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Phillies Non-Trade Rumors, Vol. III

The Phillies bullpen has pitched better as of late, but according to assistant general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr., someone it appears general manager Pat Gillick relies on quite heavily, that isn't stopping them from looking at ways to improve the situation.

But at the same time, he also reported that nothing is about to transpire. "We continue to talk to clubs and we'll look for possibilities,  but right now we don't see anything imminent."  With both Freddy Garcia and Jon Lieber on the disabled list (Garcia could come off the list to pitch on April 7th or 8th), there is little wiggle room for a trade.

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Rosario was DFA'd today. He'll probably be traded. I hpoe we don't get nothing for him, otherwise I"ll be frustrated with riccardi.

Question??? Why are people picking the Phillies to win the NL East over the Mets? does adding Freddy Garcia (who's on the dl) Make up those 12 games.. what a joke... The Phillies will finish in 3rd

Phillies have better starting pitching depth and a nearly as good offence. Mets have rotation problems, their pen isn't as good, and offence doesn't win divisoins alone.

"their pen isn't as good"
Says who? There Pen is AS good as last year, Shoenweis and Smith have made up for any pen members they lost in the off season. Phillies starting rotation with out Garcia is not impressive and the Phillies have a Horrendous bullpen

Schoeneweis. hahaha. I watched him pitch all last year and he was BRUTAL. I was so happy when he left the team. He started out with 10 solid innings, then imploded...ditto for the Reds.

How long is Garcia out. From what I've heard its not even that long...plus they still have a 5 man rotation without him, with Lieber and all. WHo knows how long that very thin rotation will last. And isn't Duaner Sanchez out for awhile? And maybe Mota too, who sucked for a part of last year.

Garcia and Lieber are supposed to miss about 1 and 2 turns I believe.

Mets offense looked good tonight. I don't know what it looks like if Green & Valentin struggle and Alou is hurt. NL east predictions are moot to me. I think it's going to be a great 3 team race. No one will sniff a 12 game lead this year.

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