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Rosenthal's Latest Video

Ken Rosenthal reeled off a slew of sweet trade rumors in a couple of videos today, which you can watch at FOXSports.  Let's discuss.

  • Rosenthal says the Cubs won't trade Carlos Zambrano unless they fall out of contention or the big righty requests a trade.  Rosenthal finds neither scenario likely.  He says Zambrano still has a good relationship with Jim Hendry, and the Cubs still intend to sign him.  The contract remains on hold.  Interesting, but not surprising to see that the Cubs are still veering towards this mistake after what we've seen this year.
  • Lots of good Jermaine Dye stuff from Rosenthal.  About ten days ago, the White Sox kicked around the idea of sending Dye to the Yankees for Bobby Abreu.  The Yanks covet Dye's right-handed power, and Ozzie loves Abreu, his countryman.  Rosenthal says the White Sox like the option of keeping Abreu for $16MM in '08 if they so choose.  That option comes with a $2MM buyout attached.  The Dye/Abreu swap may be on hold because Dye is finally showing some signs of life.  I have to be honest - I don't understand the timeline here.  If the Sox were considering this ten days ago, nothing Dye has done since should have changed their thinking.
  • Other suitors for Dye: the Padres or Dodgers.  The two NL West competitors rank 10th and 12th in the league in slugging, respectively.  No doubt the Dodgers have the goods, but what reasonable trade could the Padres work out?  Kenny Williams and Kevin Towers have matched up twice before, but on minor trades involving guys like D'Angelo Jimenez and Geoff Blum.
  • Rosenthal says the Padres are also eyeing Adam Dunn, for whom their pitchers' ballpark would present less of an obstacle.  Two hitches: Dunn can become a free agent after this season if he's traded, and the Reds will ask for a lot.  The Padres' best pitching prospect, Cesar Carrillo, recently had Tommy John surgery.  Their best hitting prospect, Cedric Hunter, is trying to figure out Low A ball.  Third baseman Chase Headley is hitting well in Double A, and I'm sure plenty of teams would like to have him.  Headley is somewhat blocked by Kevin Kouzmanoff.  Honestly, though, the Padres don't have much in the minors to trade.  At the Major League level, they might be able to part with Cla Meredith and get a decent hitter in return. 


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Wouldn't there be and third hitch to the Dunn deal? That of playing him half his remaining games in the outfield at Petco? It's not like you're going to move the GG-quality Adrian Gonzalez off of 1B.

It seems to me as if Clay Hensley is being set up for a trade. Even though it's a semi-smoke screen, Kevin Towers has said he won't trade anyone off of his 25-man roster. He has to be hoping that Hensley starts dominating AAA to build value as trade bait. If that's the case, a package including him could be tempting for the Reds if it includes a top prospect such as Headley. I agree though in that we don't match up well for bringing Dye over.

As I watch the Dodgers get beat up by the lowly Pirates, I wonder how much better they'd be with some sort of power in that lineup. They're no.3,4 &5 hitters, Nomar, Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez have a combined 13 homeruns nine weeks into the season. This is absolutely unacceptable. I think an aquisition like Jermaine Dye would help. But someone has to go. Unfortunately Juan Pierre must stay.

Dye wouldn't make sense though because he'll be a free agent and who would the D's give up for a half year of Dye? They won't want to resign him. Maybe Dunn for Ethier and a pitching prospect makes more sense. But then the outfield defense would be even more comical.

What about Dunn possibly going to Seattle?

Ibanez has been underachieving and is slugging under .400.

Maybe they can trade Wladimir Balentien in a package to get him.

If the Yankees can get Dye for Abreu, they need to do it. End of story. Abreu is a succubus...he sucks life out of lineup and team. No passion. No fire. We already have Cano and Matsui who are like that. We need to shed some of these type of guys. Abreu had a nice stretch when he got traded last year, but all that is gone and gone for good.

"Rosenthal says the Cubs won't trade Carlos Zambrano unless they fall out of contention"

8 games under .500, 7-13 in last 20 games, the bucco's are ahead of them in the standings, fights on the field... I think it's safe to say the Cubs aren't going to be contenders for anything anytime soon. Unless they are going sign another blank check, they should deal him before July 31. Everybody needs pitching, so he still has plenty of value, free agent to be or not.

i come up with a few teams that would need zambrano and the main team that comes to mind is the tigers. any chance you can get adam miller for zambrano? does it take more than that even?

The Tigers have Andrew Miller and I kinda doubt that they would give him up to take on Zambrano for the short term.

They have Kenny Rogers pencilled in to come back soon and have gotten solid production from Bonderman and Verlander at the top of the rotation as well as better than they're showing talent in Nate Robertson and Mike Maroth. I'm assuming that Maroth is still bouncing back from his injury. They also have Zach Miner available to pitch in and Miller has already come up and was productive in his first start of the season.

First, it's Andrew Miller. Adam is an Indian. Second, no way the Cubs would go straight up a prospect for a proven vet like Zambrano, this season's struggles notwithstanding.

If you ask me, this is going to be another one of those deals that gets talked about for 2 months heading into the deadline, and then nothing happens.

I just love how the DePUDesta types whine about the Dodgers lack of power. It sucks so bad they are 10-games over .500...yeah, it sucks to be the Dodgers right now. Can anyone honestly say a guy with 5 more HR's then anyone else on the team would have made a difference? MAYBE 1-2 games and I seriouly doubt that...

Yes, they really need more power but the best bet for that is to allow the kids to mature. Martin is showing it already as will Ethier soon enough. Come the end of June look for Kemp to be called up too.

