A-Rod To Angels Trade Possible?

The Los Angeles Times speculated yesterday that the Angels could be a frontrunner for Alex Rodriguez, obstensibly in the upcoming offseason.  Bill Shaikin speculated that such an acquisition would make Orlando Cabrera the odd man out.

On the heels of that story comes an intriguing trade rumor from Halos Heaven.  Yes, it is a blog, but I have known the author for some time and can vouch for the authenticity of his sources.  He says Bill Stoneman and Brian Cashman have a tentative plan in place where the Angels could trade Dustin Moseley, Jose Molina, and Jered Weaver for Alex Rodriguez

Instead of typical sixth starter Hector Carrasco, the Angels plan to use 25 year-old starter Moseley to fill in for Weaver as he misses one start in April.  It could be Moseley’s audition for a future trade.  He and Molina would be the complimentary pieces, with Boras client Weaver the centerpiece. 

I think Yankee fans would be satisfied with such a deal, should Weaver pass his physical.  So far this appears to be just the framework of a trade; big-time success by A-Rod or serious health issues for Weaver could get in the way.  And, of course, Rodriguez has veto power.  I imagine the Halos would try to hammer out a long-term deal with Rodriguez to make him the next great Angel for a long time. 

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