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Latest On Armando Benitez

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News has a good article up discussing the Giants' quandary with reliever Armando Benitez

On one hand, Benitez's value may never be higher now that he's healthy and throwing well in spring.  Giants fans dislike Benitez, and ownership will take a ton of flak if he blows several saves.

On the other hand, his salary is not a big issue for the Giants, their bullpen is a huge question mark, he seems healthy, and Benitez has his teammates' respect in the clubhouse.  The article mentions a story where Benitez took all the September call-ups out to lunch and bought them two suits apiece, spending maybe $20,000 on the rookies.

I say the Giants should keep him.  He's not a great closer, but this team can't spare relievers.  Brian Wilson closing would be a mess and would anger the fans just as much as Benitez.  Speaking of which, unless it's going to hurt attendance somehow, the fans really shouldn't be a factor in a player personnel decision.

And what is the return going to be?  Maybe a very un-needed Ben Broussard, or perhaps a questionable minor leaguer?  Larry LaRue reports that the Mariners are following Benitez closely and would like him back.  Reports on J.J. Putz have been positive but they could use some insurance.   


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I don't see why Wilson closing would be any worse than Benitez. In fact, they seem like the same pitcher, only Wilson is 25 and makes the league minimum. He throws hard and has control issues, same with Benitez. Why not just make J Sanchez the closer?

Amazing how everywhere Benitez goes, the fans come to hate him!

When did this site turn into ArmandoBenitez.com?

When the majority of trade rumors started involving him

Well, its hard to like a guy who has only appeared in 71 games over the last two years despite his salary.

I'd rather see him leave now and let the Giants find a replacement immediately, rather than have him get hurt down the stretch and force them to trade more prospects for a replacement or throw a rookie into the fire then.

Oh wow! Surprise! Surprise! Someone is upset because Armando blows a save in a big situation! Hmmm! I would have never known!

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