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Linebrink/Rowand Trade On Hold

Buster Olney mentioned a possible trade of Aaron Rowand to the Padres for a reliever back on January 26th.  Turns out the targeted reliever for the Phils was indeed Scott Linebrink.  However, any such deal is on hold until springtime.  Kevin Towers would like to see how Terrmel Sledge looks in left and how the loss of Linebrink would affect San Diego's bullpen.

I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I think a Sledge/Cruz platoon could outhit Rowand for a lesser cost.  And is the difference in defense in left field that crucial?  David Wells and Chris Young typically don't go six innings; I'd rather retain one of the league's better eighth-inning guys.   


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Chris Young WILL go six innings a game this year. No Doubt.

Well, he averaged 5.78 per start in 2006, so I wouldn't call it a no-doubter.

6.09 before the break, 5.36 after. He got weaker as the year wore on.

Why aren't the cubs involved in getting Rowand? I would happily give them Howry or Eyre. Then we put Sori in RF ship out Jones for anything we can get - maybe ship him to Fla ( hell even he would be better CF than Stewart)

Rowand would bring back the speed lost by Dave Roberts. Also a blue collar mentality would not hurt anything (my version of Moneyball). Linebrink needs a change of venue, I believe he really wants to be in the closers role, which will never happen in San Diego. GO PADRES!!!

Chris Young tired while with the Texans. Hampered by injuries. With the Friars he had a win vs the cardinals in the NLDS and a 9th inning no-hitter in September. I would hardly call that slowing.

In the second half of the season, he averaged significantly fewer innings per start than he did in the first half. How does a single 8+ inning start negate those cold hard facts in any way?

Thats why I like Forums.

Roto makes a correct statement, people disagree, he then provides evidence of said statement using statistics, and people disagree..

That happens on here all the time... It's plain funny......

The reason the Cubs won't make a run at Rowand is because neither Eyre nor Howry will get it done...The Cubs don't have the pieces the Phillies want for Rowand.... Rowand is not nearly as fast as Roberts either so don't get your hopes up... Plus, the deal won't happen... Linebrink for Rowand straight up isn't a good deal for the Phils and i'm sure they can come up with something better between now and April... I actually don't understand why Towers hasn't jumped on this to begin with... It doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe I overvalue Rowand and his grit..... His statistics aren't mind blowing but his grit and tenacity are something to behold... Plus the dude has a ring.... Gotta love that makeup in any clubhouse...

Come on Linebrink for Lowell!...

I can hope.

Rowand and Lieber to the Twins for Rincon, Ford & B level prospect would help both teams.

Maybe Crain and Ford plus a B prospect... Otherwise, if im the Phillies, I would just assume trade Rowand to the Padres for Linebrink and Lieber to the Rangers for Wilkerson... thats way better than that proposal....

Rowand is the not the hot commodity you believe him to be. Linebrink is as about as good as you can do.

Sure but Rincon, Ford and a B prospect for Lieber and Rowand is an attrocious deal on any scale..... I still think an outfielder with Rowand's makeup is and always will be worth more than a 30 year old, one year renter, setup reliever.... If i'm the Phillies, i'm holding out until the relievers market establishes itself (usually in June)... By then, Minnesota should know whether or not Joe Nathan has any intentions of resigning.... either way that could allow for a trade... Houston could always need a starting pitcher and they have a surplus of arms in the back of their pen... Texas is always a possibility.. I just think that Pat Gillick is getting a little impatient here due to the media scrutiny... He promised some back of the pen help and he hasn't delivered as of yet... But, this isn't the way to do it... I'm happy Kevin Towers is a moron... It gives Pat Gillick more time to find a better deal ( which shouldn't be hard)...

After the phils picked up Rowand he hasn't matched up to his big year with the sox. I believe sledge could match, if not surpass, rowands ability at the plate. his OBP is so low, we already have the strikeout king in cameron, we don't need another one. sledge doesn't have the balls rowand has, but I would rather keep the man who led the league in holds and sledge then someone who could possibly not even match up to sledge. teams will consider liney as a closer next season. and as the pads and better teams like the tigers have shown recently, defense and pitching win. did the phils make the playoffs last year with their plethora of outfielders? oh thats right... if you can't hit in philly, how will he do in petco?


you WAY overvalue your boy Rowand. The Braves had to send a 30+ homerun hitter to the Pirates for Mike Gonzalez. For a top notch relief pitcher, like Linebrink is, it costs a significant amount. As a Mets fan, I hope that you don't make that trade. It was fun beating up on your pen last year. To this point, it doesn't look to be any better. Adding Linebrink for Rowand could be the difference between you making the playoffs and just missing them...again. Last year your bullpen pretty much killed you. This year you have a good group of starters, and a good offense, with or without Rowand. Your pen needs a LOT of work. Or should we fear 6 fingers Alfonsaca?

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