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Sick Of A-Rod Yet?

MLBTradeRumors reads the six daily Alex Rodriguez articles so you don't have to.  He gave the standard lines in his WFAN interview yesterday: he wants to finish his career a Yankee, he wants to win another MVP and the World Series with them. 

Rodriguez still said enough to fan the flames.  He explained how five or six teams expressed interest in him this offseason, and attempted to put the onus on the fans and Yankee management.  If they don't make him feel wanted, then it seems he will exercise his out clause.  I'd be shocked if the booing stops, so this is probably his last year with the Yankees. 

According to Jon Heyman earlier this month, interested parties included the Angels, Dodgers, Cubs, Giants, Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Indians, with the White Sox and Dodgers the most persistent. 


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I watched the whole A Rod interview with Mike and the Mad dog yesterday on the YES network and I actually enjoyed it. Arod seemed to be genuine, and I dont think he really was out of line with anything he said. When asked if the fans treated him fairly, he said he thinks at times they have treated him unfairly but they are also the people cheering the loudest when he is succesful. I thought he handles the questions very well, seeing as how those same questions would have gotten him in trouble last year. When asked if he was upset with Torre for batting him 8th he simply said, I am not going to comment on that but me and Joe worked it out behind closes doors. I didnt get the impression he was trying to say he wanted to be a yankee for life. Towards the end of the interview he did say I am not going to run away from the challenges of NY, but then he also went on to say. "If I were to finish my career with the Yankees with 2 mvps and a ring in 4 years, thats pretty good isnt it?" He also said, I want to stay a Yankee and I do have an opt out clause after the year so I guess we will just have to wait and see. Normally he would have flat out said he is staying a Yankee for ever and bla bla bla. He seems much more upfront about everything. I enjoyed the interview and didnt think he said anything that he shouldnt have. The only reason he brought up the other interested teams was to try to show fans he had a chance to get out but his loyalty is in the Bronx. The funny thing is, the media rips this guy for not coming out and "being truthful", yet when he has a somewhat truthful interview (one in which he was asked to come onto a talk show, not like he went out of his way to go find the media), people are saying stuff like " Why wont Arod just stop talking?" " When will Arod just shut up and play". I wouldnt be shocked if the booes stop, because I think LightingRod is in for a tremendous season, so he should be OK until October at least. Once October comes though, your guess is as good as mine. The only thing that bothers me is Arod is constantly scrutinized by the media for not being up front and honest, yet when he comes out and talks, nobody wants to hear it. I dont get it. The media pretty much backs him into a corner, wanting him to say something stupid that they can put into their little sports column and talk about how he never says the right thing. When he says the right thing.... its ok Arod... shut up nobody wants to hear you. Somebody cut this guy a break, atleast until the season starts

max has a mancrush on ARod.

wow...i read all that and it was a complete waste of my time cause u said the same thing over and over again. you could have written the whole paragraph in one line: I have a man crush on A-Rod

The booing will stop when ARod comes up big in big situations. Do I believe clutch hitting exists? No, probably not. But do I believe that being lost at the plate and flailing weakly at outside breaking pitches exists? Yes, definitely.

Anyway, when has he been criticized for talking too much? (honest question, I don't read all the crap, so I probably missed it, but I haven't heard that one before)

"Anyway, when has he been criticized for talking too much?"

Your a yankee fan asking me this?

All the bullshit with Jeter, the SI article with Torre, the article back when he first came to the Yankees with him and Jeter. All i ever hear is people talking about how he never says the right thing and doesnt know when to shut up. For the record, I am not a particular Arod fan, for you greenbay incase you were wondering. Actually I think I enjoyed his misery so much last year it was a little bit scary. All I am saying is the media are basically a bunch of idiots. They do the same thing in every sport, guys like TO, they love to hate him, love to talk about what an asshole he is, but in all honesty most of the stuff that gets talked about is their fault in the first place, they are wanting and hoping these guys fuck up, so they have a story to write about what jerk off so and so is, but when nothing goes wrong they are pissed off so they just write some other bullshit. There is clutch hitting, and u just said it bobo. Part of being clutch isnt just getting the hit, its being able to keep the same state of mind as any other AB, staying calm and not flailing weakly at outsaide corner breaking pitches becuase you cant handle the pressure. I honestly dont care what anybody says about this situation that isnt from NY, because they honestly dont understand how much shit Arod gets and what an unbelievably popular subject for discussion he is every single day. ARods interviews and quotes are probably more of a story right now then the KNicks, Rangers, Islanders, and Nets all fighting for playoff spots is, which says enough.

max calm down bro.

i am calm. Thank you for your concern though sweetie.

