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Royals Sign Gil Meche

Steve Phillips reports for ESPN that the deal is done, and it is for five years.  I can see how that fifth year would seal the deal for Meche quickly.  RotoWorld says it's for $55MM with $9MM paid out in '07.

The move may be shocking to some, but KC had roughly $15MM to burn this winter.

Meche turned 28 this year.  He posted a career best 7.5 per nine strikeout rate.  The team now has some starting pitching depth (2007 salaries estimated):

SP - Gil Meche - $9MM
SP - Odalis Perez - $1.7MM
SP - Brian Bannister - $0.38MM
SP - Luke Hudson - $0.38MM
SP - Jorge de la Rosa - $0.38MM
SP - Zack Greinke - $0.38MM

Note: Runelvys Hernandez was released this morning.  Thanks to Royals Authority for the tip.


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Chose the Royals over the Cubs and Bluejays. That's gotta sting.

The Royals have won more consistently than the cubs have over the years.

For 4 years and 45 million, can't say it stings that much. I'm sure he gave the cubs a chance to match it too.


Gotta give KC credit for acctually doing something this offseason. I hope they get him and he works out for them. They can't suck forever.

KC certainly overpaid, but Moore is making a statement with this deal and is certainly banking on the upside Meche offers.

Wonder if they will now sign Octavio Dotel as has been rumored.

"They can't suck forever."

They can if they think Gil Meche will cure what ails them.

People seem to forget that KC made "noise" last offseason by signing Scott Elarton, Mark Grudzielanek, Doug Mientkiewicz, and Reggie Sanders. Two years ago it was Brian Anderson and Jose Lima.

I don't see this as much different.

I don't think they're naive enough to think Meche will turn them into a 90 game winner next year, but they have to start somewhere.

They're rotation was abysmal last year like it has been for the last few years. While Meche probably won't win a Cy Young over the next few years, he could be a component that helps make the staff league average or close to it.

As a cub fan, I'm bummed to lose out on a free agent, but Meche isn't worth that money.

Neither is Ted Lilly, but the Cubs signed him :P

True, but how many pitchers can we overpay for in one offseason?

Luke Hudson could be good he's my sleeper.

I'm a Royals fan and I concede they way overpaid for a pretty mediocre pitcher, but they have to overpay because...well, they're the Royals. Who would want to come here at market value?

Its a good first step in giving the franchise credibility down the road so that when Alex Gordon and Billy Butler develop we can sign other decent free agents. Remember, the Tigers were a joke of a franchise when they signed Magglio Ordonez, Ivan Rodriguez and Kenny Rogers. Gotta start somewhere.

Ted Lilly is a guy that will keep teams at 3 runs per, especially in the hitting weak National League. With out offense that should buy us at least 15-17 wins out of him. We will also get that from Zambrano and at least 10 from Hill and the number 5 guy. Meche (if he signed) would have given us 15 as well. I kind of like Suppan a little better anyways, plus it would help us piss in the Cardinals cheerios!

Sorry, meant to type "With our offense" not with out!

I don't see Kc signing both Meche and Bautista which means Stl will probably grab him (sigh). There's no way we go anywhere in the playoffs next year throwing out Kip Wells and Miguel Bautista. Weaver and Sup could pitch in the postseason. these guys just won't.
Also why haven't we heard about the demands of Weaver, I haven't heard his name mentioned once?

Done deal. Royals have announced a press conference for this afternoon.

Terms still not disclosed, but it sounds like a five year deal.

Local radio station says Royals are still after Batista and Dotel.

Someone completely stole your list here and posted it on the yankees blog at newsday.


Thats pretty shitty.

Oh well, the Cubs arent going to get every free agent on the market this year. Sometimes the deals you dont make are the best for the team. Well see if that holds true here.

That was pretty weak of them Jimbo...jeez.

Did I want the Cubs to get Meche? Yes. Would I have wanted the Cubs to get him for 5 yrs at 55MM? No way. There has to be a line somewhere. That is truly ridiculous. Makes Lilly for 4/40MM look like highway robbery.

yeah not only was it weak, but the posted it in a topic completely out of context, I guess trying to make themselves look smart?

Dissolve the royals! JK
I actually was surprised to see that the Monarchs actually have a pulse. I am shocked that Meche actually went to KC of his on volition. Good for both of them, I hope it works out.

