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Giants Sign Cain Long-Term

UPDATE: Cain did indeed settle for Lowry money.  I guess he places a large price on security and certainty.

The Giants will announce later today that they have signed Matt Cain to a four-year contract with a fifth-year option.

We don't know the details quite yet, but MLB.com's Chris Haft theorizes that the contract will resemble Noah Lowry's - four years, $9.25MM with a $6.25MM option year.  El Lefty Malo, a fine Giants blog, disagrees.  They argue that Cain's contract should be between that of Lowry's and the projected earnings of Dontrelle Willis, who is not on a long-term deal.  Throwing in some inflation, they arrive at a total package of five years and $26MM.  We should know soon enough.

In 2006, Cain had five one-hit starts.  One of them was a complete game gem.  It's got to be only a matter of time before this guy tosses a no-hitter. That'd be a cool Bill James stat - % likelihood of throwing a no-hitter. 


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great deal even at 5 and 26, gives him the added security to make him happy, the two years of league minimum they give up will be more than payed for by saving in arbitration and definitely in saving a year of free agency, assuming he's here to stay which all signs say he is

I hope he throws 12 no-no's this year, I really reached for him in fantasy ball.

A friend of mine has a son in the Giants organization named Patrick Misch. Does he have a chance to stick with the Giants this season?

Am I the only one that thinks this is just too early? Especially for a pitcher, no matter how much he's done thus far?

Or do the Giants believe that the market is just going to continue to explode for pitchers?

if he doesn't throw another inning they'll have all of 9 million sunk, people wasted that on FAR worse starting pitchers this year, like eaton and marquis, great deal for the organization and if cain is happy with it this is a good deal

Kev is right...at that price it's a no-brainer for the Giants. Going year to year would've cost significantly more.

they still have a team in 'frisco? wow, who knew?!?!!!?!?!

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