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Let's Make A Deal: Jorge Cantu

Jorge Cantu DH'd for Triple A Durham last night, though his agent still refers to him as "an experienced second baseman with a power bat."  Cantu, of course, would prefer to be traded to a team that would let him start in the big leagues again.

Which teams could use a second baseman?  There's the Braves, if you don't believe in Kelly Johnson.  Personally, I do.  Ditto for the Mets and Jose Valentin, who I also think is at least as good as Cantu.  There really aren't any perfect fits for the guy.  The Rockies seem reasonable, though they have guys they want to try first.  And would they really want to pair their rookie shortstop with a defender like Cantu?

Given that Valentin is on a one-year deal, I have to lean towards the Mets.  Minaya would only go for it if it was a bargain.  Just guessing, but maybe a Jason Vargas or a Joe Smith would be sufficient?

It looks like B.J. Upton might be here to stay, so Cantu is going to have to regain some of his value at Triple A.  The market for him should be fairly weak.



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I doubt the Mets would trade Joe Smith for Cantu; they have been very impressed with Smith so far. Valentin has been solid so far as well, and although he isn't the strongest bat, his defense has been stellar. Given the Mets' lineup, that's really all they need out of him, and a good reliever is currently be more valuable than taking a risk on another second baseman.

Vargas would be a greater possibility, as he isn't of immediate use to them, but that all depends on what they think Peterson can get out of him.

I see the Twins as a possibility. Perhaps for Scott Baker? He's better than Lu-Rod in my opinion overall and could give Punto, Kubel(platoon at DH?), Castillo and maybe even Morneau days off against lefties- perhaps for Scott Baker. Maybe to the Phillies to give Howard and Utley days off against tough lefties, and to pick up the slack when Helms is cold(for J.A. Happ maybe?).

Who is the better player at this point? Cantu or Tony Batista. Offensively they seem about the same, defensively Batista is much better.

Given that Batista is frequently available for nothing, why would there be any market for Cantu?

There could be a market for Cantu, but he has to create that market. He'll have to make a lot of hard contact and keep improving his patience at the plate, but he has made adjustments before, so its not impossible.
Consider a scenerio where someone needs a RH hitter with some pop who is cheap. If they don't have a lot to give up in the way of prospects, Cantu might be their man.

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