Looking forward to the first time Arod strikes out with men in scoring position. Does he honestly beleive that fans won't boo because they will think twice about whether they are chasing him out. Pack your bags now Alex -save some time. He can hit 62 hrs only to be booed for breaking Maris record - fans smell blood now its going to be a long year for Arod

You kind of have a point, it is kind of stupid to think Yankee fans will stop booing him because they dont want to chase him out, but its even stupider of the fans to boo him and not care if they are pushing him out. They will miss him when he is gone.

I actually thought Arod got it this year. I thought after addressing the Jeter situation and supposedly giving his final interview about that, he was going to have a quiet spring and go have a great season.

But he's unable to do that. He doesn't understand that keeping his trap shut would do more for him than trying to justify everything. Mattingly, Paul O'Neil, Pettite, Jeter, Bernie, Brosius etc. all kept their mouths shut and just played good baseball. The guys who couldn't keep their mouths shut Chad Curtis, Leyritz, even Wells to some extent, get so caught up in being media friendly and media perception that they never lasted in NY and in the end aren't beloved.

What works in NY isn't being outspoken. It's doing your talking on the field. Bernie didn't get a standing ovation every time he came to bat the past 2 seasons because he gave good sound bites. The guy barely spoke. He got standing O's because he played hard and was a good teammate.

Every time Alex opens his mouth it's about Alex. I've heard the interviews and out of a lot of players he sounds the least concerned about his team and teammmates and most concerned about himself. In some ways, that's truthful, but it's not particularly admirable. The fans aren't sheep being told how to think by the media, we hear and see all of this and make our minds up ourselves.

I think what he did yesterday on the radio was put the final nail in his Yankee coffin. At this point, the Yankees should be going to him to get his approval for a trade since he's staring right at a miserable season in NY. It's going to be the worst of the 4 years he's been here because all of the fans are tired of the act and I think some of the fans will take it as a challenge to push him out this year.

If he just kept his mouth shut for once and played, he would have been fine. But he can't do that. He doesn't think about what's best for the team. He thinks about what's best for Arod and that is why he will never, no matter what team he goes to, win a champioship.

He's not Jack the Ripper, but he's a lightning rod that polarizes fans and the media and takes the focus off of the team and puts it squarely onto him. It hasn't worked in Seattle (who should have won championships with the talent they had), it was a disaster in Texas and it's not working in NY who get to the post season every year and fall apart.

It's not all Arod's fault, but I think that the addition we would gain by his subtraction would be immeasurable.

I think it's for the best of the Yankees and Arod if they sever ties real soon and trade him if they can. Let the other team give him the extension he's going to want. It would be a good business deal since the team that extends him would still reap the benefits of Texas paying some salary for 3 more seasons.

Send him to the Angels for Ervin Santana, Chone Figgins and be done with it.

Didn't Arod kind of word it weird though.

Like he doesn't specify if its for the Yankees but just states he would "like to end [his] career in NY" and "I love the NY fans."

Or am I just mistaken.

Obliged to cite the Piniella, boxer shorts and a tender kiss refernce here.

I don't think the Cubs have the pieces to make the trade with NY, but he's a middle infielder and apparently they're looking for one.

If Aramis Ramirez didn't have the no trade clause, I think there would be a deal to be made between the Yanks and Cubs, but I doubt he would waive it to go to NY. I think it would take more than Ramirez to get Arod though. Maybe add Prior (change of scenery might do him good) and a good pitching prospect in the system.

Although, I think if the Cubs know they can't sign Zambrano long term (which would be borderline idiotic for them to do with all the money they have already spent) then trade him straight up for Arod and call it a day.

Anyone that hates Arod is not a baseball fan.

You are watching the best shortstop that has ever taken the field.

Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, WILLIE MAYS, Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Ted Williams...

That is the caliber player that Arod is.

You have the freedom to watch one of the all time greats play day in day out, and all most of u monkeys can do is throw around this tabloid bullshit.

You're all one small step from debating the inquirer.

Arod not clutch?

Check the stats against Boston the past few years.

