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Tim Brown's Latest

I hadn't really noticed the MLB Experts Blog from Tim Brown and Jeff Passan until recently.  Yahoo's main baseball guys have some quality rumors, and I've been missing out.  Let's catch up by digging through some recent posts:


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doesnt green have a no trade? Would he wave it considering he is playing with his best friend delgado?

Unless Chris Carpenter needs surgery AND Mark Mulder does not return this season the cardinals are not going to want Jeff Weaver back.

If both Carp and Mulder have arm problems then Weaver would be a potential target again but the M's would have to eat almost all of Weavers salary and take a much worst prospect than the Terry Evans who the Cardinals traded to the Angels to get Weaver last year.

Thats right, THE Terry Evans, not just regular Terry Evans.

The Cubs should trade Jacque Jones to the Angels for... let's see... what would be a fair trade according to this blog? Nick Adenhart, Sean Rodriguez, and Tommy Mendoza?

Jacque Jones and Cezar Izturis for John Lackey sounds about right.

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