allard Baird was that guy in Kansas City. He wouldn't pull the trigger on deals that made since. I feel bad for Pirates fans. All of us small market fans have to stick together and hope That ol Bud pulls his head out and just follows the NFL model.

I don't think anyone is saying Laroche is Babe Ruth but Melky Cabrera? Other than 122 ABs in AAA this year when has Melky even shown a glimpse that he is an above average hitter?

After you finish answering that, answer that same question for McLouth.

Once you finish with that tell me how Castillo has any value to the braves who already have Kelly Johnson, Martin Prado, and Willy Aybar to choose from

Sources told the Dallas Morning News that the Rangers have acquired Brandon McCarthy from the White Sox for John Danks and Nick Masset.

Amazing great move by the Rangers!

Maholm for Upton????

Aside from that, everything seems plausible, and yeah, if they got some more offense (Huff?) I think that team could have a chance.

I dont know it means anything of any significance, but i havent seen any crediblrd site, such as mlb.com, foxsports, espn, or cbssportsline say anything about this trade. Not even rotoworld has anything on it, and even bill skanks, who immediately reports anything he hears, as not said anything. Therefore, I just have the feeling that the Laroche trade either has to have an unexpected twist someone knows about, or a baseballl source go some bad informaiton somewhere

Well then here's hoping it doesn't happen.

I'm not saying LaRoche is the best 1B in the NL because he is not. However, he is a damn good one. He said all along that if he got the chance to play everyday he would show he could produce and he did exactly that as soon as the chance was presented. Something else to consider is that he hit 7th in the lineup most of the season and also platooned with Brian Jordan the first 2 1/2 months of the season. And he still hit 32Hrs and drove in 90RBI. The Pirate fans on here bashing LaRoche need to stop. When was the last time the Pirates had a 1B who could hit like LaRoche? Yeah, that's what I thought. The fact is the Braves don't want to get rid of LaRoche but will if he brings them what they need. Remember, the Pirates came to Atlanta and not the other way around. I, personally, say we keep LaRoche and the Pirates can have another season in the cellar because that is exactly where they will be. Deep in the cellar!

I think the Braves are better suited trading with the O's, Angels, Rangers, and D-Rays because those teams can provide all or most of what the Braves need. As far as I'm concerned, I am bit pissed about the trashing of LaRoche. Very honest but respectful criticism was thrown toward Castillo and Duffy but nothing of the venom for LaRoche. Castillo nor Duffy would fit well in the Braves' clubhouse because the Braves don't like primadonnas. Just ask JD Drew. The Pirates would be very wise to get LaRoche but the Braves would be very stupid to accept Castillo, Duffy, or flippin McLouth as the second player.

I do think something is in the works and will happen soon. Those people who are true Braves fans knows that Scheurholtz keeps everything very close to the vest and makes deals from the least likely sources and as complete surprises. Cases in point. The Betemit trade came from nowhere. Everyone assumed Betemit would go to San Diego. The deal to get Soriano from the Mariners was a complete shocker. The man's name was never once mentioned by a Braves offical before he was traded for. Same goes with Matt Diaz. Everything is like that. He is very secretive but I guess that is what makes him the best in business!

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