Much over the next few weeks depends on how well Schmidt has recovered. If he has look for Betemit, Hendrickson or more likely Tomko to be traded for a rent-a-player with some power.

When your team is handling it's division just fine and there is young talent that has shown it can play it makes zero sense to trade away the farm to satisfy those with a man-crush on DePUDesta who think they know baseball because the worship the almighty OPS or some other meaningless form of numerology.

The team is fine as-is. Nomar is not up to snuff yet and Kent, while pretty much done after this season is still a threat with the bat. Even Gonzales is doing better then expected hitting wise.

BTW, ladies, the steroid era is OVER so 20-35 hr/yr is going to mean something again. The Dodgers have 3-5 guys who could reasonable do just that...and who knows what Abreu will do at 3rd which seems, for now, be his to lose. And he is a likely source of 10-15 hr the rest of the season.

The biggest problem for the Dodgers is not the lack of power...it is the AWFUL defense and the inability to hit with the bases loaded.

Defense is where they would likely make "the difference" far more then a power guy.

Hitting with the bases loaded will come around as the season is a long one and everything runs in cycles.

It's easy if you actually follow the Dodgers to see that their offense sorely lacks a power hitter. You can't always string together two or three hits at will. Martin and Ethier are developing power but neither will hit more than 20 this year. As for the corner infield, you simply cannot have players like nomar and abreu if you don't have power elsewhere. Nomar is clearly hurting somehow and needs to be phantom DLed. As for for Abreu, he's a very nice player but there's no way he's hitting 10-15 HRS. He had 6 HRS last year in Jacksonville in about 450 AB's. It's not happening. He's got no power and no patience, he's not a corner infielder. The D's need a power hitter and 3B or right field seems the most obvious choice. I will agree however, that if Pierre and Kemp were switched the offense would be infinitely better.

Seeing Kemp tear up Vegas
and knowing who's in the outfield in LA is almost as infuriating as watching Billingsely pitch in middle relief.

I still think Teixiera is the most logical target. Loney has clearly done something to piss of the LA org, the Dodgers have pitching (and prospects galore) and nomar can be let off the hook for his pitiful production.


Sure, the Dodgers are tied for the lead in their division right now, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be trying to improve themselves if possible. The fact that San Diego and Arizona are tied with them means that they should be trying even harder to do so. It'd be different if they were five games ahead of their closest competitor, but with such a heated division race, they have to rise above the rest of their rivals.

Also, you have to keep into consideration that the Diamondbacks and Padres aren't just going to stand by idly and will try to improve themselves as well.

Key Dodgers position players are also older and the risk of injury has to be taken into account. Jeff Kent, Nomar Garciaparra, and Luis Gonzalez have to be watched intensively and they should insure themselves should anything happen to them.

Pair that with the defensive shortcomings up the middle (Kent already has 9 errors on the year, Furcal has 8 and Juan Pierre's arm has proven to be getting even worse) and there definitely needs to be some improvements made to this team

Couldn't agree more with the last couple of comments regarding the Dodgers.

1. Abreu is not a 3b. His future is at 2b.

2. Tied for first is great but ... the division will be won by whichever team fills its holes. If the Pads get a big hitter, or the Dbacks add a veteran 4th OF/backup IF to help the kids along watch out.

3. Tomko/Hendrickson and Betemit will get you a bag of oranges and a brand new pair of Nike spikes :)

4. Kemp and Ethier are indeed key cogs in the future. Loney is interesting, he reminds me a bit of Lyle Overbay - not a pure power hitter, but will hit for avg. As for Laroche, whether he's missing his opportunity now is up for debate - I still see 3b as the most likely hole to be filled through a trade for the Dodgers. Unfortunately the choices aren't great: Glaus, Crede....

5. If I'm the Dodgers and am looking around the division I see a very strong future for the Dbacks and Rockies and I want to win now. If it costs a top pitcher and Laroche to nail down the division I'm all for it.

Teixiera would indeed look good but can you really see Nomar playing 3b?

OMFG ! Dye for Abreu ? That would be insane.
I wouldn't want this over the hill OFer for $ 16 mil. next year if the Sox got him for nothing !
JD to the Dodgers makes fine sense. They can afford to give up some pitching or young outfielders - anything.

Why would the Sox, who ignored the FA market, want to give a ton of money to an aging declining left handed outfield bat with poor defense and no intangibles (grinder mentality). The OBP is about all there is to like.

If this is true, I'll puke.

I agree with the post about the Dodgers too. They need power hitting more than anything else, including defense. I think if you put Texiera in the middle of that lineup at the beginning of the year, they have a 4 to 6 game lead right now. You don't have to agree with it, it is obviously just my opinion.

They have too many blocked prospects, and need to trade 1 to 2 of them to get someone with some freakin power. Martin and Kent are the only players that even bother me a little bit pitching to. The rest of them are not going to hit for any power.

I also agree that they are not "handling the division" or however it was put. They are in a three way tie...which means they need to try even more to get some power. I like the Dodgers because they have such good starting pitching. That and thier experience puts them at an advantage over the DBacks...but the Pads also have good Pitching, a GREAT bullpen...and also need a good power hitter. I think whoever gets a good one

wins the division

Pair that with the fact that the Padres already have a bigger power threat than anyone on the Dodgers in Adrian Gonzalez.

Totally agree...although I will say when Kent is healthy...he can do damage. I was in LA for the Friday night game against the Cubs and he hit a freakin BOMB

but I still agree...Gonzalez is probably the best hitter on either team...definitely the most power. Martin is probably the dodgers best bet right now....and you gotta have more than that. Don't get me wrong...Martin is probably my second favorite Catcher in the bigs (behind Mauer), but he can't be your only source of power.

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