In 2005, when all this horseshit started, he LEAD THE LEAGUE in hits that put his team ahead or tied the game.

You morons call urselves baseball fans and take the time to blog ur horseshit and throw around stats like VORP, Win Shares and Range Factor, but HAVE NO IDEA how they are calculated.

Tabloid monkeys is all u are.

Keep bitching and run the best player in baseball off the Yankees.

I'd LOVE to see Arod in Shea. MOVE WRIGHT TO 2B to accomodate one of the best 3 players I'll ever see??


Heaven forbid Arod goes to the White Sox, Phils or Arizona.

I'll go back to taking Arod #1 overall if that happens.

Arod: The best shortstop that has ever stepped on the field, and u "baseball fans" cna do nothing but talk about his "beef with Jeter".

Ur all morons.

If A-rod came to the cubs, the idea would be to move him back to ss. Ramirez would not go the other way. It would have to be a 3 or maybe even 4 team trade to make it happen.

In any case, A-Rod to the Angels still makes the most sense.

It would take something like...



I don't think there is a fan here that wouldn't want ARod on their team. Interesting post, though. Very entertaining.

BSOX21 - you think it is possible to recognize that he is the one of the top 3 players in the last 50yrs and still hate him? And since when does a fan have to be a super intellect? half of the people on the planet are below average intelligence. I hate the yankees but I still recognize what an awe inspiring franchise it is - so am I a tabloid monkey for having my opinion/feelings or a true sports fan for knowing talent when i see it?

nrmax88- 2 strikes. I don't really feel like cleaning up after your language. Sorry but next time you do this we may need to place a ban on you.

We're trying to keep this site clean, it's nothing personal, just stop the non stop cursing okay? They are pretty unnecessary to make a point.

Personally i find posts that are 25+ lines long more annoying than profanity.... but thats just me

I find CAPITILIZATION in mid SENTENCE to provide EXTRA emphasis to a flaming IGNORANT diatribe to be more annoying than cursing.

And of course proclaiming to the world what you will do in future fantasy baseball leagues. Nothing proves a point like that.

"wow...i read all that and it was a complete waste of my time cause u said the same thing over and over again. you could have written the whole paragraph in one line: I have a man crush on A-Rod"

See, I had an eerie feeling it might be a waste, so I skipped it...I do appreciate the sacrifice.

Monkey and Thrillhouse- I get your points but those aren't really considered offensive as much as annoying. I mean it's pretty established there are a few tools on this site (I think the main two have posted in this thread), but only one of them is doing something that will get them banned for now.

One thing that's confusing me here is the original topic was A-Rod opting out, but many of the posts are about what the NYY would get in return. If ARod opts out the return to NYY is just freed up salary space.


Great posts.

You really put this thread to bed.

Thanks for sharing.

So the talk here is that Arod is not clutch, yet, when I bring up the fact that Arod lead the league in hits that tied the game or put his team ahead, NO RESPONSE.

Do you monkeys dislike FACTS?

Do you want to ignore the FACTS and simply continue believing the horseshit handed to u by the media?

Is leading the league in hits that ties the game or gives ur team the lead not the very definition of CLUTCH?

Do u choose to ignore this extremely meaningful statistic becuz u cant find anything else to bitch about when talking about the best player on the planet right now?

If Arod was white, then would he be a "choker" when all he's done is consistently perform against the top competition in the league for over a decade now?

Would his historic career be marginalized by a sample size of 4-7 game stretches if he was caucasian?

If he wasn't faster than you, stronger than you, taller than u, more agile than u, better looking than u, smarter than u, and browner than u, would u simply appreciate him for being the best player uv ever seen not named bonds?

Greenbay dude,

If the Angels could get a guarantee that Arod would NOT opt out of his contract, then Arod is probably worth that package.

With the Rangers paying part of his salary, the Angels would only have to cover about 15 mil or so.

A STEAL for Arod.

don't want to interrupt your chat with yourself but it was worth putting to bed to shut you up.

I like A-rod and can see clearly it's a little bit of NY shenanigans he puts up with to be on the Yankees. No need to get yourself in a tizzy over it. And you can put your minority banner away again.

How can they call Jeter and Ortiz clutch and be racists, genius? Last time I checked one of them is a whole lot darker looking then A-Rod.

I shall avoid the silly drama and skip this yankee post.

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