Sometimes I have to wonder about these agents. He'll make more money in KC playing baseball, but if he came to Chicago and was at least decent think of all the endorsement money he could have made outside of baseball. I guess he hopes he can promote the 1 IHOP in KC.

If your suggesting ted lilly wins 17 games, then pass me that crack pipe let me get some of that

Based on what pitchers are getting this year, most I expect will be earning $1 million per win in '07.

"think of all the endorsement money he could have made outside of baseball"

When did Gil Meche become marketable? Especially with who his teammates would have been in Chicago?

"Gil Meche here throwing out a pitch for my favorite Oldsmobile dealership on the north side. You'll never strike out with these prices!"

"We strike out the competition!"

The Royals are going to be competitive this season... It's amazing... Good for their ownership and the fans in KC...

I still think their lightyears away from a division title or a wildcard... But, is climbing out of the cellar a possibility???

Promise doesn't equal wins. They've got some of the games best prospects on their team, but you can't expect that means they'll all perform at their peaks in their first years in the majors. Also, it's the AL Central. So no, no competing for the Royals.

For the life of me I don't understand why the Royals don't just scrap anyone who doesn't factor into the future, and make an earnest rebuilding of it. Has anyone pointed out to them yet that spending a huge chunk of their budget on a long-term commitment for a good but mediocre pitcher will do NOTHING to improve this team into a contender? If they were one step away, maybe. But this isn't where you start. And it's not like rebuilding hurts them. They're years away from winning, whatever they do. And an honest rebuilding effort wouldn't lose any more fans than they've already lost.

And don't give me the "this shows the fans they're trying" stuff, or they're "making a statement."

Horrible, Ridiculous, Stupid, non-sensical contract. 5 years $55 million for a # 3 starter, AT BEST. This is why your franchise sucks, has sucked, and will suck. You finally have money to spend and this is how you choose to use it.

Think what is going through Ted Lilly's mind, if he would have waited an extra day, he would have gotton a more lucrative deal.

Moore was quoted as saying that him and his scouts believe Meche had the best raw stuff out of any of the free agent pitchers this offseason. Apparently, they feel he can be a top of the rotation guy for them.

That's how they're trying to sell the signing, what else would Moore say? We spent $11 million/per season on 1 player for the first time ever, and we got ourselves a fine no. 3 starter in doing so. I wouldn't expect him to say anything else.

What do you mean "sell the signing"? KC isn't Boston or New York, KC fans weren't expecting some huge signing this offseason.

KC had the worst rotation last year and have arguably had the worst rotation in the majors over the last 5 years or so. They have young potential in Greinke, Hochevar, and Lumsden, but it's silly to put the entire team's hopes on those three kids.

Meche certainly isn't going to turn them into a contender over night, but he instantly becomes the best MLB pitcher on their team and pushes everyone else down in the order.

Did KC overpay? Sure. But at some point they need to do something to improve, and holding on to their money each year is not going to make them competitive.

Meche is surely a risk, he has top of the rotation stuff. Disagree if you want, but that's the truth. Can KC help him start pitching like a top of the rotation guy? That's the real question.

"Apparently, they feel he can be a top of the rotation guy for them."

Um... couldn't anyone?

Umm...not really.

I have to agree with Alex Gordon's #1 fan on this. I think you'll see Dayton Moore taking a similar approach to the one Dave Dombrowski took in Detroit. KC has $23 million in salary coming off the books at the end of the year in Sweeney, Sanders, Elarton, and LaRue. That doesn't count a potential $7 million if they decline the option on Odalis Perez, or the $4.5 million if Grudz declines his player option. They'll likely add another pitcher or two next year, maybe one or two low level guys this year.

They have plenty of hitters to build around in Butler, Gordon, Shealy, DeJesus, and potentially Lubanski, Huber, and Bianchi. Hochevar and Greinke have the potential to be top of the rotation starters, but with Meche and Perez around, for at least this year and possibly next year, they can take the pressure of the youngsters. By 2008, a top three of Meche, Hochevar, and Greinke will look pretty good. If they add another SP next offseason, and the youngster progress, 2009 could begin an unprecedented run in the AL Central with all the teams being very competitive.

Did the Royals overpay for Meche? No more than any other team overpaid for any other player that got a huge contract. I think Meche is a better risk than Pierre or Matthews personally, and while he's a less sure thing than Lilly, he has a higher ceiling. If an oft-injured Adam Eaton gets $8 million a year, Meche getting $11 million a year isn't as unreasonable as people want to make it out to be.

