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Spring Trade Candidates

Joel Sherman of the New York Post runs down some trade candidates for this spring.  His list is fairly comprehensive.  A quick rundown:


Carl Pavano, Jon Lieber, Mark Hendrickson, Brad Penny, Mike Maroth, Dan Haren


Akinori Otsuka, Armando Benitez, Chad Cordero, Scott Linebrink

First Basemen

Todd Helton


Jacque Jones, Rocco Baldelli, Ryan Church, Adam Dunn, Chone Figgins, Jay Gibbons, Ryan Langerhans, Brady Clark, Geoff Jenkins, Kevin Mench, Aaron Rowand, Ichiro Suzuki

Excellent list.  How we expand it to summertime to consider some more trade candidates?  I have a hunch Kenny Williams will do his fair share of wheeling and dealing.  It would make sense to cash in Mark Buehrle for something good, as he seems unlikely to stay.  Jermaine Dye will be tougher to part with, but he too is an impending free agent.  Joe Crede will reach free agency after '08, so there's less urgency to send him packing.

As far as the whole trading off impending free agents idea, here are some possibilities: Mike Lowell, Michael Barrett, Jason LaRue, Ivan Rodriguez, Eric Byrnes, Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones, Mike Sweeney, Byung-Hyun Kim, and Jake Westbrook.  Jones and Rodriguez have full no-trade clauses, however.  Sweeney and Hunter have partials. 

Anyone being pushed by a stud prospect?  Orlando Cabrera and Scott Hatteberg may feel the pressure, in addition to the aforementioned Crede and Jacque JonesAdam Miller could force his way into the Cleveland rotation, which could result in a trade of Westbrook, Paul Byrd, or Cliff Lee.

When should we expect some deals?  Nothing major happened in February of 2006.  The biggest deal of March '06 was probably Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo Pena.  In April of last year, we saw deals for Brandon Phillips and David Dellucci.  All in all, expect just a handful a trades until we hit summertime.


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I keep seeing Haren's name out there but can't for the life of me think of why the A's would trade him. He's got years of cheap control and I couldn't imagine what it would take to get him from the A's.

I hope Omar is ready to pounce if Lee or Westbrook become available.

The Tigers would be stupid to trade Pudge if they're in contention. Same goes with the Braves and Andruw.

Those jerks complaining about the site were pretty annoying. The guy doesn't get paid to post this blog. Its worth it for him based on advertising and guide sales. If thats what it takes to get really good information, I'm more than for it. He updates it constantly with really good insight.

People like that are scumbags, not just here, but in life. I'm sure thats the general consensus among people they know as well. Some people just have their head stuck so far up their ass they dont realize.

Personally, you can have Lee. He'd probably fare better in Shea anyway. I just think his best years (year) are behind him.

If they Braves falter, I fully expect for most of their older/expensive players to be on the block. Personally, I'd like to see them flip Rentaria for something useful, if that should happen. I mean, Yunel Escobar could hold things down at SS for a fraction of the price while Lillibridge and eventually Andrus get ready for the bigs. That trade isn't exactly reasonable right now because we expect to contend and we're already breaking in two new IF.

I still have some hope that the Braves will be able (and will want) to re-sign Andruw at a hometown discount following the 2007 season. I think he's made reference to something like an 8/$144M deal being enough to keep him in ATL and I think that's fair/feasable. Trading Rentaria would help, but moving either Hudson or Hampton (after a solid/resurgent 2007) would make it a lot easier. They'd be made expendable by the impending rise of Matt Harrison, btw. Just my two cents...

"ADD prescriptions replacing amphetamines. Word is that one team has close to 15 players who have been "diagnosed" as having some form of Attention Deficit Disorder, and can get the necessary medicine to maintain focus on the smokiest of days." - Peter Gammons

Any way we can find out which team he is speaking of or who might be involved?

LMAO @ Dan Haren being traded. What have the A's done this year that popped up as a rumor ANYWHERE before hand? NO ONE can give me ONE good reason the A's should trade there second best pitcher(first when Harden is on the DL) and he's an absolute work horse. I did enjoy watching Met fans drool over the thought of landing him though, that was funny.

I don't find it hard to believe that the A's would explore a Haren trade. Pretty much every player has a price in trades. Obviously the offer for Haren would be have to be excellent but it can happen. Say, for Delmon Young or something.

I don't share Nick's pessimism regarding Lee. I think he just might have a breakout year and that his best years are in front of him. And with his club favorable contract I don't think the cost conscious Tribe will think about trading him unless overwhelmed.

Westbrook is a different matter. A continued strong showing by Carmona as a starter (thank God the closer experiment is over)makes Jake very expendable, especially with the $ that will be needed to extend CC and Pronk. I think Westbrook might be gone before the Indians break camp to head north.

If I were the Rays, I'd do Young for Haren. They have enough candidates for RF that at least one other player would have to work out. Upton? Guzman? Dukes?

exactly. I think if you have a plethora of OF talent, which they do, and a need for pitching, which they do, you have to make this deal. I don't know if they A's would do it, but it would definitely be worth it for the Rays. However, they would have to be willing to re-up with Haren in two years, wouldn't they?

Jon Lieber or one of these pitchers may go to the Orioles now that Benson it out for season (see foxsports).

Rocco Baldelli or BJ Upton will be moved.

There is no way in hell I would move Delmon Young for Haren. Young is a potential 30-30 every year guy that will hit 300 and be a MVP canidate he is worth more then a 2-3 type starter.

They will move one of Baldelli or Upton for the right price but no way they move Delmon Young.


You could also add 1 or 2 of the Tribe's 7 OFers to the list, specificly Choo or Franklin. Neither of these guys have proven numbers but could provide better 07 numbers then a couple of the other guys listed. There is just no room for them in Cle this year and atleast one should be dealt.

Also, Nick, I also disagree with Lee and I'm on my phone not PC so I can't check the numbers easily but I know this works.

If you take Lee's numbers he is consistantly a 3.75ERAish type until last year. His one non-3.75ish in his second year actually splits at the All-Star game to showing 1/2 to be 3.75. So between 03-05 he put up 2.5/3 years of that ERA. In 06 he slipped to something like 4.40 if I remember right, but the team was falling apart and under-acheiving around him which could have effected his numbers. 3.75 isn't amazing, but since it seems kind of consistent then I think he's a good solid AL with possible more upside to the NL who could still break out...

Its not a given he will put up 3.75 or less again, but I think its atleast a pretty reasonable bet and if he breaks out like many thought could do last year then he could be a very nice addition (but I don't think the Tribe will trade him unless blown away as was already mentioned)

If Mike Maroth is on the block then I would like to see the Braves pick him up. It would be a risk move with him coming of a season in which he had bone spurs in his elbow. However, he was the Tigers best starter in the first month of the season and if he showed that again then the Braves could make a move for a leadoff for opening day.

If Mike Maroth is on the block then I would like to see the Braves pick him up. It would be a risk move with him coming of a season in which he had bone chips in his elbow. However, he was the Tigers best starter in the first month of the season and if he showed that again then the Braves could make a move for a leadoff for opening day having extra starters to play with.

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