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A-Rod And The Giants

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News combines some inside information with informed speculation to conclude that the Giants will be major players for Alex Rodriguez should he opt out of his contract following this season.

The reasoning, summed up:

  • With Bonds, Feliz, and Benitez off the books, the Giants will have money to burn.
  • A-Rod would be every bit as big of a draw as Bonds, without the negative connotations.  And the next two career home run kings could both be Giants.
  • The Giants don't have a problem dealing with Scott Boras; in fact, they just dealt with him for Barry Zito.  And that Zito contract was nearly as crazy as Rodriguez's will be.
  • The Giants inquired as to A-Rod's availability last winter.

That would be a ton of money tied up with two players, but it would help change the face of San Francisco baseball.  I think the Angels will make a huge offer to A-Rod as well.


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I could see the Giants making a major play for A-Rod, but I think the Angles will be a better fit for him simply because the Angles will be closer to a WS ring than the Giants will. Also, what do the Giants do with Bonds if, say, he hit .300 w/30HR and 110RBI and an OBP of .420? And, those are very realistic numbers for Bonds this season.

I think the Angels SHOULD make a large offer, but i would have to see it to believe it.

They promised a bit bat 2seasons ago and got no-one, and again last off season and got GMJ and Shea Hillenbrand.

Not exactly stuff dreams are made of.

Angels would just be the perfect destination for A-Rod, which is why everyone says the Angels, LA, good team, American League(apparently preferred) and a team who needs him.

Maybe Arod would take less money to come to my cubs? What better way to erase a " I failed in NY" stigma than a "I brought a world series to the cubs ala Curt Schilling w/the redsox? "

Well, no one is going to ever accuse Cubs fans of not being optimistic, thats for sure.

I'm still dumbfounded this A-Rod talk is getting so much coverage everywhere.....

One of the best baseball players ever, having a chance to switch teams opting out of multiple years and 80 million dollars on the largest contract ever why are people talking about this????? It makes no sense.

Not to mention the fact that not a whole lot more is going on.

I really don't know what to think of this. I could happen i suppose, but i still just feel the Angels are so much more likely.

He's gonna be a Brave. Probably not, but he was almost one before the Rangers signed him. Plus, with Andruw leaving, and maybe Smoltz, they will have more money, with Liberty Media supposdely raising payroll 5-10M (I think I saw that somewhere?) We could trade Edgar, or Chipper could move to first, or Kelly could move back to left, who knows? maybe he could be CF. Team would be close to a WS Ring. It would also be one of the closest places he go get to where he grew up, in Miami. Atlanta would certainly give him more $$ than Tampa or Florida.

Never gonna happen, but I can still dream.

The Braves would never be able to sign A-Rod. First of all, I don't know where you read that Liberty is going to raise the payroll $5 or $10 mil. No indication that would happen. In fact, Liberty has given no indication of anything except they are in it to win, which I will believe when I see it. If the Braves did get a payroll increase, they would use it on Andruw and Smoltz out of loyalty if nothing else. While I think A-Rod is a much better player, I just don't see the Braves choosing him over Andruw or Chipper. Chipper is going nowhere. And, Thorman would have to totally tank at 1st for that move to even be considered and honestly they would put Salty there before moving Chipper there.

A-Rod is going to either the Angels, Giants, Dodgers, or White Sox. One team I consider a darkhorse and nobody is really speaking about is the Red Sox. Lowell is a free agent after the year and Schilling could be as well. I could definitely see the Sox making a play. They could even trade Lugo and go after a cheaper option for SS or 3B and sign A-Rod. Besides what better way to get the last laugh than to acquire the player the Sox almost had first and the Yanks grabbed like a thief in the night.

There's possible rumors and then there's rumors made up by the media to keep people entertained. This is a rumor made up to keep people entertained.

I might eat my words on this but, I don't think he's getting traded anytime soon. That's just a rumor made up because the pieces fit and it has a flare: back to back Giants' home run kings.

Arod/Vlad would be one of the all time great combos in baseball history.

I'd like to see Arod stay in New York and put up a few more MVP seasons, to see what other nonsense monkey yankees fans and media can come up wiht to complain about.

It would make me cringe to hear Yankees fans say that Arod couldnt hack it in New YOrk.

The loser sports writers would have a field day with this one. I bet some would even take some satisfaction out of thinking that they had an impact on the career of the greatest shortstop ever.

It would be disgusting.

i could see us signing arod to a 2 or 3 year deal worth 5 to 6 mill a year, and have play second and bat leadoff

what ever your smokin i want some if the giants sign a-rod i will eat a freaking sunday times

Wait, bravesbeast, that was a joke correct.

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