I'd say it's a step in the right direction, and I'd be happy if I were a Royals fan.

That signing really ain't that bad. Eaton at 8 million than you figure Meche should have at least got 9-10 million. So the Royals had to overpay a million to get him there. I like the signing & I would really like a Dotel signing. I thought the Bannster deal was stupid but it is a young SP you have under contract for some years. I just think Moore needs to get Bell the hell outta there before he ruins the young club. Moore should have went to his old Brave roots and plucked Fredi Gonzalez before the Marlins did. Bell was a failure already in Colorado there is no need to keep recycling these bums. If you are gonna go that route at least get someone who had some success I wonder what Jimy Williams is doing now.

The Royals are a horror show.

There is no positive spin on this.

Padilla for the same price per for less years.

The Royals are a joke and have just committed to staying a joke for another 7 years.

This is an untradeable contract.

Someone has to copy and paste this thread same time next year, to remind everyone of the stupid shit they were saying about Meche.





The positive spin is: next year the Royals could be surprisingly good. THey have something that resembles a pitching staff now, and their hitting was no slouch last year, esepcially with Alex Gordon and another prospect coming up. Meche has a very similar career path to Chris Carpenter. They both were seen as highly talented high school youngsters, both had massive injuries...their career records by age 28 were pactically the same...and look what happened to Carpenter...Cy Young Winner. Meche isn't great, but best case scenario is he becomes a legitiamte staff ace.

And the dumb get dumber....

So one tall white pitcher throws hard and turns things around after working with arguably the best pitching coach in the game, so lets give the next shitty tall white pitcher that throws hard 55 million for 5 years.

That's essentially what you're saying...

Gil Meche is 28 and has never even broken 200 innings.

So much for his size meaning anything.

He's posted ERAs of 5+ in 2 of the last 4 years.

He has not cracked the lower 4s in a HUUUUGE...

this should not be understated:


He's had some of the league's best defensive players behind him throughout the years, nicluding the best RF in the game, in a park that allows you to cheat pitches in the zone becuz the sheer size is EXTREMLY FORGIVING.

The Royals have a remotely decent lineup.

Teahen and Dejesus improved a lot. Both are still lucky to be considered middle tier option in the grand scheme of things.

The Royals are finishing last with or without Meche enxt year, if not the enxt THREE years.

In the meantime, they jus committed 55 million for 5 years to a 28 yr old guy who you acknowledge is worth jack shit unless u hit the lottery.

For every Chris Carpenter, there are 100 Jesse Flopperts.

This is the worst signing since Darren Dreifort got the same contract.

You gyus need to get a clue.

Wait til next year when the market is flooded with premium to elite talent.

he Royals fans are going to love missing out on CC Sabathia becuz they came up 20 million short, with 55 mil locked up by Meche, who is just as likely to post a 5+ ERA as he is a 4.50.

The Royals are not exactly a pitching breeding ground.

They're ONE remotely successful prospect for the last 15 years missed a season for fucking PSYCHOLOGICAL REASONS.

damn bsox wats wrong troubles ta home lol, but i agree with u. next year Royals fans(if they have any left) are gonna be sad(if there ever happy) that they signed a 20 game loser(thats my estimate for him) and will miss outon Sabathia. the Royals were actually in contention all but 3 years ago in 03, but they fell short in the last week. They a young decent lineup, but are doomed to be in the Al Central so they will be last

Meche = Dreifort

I'm glad there are some sane people out there and who understand what a mistake Meche was. Watching all of the ludicrous posters on a Royal's board acting like this guy is the savior of the franchise is nerve racking.

Look at this positive spin bullshit.

Gil Meche is crap. I can't believe any AL team would sign him. In his 4 years as a starter, pitching at friendly Safeco, he's never had a road ERA below 5. For a guy with "good" stuff he has a career K/9 of around 6.29, which is horrid for a righthander. He's never gone 200 innings. His career ERA is 4.65 and his career WHIP is 1.44. At least Ted Lilly pitched in a tough park in a tough division and strikes guys out more in his career, Gil Meche, pitched in a pitcher's park in Seattle, in a division that's not as offensive-minded as the AL East or Central.

So moving him out of that park and into the AL Central is going to help? Nonsense. This may have been a decent signing for the right NL team, but for the Royals, it's nothing but a 100% shit signing. That's all there is to it.

If you take out Meche's innings pitched against mediocre interleague teams, that is, include only innings thrown against teams in the AL, his ERA is near 5.

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