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Angels Interested In Jason Giambi

I definitely did not see this one coming.  According to George King of the New York Post, the Angels are interested in trading for 36 year-old Yankees slugger Jason Giambi.

The interest surfaced prior to Giambi's public semi-admission of steroid use and subsequent MLB investigation.  The Angels will wait it out to see whether the Yanks are able to void his contract.  As Peter Abraham said yesterday, it's not likely.

Giambi earns $21MM this year and another $21MM in 2008.  He has a $22MM club option for '09 with a $5MM buyout attached.  Now, no club would exercise the option, so essentially the Yankees owe $47MM for 2007-08.  Take out the money Giambi has already been paid this year, and the remaining commitment is about $41.4MM. 

In theory the Yanks could eat about $15MM, and the Angels would send over some fairly valuable players in Chone Figgins and Jose Molina.  However, I don't think Arn Tellum would instruct Giambi to approve the trade with nothing in return.  That full no-trade clause could be a major obstacle.  Typically a player wants his option exercised to waive his no-trade rights, and Giambi's '09 option is crazy.  Yes, Giambi would be close to home once again, but I doubt that alone would be enough.

Assuming he can stay healthy, Giambi would give the Angels a much-needed dose of OBP and power.  The Halos rank tenth in the league with a .326 OBP and also tenth with a .394 SLG.  Giambi is just what the doctor ordered for their offense, and they might be able to get him without surrendering any top prospects or young pitchers.


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The Yanks would cut bait for nothing if the Angels would cover 80% of Giambi's salary.

With no defensive value, Giambi is dead money unless he hits like an MVP.

The Angels would be retarded to take Giambi. His contract is worse than Helton's.

The fact that Arod is called overpaid with these 2 around is a joke.

The Halos should deal for a cheap OBP machine somewhere to put in front of Vlad.

Vlad and a .360+ OBP in front of him is enough to put a team in the playoffs.

Ryan Freel + The Angels = MLB Playoffs

Freel for one of their 3rd best SS prospect and a single A arm.


Kotchman for Freel and a double A RP that throws mid 90's or higher. (This would free up Kendry Morales which would also upgrade the offense.)


Helton and Giambi's conracts are close but Helton has got a commitment until 2011. For a 33-year old that has shown big signs of dropping production that is an albatross of a conract. But at least he has defensive value.

1) Giambi has one year left on his deal. Why trade him now? He's not going to slump all season, and it's not like the Yanks have a better option for DH.

2) George King makes up rumors. I don't know why people even pay attention to him.

I just don't see any way the Yankees are going to weaken their team now. Sure, the contract is bad, but they need every body they can. If their chances are slim now WITH Giambi, they'd be just about zero without him.

Bad contract and bad defense aside, he's still one of the most valuable hitters in the AL.

I just can't see any way they'd trade him without getting something major back. And Figgins and Molina don't qualify.

Oh, one thing that could happen is they simultaneously trade Giambi to the Angels and acquire Helton. They could probably swing it so they end up paying a little more money but acquire better players from the Angels than the ones they trade to Colorado.

Let's see:

Maybe something like Giambi + $20M to LA for Figgins and Molina (or maybe more money and another prospect from LA), and then Helton + ~$35M or so from Colorado for free.

So instead of paying Giambi ~$40M through 08, they'd be paying Helton ~$70M through 2011, plus get the Angels players.

I don't know, it's close, but I guess I'd do that, depending on the players we get in return.

Or they could just get less money from the Rockies and maybe get a prospect too.

Why would the yanks want Chone Figgins, to replace a guy who has power with a guy who has no power. that would move jeter to the 3 hole and he is best suited as a 2 hitter

I don't think they want him at all as a replacement - he'd be a perfect super-utility guy - IF and OF backup, and pinch-runner.

I agree without getting Helton this makes absolutely no sense, unless the Angels include some better hitters (in which case it makes no sense for them).

I'm still not sold on the whole idea, but one other advantage to getting Helton and Figgins is they can A) rest their IF/OF and play them at DH with Figgins playing the field, and B) if they determine they need more offense later on, they can pick up any hitter because the DH slot will be open.

Currently the only place they can upgrade is at 1st, which would make finding a hitter more difficult. Having a hole at DH is the best place to have a hole.

Everyone is ignoring the primary advantage in the Yankees getting Figgins: he won't have to play against them. When you talk about Yankee killers, Chone Figgins is at the top of that list. Any Yankee fan would agree with me - his numbers against the Yanks are way better than those for his career, and he always gets the big hit, or makes the great play to save the game. Even if the Yankees have no use for Figgins, sticking him in AAA would be an enormous help for them to begin with.

You aren't sticking Figgins in AAA, that's ridiculous.

And no one is ignoring the "primary advantage" it's just everyone else here isn't stupid enough to think the Yankees want Figgins because he plays well againt them.

Apparently you took my post a tad too seriously - didn't notice the hyperbole maybe? Regardless, I was simply pointing out that Figgins destroys the Yankees, and even if he doesn't help them it would still be addition by subtraction (from the Angels).

