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Red Sox Interested In Chad Qualls

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle appeared on XM Radio's Baseball Beat yesterday, and reported that the Red Sox are interested in Astros reliever Chad Qualls.

Qualls, who will turn 29 this year, has a 4.50 ERA through 40 innings.  His strikeout rate is way up, but so are the hits and home runs.  He was worked pretty hard last year with 81 appearances.  Qualls is a long way from free agency.  A few items of note: he dealt with shoulder tendinitis this spring, and has a likely two-game suspension coming for throwing a ball into the stands.


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It seems that Qualls and the Red Sox are linked often..

Justice mentioned Qualls for David Murphy in one of his blogs a few days ago.

Has Scott fallen out of favor with the Astros?

Garner platoons just about everyone, especially Scott, despite his success against lefties.

Murphy would play CF for the Sros and Pence would be moved to rf a more natural position for him. There is no reason the Astros should not make this trade.

"Murphy would play CF for the Sros."

Murphy is not a "good" CF, I don't have any clue what Astros outfielders defensive abilities are, but Murphy is an average CF. He would be a good defensive corner outfielder, with a good OBP, and will develop some decent power, but I can't see him displacing someone from CF right now.

Pence will not likely play RF. He does NOT have the arm to play RF. If this deal is made, Murphy will play RF only.

As a sox fan I'd rather get Wheeler. And they are now being talked about with Lidge (scary). Qualls, not so exciting.

I think Wheeler would be a better fit for you guys.

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