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2007 RotoAuthority Fantasy Guide

I wanted to pass along some recent feedback on my 2007 RotoAuthority Fantasy Guide from customer Jordan H.:

"This product is even more awesome than I'd thought it would be.  The info is just sweet. You have a very pleased customer, who will definitely be repeating in future years."

So give it a shot already!  My customers have already enjoyed a couple of rounds of weekly updates.  The whole thing costs just $9.99.

If you're on the fence about it, click here to Download 2007_projections_demo.xls.  The file is a sample version containing the Cubs, White Sox, and Cardinals with all of the Guide's functionality.

Also, if you publish a decent-sized website and might be interested in an arrangement to advertise this Guide, please drop me a line at mlbtraderumors@gmail.com

And if you aren't open to some kind of advertising but would do a one-time review of the Guide on your site in exchange for a free copy, that will work too.



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I agree with Jordan H., this guide is GREAT! Very easy to set up and use every hour of the day. You can go out and buy all the Fantasy Books you want, but do any of them give you weekly updates? Buy this, you won't be sorry.

I'm sure it's great... but wasn't it put out a little pre-maturely? So many things could happen that affect your ratings

That's why I update it every week until the season starts, my friend.

it will work on a mac, wont it?

I seriously still think his wife is the brain's behind the operation

Decolores, it works on some Macs but may lose some sorting functionality. I would recommend downloading the sample and seeing how it works for you.

sorry, but where can i get that?

I just added it as a download to the post.

i loved the sample, so i just ordered mine

Just bought it. Looks great. Thanks for the website and for keeping us all up to date over the winter. Go Cubbies!

Gratuitous plug: bought it, happy, and will buy it again. Heck, it's worth it for the updates alone.

Can I have my puppy back now? ;-)

Buy 10 more copies and I may allow Fido to return.

What valuation method do you use for dollar values? What league parameters are they based on (mixed league is obvious, but what else)?

Any plans to do AL/NL-only? I guess there's not much of a market for those, but in that case why do $-values at all?

I use a valuation method based on a $0 constant. It's based on a 12 team 5x5 mixed league, so 276 players drafted.

There is a market for AL/NL-only, and I'm shooting to get into that in '08.

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