"Bad contract and bad defense aside, he's still one of the most valuable hitters in the AL. "

Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Vernon Wells, Miguel Tejada, Carl Crawford, J. Morneau, J. Mauer, Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore, Gary Sheffield, Vlad Guerrero, Michael Young, Mark Teixeira, Ichiro, might have something to say about that. This isnt 2001 anymore, Giambi isnt even close to one of the most valuable hitters. Basically every team has a .250/30/100 guy these days.

it'd be stupid to write off the yanks right now. They may not make the playoffs, but it'll at least be close. They aren't about to deal a guy who has a .380 OBP that should rise. It'll be over .400 at season's end. It always is. .400 OBP isn't something that can be replaced as easily as you think. So unless they also got Helton or someone like him, this isn't happening.

6th in the AL on OPS last season. You need to look a little further than poor batting average - is this 1988?

Sorry for vague wording by using "most". I'd say top 15 or so. Some of the guys you named are more valuable, some are not. Michael Young?? Vernon Wells? Really?

"Giambi isnt even close to one of the most valuable hitters. Basically every team has a .250/30/100 guy these days."

Come on, man. Giambi's rank in OPS+ over the last few years:

2001 1st
2002 3rd
2003 3rd
2004 ten millionth
2005 6th
2006 6th

So far he's had an off year, and he still has a 133 OPS+. He'd be replacing probably the worst regular in the major leagues, Shea Hillenbrand. He'd make the Angels an immensely better team. Whether or not the Yankees would do it is the real question but he is an absolutely perfect fit for the Angels.

Yankees would need to eat about 40 percent of his salary. They might get an okay prospect in return. There done.

Guitar Hero... don't be stupid. We all know you hate the Yanks but don't say retarded things like that. Yanks wouldn't do a stupid deal like the one you proposed... duhh.

I'm a Yankee fan and don't think the 40% number is unreasonable. Giambi's making $40M for the remainder of 2007 and 2008. What's fair for him?

Probably about $12-13M per season, or about $21M from this point on.

Given the Angels' needs and the tendancy of teams to overpay in mid-season/playoff push acquisitions, they should be willing to pay a little more, or include some players with value if the Yankees include $20M.

I still think Figgins and Molina for Giambi and $20M is a fair trade from a pure value/money standpoint, but I cannot imagine the Yankees making that trade without having something else (probably Helton) lined up.

I also think trading Giambi and cash for for Figgins and Molina wouldn't be a terrible idea. I don't even need the prospect.

Giambi gets on base and hits home runs. But he also clogs up the basepaths, can't play in the field and is breaking down from steroid use. Those bone spurs in his feet are brought on by ligament damage from the use of roids. This is what happens to guys in their mid 30's who used juice. Lots of tendon and ligament damage causing injuries.

I like Giambi, but I also feel that he's part of the culture of losing that's been hovering over the Yanks in the playoffs. Give me guys who aren't making big money but are gamers and care. It's never really on the line for Giambi because if the season ends, he has 20+ million to look forward to enjoying.

When the Yanks were a dynasty they had guys who just wanted to win. I'll take a Mike Gallego and Mike Stanley over Giambi any day of the week.

Figgins is what this team lacks -- speed, clutch hitting and roster flexibility. It's a joke that our backup infielder is Cairo. With Figgins in the fold, you better believe that Cano and Abreu get out of their slumps or else they end up on the bench while Figgins scores and produces runs for this team.

The one thing I'm not sure about is Helton. I think acquiring him is a mistake and I also kind of hope the Yanks don't go get a 1b and try to get Texeira who is going to hit the trade/free agent market soon. The guy wears 23 because of Mattingly. Considering Mattingly is most likely the next Yankee skipper, I think it's a perfect fit.

" But he also clogs up the basepaths,"

AHHHHH HA HA HA HA awesome, just awesome. Are you Dusty Baker???

While you're at it Anaheim, try to pry Jeremy Giambi out of retirement. Move Vlad to fifth, and have your 2-4 hitters be a bunch of performance enhancing winners. Either way it won't kill the yankees to have him, or not to have him. I'm sure they'd like to rid themselves of blabbermouth.

"When the Yanks were a dynasty they had guys who just wanted to win. I'll take a Mike Gallego and Mike Stanley over Giambi any day of the week."

Okay, you take Mike Gallego, I'll take Jason Giambi.

Gallego: .239/.320/.328
Giambi: .291/.413/.539

Oh, but Gallego must have been a great "clutch" player, right?

Gallego, career playoff stats: .183/.234/.217
Giambi, career playoff stats: .290/.424/.496

Next you'll tell me that you'd rather have Gallego because he runs out ground balls or something.

someone above already wrote this, but let me say it again for emphasis- George King makes crap up, mostly deals that make no sense for the team dealing with the Yankees. He is the worst sports radio call in guy, excpet that somehow he has a column. Remember, he's the same guy that said the Yankees were mulling over whether a package of Conor Jackson and Dustin Nippert was enough for Randy Johnson.

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