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Byung-Hyun Kim Trade Seems Likely

The Rockies have too many starters, and one of Byung-Hyun Kim and Josh Fogg is likely to be dealt before the season begins.

Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post says that the Rockies have made it known in recent talks that Kim is available.  He speculates that Kim's lower salary and relative youth make him the more attractive pitcher.  Oh, and there's also the fact that he's better than Fogg.

You know what would be awesome?  If the Red Sox traded for Kim and used him as their closer again.  But seriously, there should be strong interest around baseball in Kim as a starter or reliever.  He wouldn't be a bad fit on the Cardinals. 


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Am I missing why the Cardinals are in such dire need for pitching that we need BK Kim? I guess if we're looking for the bullpen then maybe this makes sense, but I gotta believe that we have a better in-house option than somebody that couldn't make the Rockies rotation (star-studded as it is).

I think BK Kim is one of the most underated arms in baseball, it seems he has been around for ever, but he is stil pretty young I think. He is a very good arm and getting him out of Colorado is always good.

I agree with nrmax88. I think BK is really underrated and any team with an opening should take a shot at him.

As an Astros fan, I would like to see him get signed up as their #4 or #5 (I don't really trust the other options at this point). Surely he could out-perform Wandy Rodriguez, even if he's not a lefty. The Rockies should just give him to the Astros after ripping them off so badly in the Jennings for Taveras + Hirsch + Buckholz deal. 1 year of Jennings was probably worth either Hirsch or Taveras, but certainly not all 3! Still mad...

He would also be an obvious fit for the Nationals and pitching in that big park would be a good fit.

Redman isn't exactly a stellar option and the Braves would be smart to think about acquiring him.

A lot of it depends on what the Rockies want in return.

It's the friggin' Rockies for god sakes, what do you think they want in return? YOUNG PROSPECTS man, why would they want anything else?

I agree the Braves could definately use him, but I doubt they want to spend the money to get him... If the Nationals had a brain in their head they would already have this guy in their rotation. He'd be their #2 guy starting the season! Other teams I would throw in as a possibility are the Twins and Mets; and possibly the Orioles or D-Rays?

Yes, the Cards are in dire need of pitching. Carp, Wells, Reyes, Waino, ? <---yeah, that rotation hardly gets anyone excited.

Cards rotation looks decent with Wainwright in it; but then the pen looks shaky. Vice versa if they have to use Wainwright in relief.

And Looper, Wells are still long shots...

I don't know how serious the Cardinals would be in acquiring him. You have to consider what's transpired throughout the spring.

LaRussa, Duncan, and Jocketty like to get as much as they can out of as little as possible. That means no prospects will be dealt (few they are), and very little extra payroll will be allocated to a new starter with the options at their disposal currently.

The Cardinals have the lowest Starter's ERA among all MLB teams right now in the Spring. Yes, it's the Spring, but if management sees this... why would they jump at handing over prospects for another pitcher?

As for the bullpen, they're already trying to figure out who is going to stay and who is going to go. There's like... 10 or more candidates for the bullpen and I believe they're only keeping 6 to 7.

After the Astros-Rockies trade this offseason, I wouldn't be surprised if Purpura got a deal done for Kim. My guess is that he would take Kim for Patton, Pence, and Jennings. Of course, I think as much of Purpura as I do the disease that bears his name.

Where the hell does "BK Kim" come from? It's BH Kim.

I wouldn't mind the Sox giving him another go in the pen, but they are too overstocked there to make a trade now.

I'm sure the Braves wouldn't mind looking at him, and they've got a couple million in payroll left (uh, I think...). Thing is, they'd probably only be willing to deal MIs, and the Rockies are pretty solid there.


Mulvey for Kim.


I love your website, but as a Cards fan, I'm getting tired of you linking every washed up pitcher to the Cardinals. The Cards aren't going to trade for someone elses' garbage. I know Duncan and LaRussa have a history of revitalizing pitchers' careers, but the Cards have at least 5 other options (Narveson, Hawksworth, Franklin, Cate, Thompson) in their system that would be better than trading for Kim or some of the other pitchers you have linked to them. You can't really think the Cards would trade for Kim? I know you're a Cubs fan, maybe it's wishful thinking.

You are sensing a bias that just isn't there.

Kim is a decent pitcher and the Cards are good at getting the most out of guys like him. But I admit I was wrong to link Sidney Ponson, Ryan Franklin, and Kip Wells to the Cardinals.

I do not get the fascination people have with Kim. The dude has been traded like what 500 times? Why is that? What about him make him tradeable? If his arm is as good as so many here claim and given the shortage of good arms in MLB why is he moving around so much?

Somebody has to be wrong. And I am tending to side with the real baseball folks here...they guy is the Greg Brock of pitching. He is over rated.

Kim sure is a good arm, if he's healthy, always a big IF with him.

I know one thing, I sure would like to see him in a Mets uniform, rather than Chan Ho Park, Dave Williams, or any of the other stiffs they've brought in to supposedly shore up their starting pitching...

And Kim brings the added bonus of being effective as either a starter or reliever...could be very valuable to the Metropolitans...

So, am I to take from your post that you believe the Cards will trade for Kim, like they acquired Ponson, Franklin, and Wells or are you merely "tooting your own horn." If you actually think the Cards will trade for Kim, you are crazy and I'd like to know where you get this info from. Just that he may be available is not enough to link him to the Cards. Why not link him to the Cubs, since Prior has a dead arm and Marquis is a head case or maybe the Mets based on the Stark column on ESPN. com that states that one GM thinks Pedro is only worth about 10 more wins the rest of his contract???

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