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Gagne/Otsuka Suitors

Teams are lining up to pluck away the top two members of the Rangers' bullpen, and Jon Daniels is in "listening mode."

MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan has the scoop: the Diamondbacks, Cubs, Red Sox, and Yankees are the top suitors for Eric Gagne.  The Mets, Braves, Phillies, Tigers, and Brewers are focused on Akinori Otsuka.  And the Tribe likes both relievers. 

Benefits of Gagne: he can be unhittable and he'll give you two good draft picks after the season.  Plus he seems to be finally healthy.  The Indians, despite their interest, are not on Gagne's list of 12 teams he can be dealt to without his consent.    

The benefit of Otsuka is that you have him through 2009.  That's why the Rangers are more likely to hang on to him.  Conversely, a team like the Mets would prefer him because he's not a rental.


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I wouldn't understand a move like that for the Braves. There are no holes in the bullpen right now with Mike Gonzalez coming back next year and Devine, Stockman, Acosta, Boyer, Startup, etc. in the minors. There are much more pressing needs so I am not sure I believe this report all that much.

I agree was385. Why would we make this deal? We need a starter.

Gammons reported last week that the Tigers were told it would take Maybin to get Otsuka.

Not saying the price won't come down significantly for either reliever, but both guys are vastly overvalued right now.

That is insane

Why didn't they ask for Andrew Miller and the draft rights to Rick Porcello while they were at it. Yeesh. Does Jon Daniels think that Dombrowski is stupid?

Yeah, I'm fearfull that they are going to ask for Miller or Lofgren plus another prospect from Cleveland too...

Do hope the price comes down a bit, but established star RPs with closer exp might just get some extreme return sadly.

Gagne seems like a real value....so I think teams are going to have to give up a lot to get him. Just the fact that he can be so good and at the very worst, you are going to get 2 picks for him walking. I like him because of that reason, being that he is so injury prone.

Gagne for Brandon Moss, Texas should jump all over that. If Boston wasn't a dominant RH setup man away from having a shutdown bullpen, I would say no way in hell but it makes too much sense for both teams. Moss is going to be a stud period, and him in Arlington is just sick.

LF-Catalanotto, CF-FA, and RF- Moss is one sweet outfield, can have Victor Diaz be your 4th.

Who would the Rangers want from the Cubs for eric gagne?

Moss for Gagne? Laughable.

"Moss for Gagne? Laughable."

Ehhhh. Your response?Laughable.

Moss is doing pretty good at AAA this season, but he's nowhere near a top-tier prospect, the kind Gagne would obviously command with many teams interested. That's why the trade is laughable.

"Moss is doing pretty good at AAA this season, but he's nowhere near a top-tier prospect, the kind Gagne would obviously command with many teams interested. That's why the trade is laughable."

Look at his numbers again, look at those numbers in comparison to say BA's top 100 prospects list last year, and take an educated guess where barring a trade and a MLB promotion where he will be on that list next year. He is a top-tier prospect only idiots would say otherwise. Superstar maybe not, but he will be a solid ML player for years, which for an oft injured RP, is quite a hall. He fills a need, and he's a damn fine player. What do you think Gagne is going to bring back?

He has pitched 37 innings in 3 years. He is a upside gamble that a team like the Red Sox who are shooting for a world series this year, can take a risk on. The Red Sox have a pretty damn good OF in Pawtucket, with 3 MLB caliber players on it. They are a team that can take the risk of trading a decent MLB ready player, for a guy like Gagne. He is not the 80 saves in a row bad ass that he once was, he may after a year of pitching show the league that he can be that again. At which time, he declines arbitration and looks for a multi-year deal at more than 6 per, right now he is a guy who has thrown 22 pretty good innings.

Notice when I made my first post I said, "Texas should jump all over that. If Boston wasn't a dominant RH setup man away from having a shutdown bullpen, I would say no way in hell but it makes too much sense for both teams."

It's Boston that is giving up a pretty good player for the risk that gagne brings with him, not Texas getting shafted. They take the flier cause he fills a need, and its worth it for the position they are in right now.

Sorry buddy, but Brandon Moss is just a good prospect at this point. There have been plenty of players who have had a half a year like Moss has had, and then gone on to do nothing in the majors. Gagne is going to command a lot more than a guy who's having a good half-season at hitter-friendly AAA.

Gagne's a risk, but he can contribute now. Moss, though through no fault of his own, hasn't even had a major league at bat. Texas won't jump all over a deal that's good for the Red Sox and bad for them, sorry.

"Texas won't jump all over a deal that's good for the Red Sox and bad for them, sorry."

I'm still failing to understand where acquiring a MLB ready cost controlled RF who will an above average defensive/offensive player that can be penciled into RF for the next six years, for Gagne is good for the Sox and bad for Texas. Check out who leads the leagues in offensive stats, and then check their ages. Moss has been at the top, or on top of all the categories while being 4-5 years younger than his competition.

What bigger return do you think they can get for him? I don't buy that they asked for Maybin, I think thats a reporters made up assumption. Daniels is a shitty gm, but he isn't Bowden delusional. Plus I'm pretty sure even if Gagne goes lights out for the rest of the year he isn't going to be a type A free agent, so he isn't going to bring 2 high draft picks in return.

Ellsbury gets the call today, and is batting 9th. Apparently Coco's thumb sprain is going to linger.

Uhh, wow, talk about projection much? You're basing the next 6 years on a half a season in the minor leagues? Really? Brandon Moss has quite a ways to go before establishing himself as a top prospect. Even then, no one can pencil anything until they show they can make it in the majors. Brandon Moss has done no such thing.

Also, Gagne will be a type-A free agent at the end of the year. Even with the restrictions for Type-A's being reduced from 30 to 20 percent, Gagne will be there, barring like 20 horrible innings. He's shown he can throw and shut down batters as well as anyone. That's two first-round picks next year for the team that lets him go. Hell, that's worth more than Brandon Moss right there.

If the Sox were the only team interested in Gagne, it would be closer to fair value. Unfortunately for your point, many teams are interested in Gagne. That drives his price up way above a previously unheralded guy having a good half-year at AAA.

It is a three year average. How is Gagne in the top 20 percent at his position over the last three years. He will pretty much have to be about the 28-29th highest ranked RP to get a type A designation. At the end of 06, he was 27th and a type A with the top 30% getting the tag. To stay at the same spot he pretty much has to come close to repeating his `04 line of 82.3 IP, 114K, 2.19 ERA, 0.911 WHIP.

Now I'm not basing 6 years on half a season, I'm basing it on the fact that I've been following him since he played in Lowell back in '03. At the very least its not just half a season of AAA, he took off about 1/2 through last season ended up as team MVP, and playoff MVP when Portland won the league. Is Adam Lind enough/too much to give up for Eric Gagne? They are quite comparable.

But yet again I havent heard what is an acceptable trade for Gagne, just your opinion as to why mine is laughable.

"With a .304/.397/.560 line as a 23-year-old in the International League, Moss has to be taken seriously as a potential regular in right field. He could be one of the Red Sox's best pieces of trade bait in July." -- Rotoworld.

"It’s hard to find a job for him in the Red Sox outfield, especially since he’s limited to a corner, but he could give the BoSox a valuable trading commodity six weeks from now. -- Kevin Goldstein

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