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Rosenthal's Latest

Time for another Rosenthal column!  Some of this is just a writeup from his recent video; here's the new stuff.

  • A little elaboration on the Adam Dunn to San Diego idea - Rosenthal throws Clay Hensley's name into the mix.  Hensley has had a rough couple of months, with a nasty blister, a groin strain, and some awful starts.  His 54% groundball rate would be a nice fit in Chicago or Cincinnati.  Another player I could see catching Wayne Krivsky's eye is Cla Meredith.
  • The Cubs continue to shop Jacque Jones, hoping to slide Felix Pie in every day.  Pie is ready for the show, but the Cubs would like something to show for Jones.  He is earning $4MM this year and $5MM in '08.  It looked like a bargain after Jones hit .285/.334/.499 last year, but he's tanked in the Cubs' crowded outfield.  He could fit well with the Padres, a team that doesn't hit lefties or righties.  Jones normally just struggles with lefties.  Jacque was born in San Diego, too.  Kevin Towers and Jim Hendry matched up for a couple of smaller deals last summer with Todd Walker and Scott Williamson.
  • Mike Lowell may leave Boston after this season as a free agent.  He's easily the best affordable 3B on the market.  Perhaps the Yankees want him back.  Other possibilities include the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Phillies, and Astros according to Rosenthal.  Hard to believe Lowell is so popular and successful after he was a throw-in forced upon the Red Sox in the Josh Beckett deal.
  • Eric Byrnes is probably headed out of Arizona, and he'd be a valuable center field addition who won't break the bank.  He'll be 32 in '08, and on a reasonable three-year deal could be a better value than Ichiro, Torii, or Andruw.  Wouldn't be surprised to see the White Sox get involved.


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any chance that Arizona move Byrnes before the deadline? The way Upton is destroying AA pitching, maybe the time to promote him is now.

Random thought... could SD put a package together for Carl Crawford? Meredith, Bell, Hensley, Headley, plus what else gets it done?

I doubt that the D-Backs mess up chemistry if they're in the middle of a pennant race. It's not worth it to gamble and bring up a rookie in that situation. Especially one that's still in his teens.

I would have to agree that the D'Backs would not shake up a winning team just to get something for Byrnes. Also on the Crawford idea...he wouldn't go anywhere without a really, really good young player coming back.

If the Padres would consider trading Hensley for Dunn, the Phils should get in on that with Pat Burrell. Hensley's ground-ball tendencies would be a perfect fit in Philly, and a Greg Dobbs/Jayson Werth platoon would give the Phils a reasonable facsimile of Burrell's production at a fraction of the cost.

a few things first of all the padres are going after the wrong red outfielder, they should be going after griffey not dunn they dont need another hitter who strikes out 180 times they already have greene,cameron,kouz, and m.giles. secondly a trade for crawford would be ideal for them it puts speed back in left and possibly can take over for cameron for the next few years until hunter comes up. problem is i dont think that the padres have the pieces to get him. they will not give up 2 of their 4 best bullpen arms kt already said he doesn't want to trade off the 25 man roster. thirdly i like the idea of dye because it puts a power right hander in the lineup. lastly, it would be nice for kevin towers to do anything major at or before the deadline. no more todd walker/joe randa pick ups please

Dunn has more value than people give him credit for. He has tons of power, and gets his R.B.I, as well as get on base at a good rate. He does strike out a lot but worth it IMO.

Two players this blog has still not figured out are not God - Ricky Nolasco and Cla Meredith. Last time I checked the stats, his ERA was not 1.00 any more. Meredith has a weird delivery and that's it, he's a crappier version of Pat Neshek.

Do I need to dust off the list of San Diego relievers who have had a good run there and collapsed elsewhere? Because I've only had to post it two times this year.

I would love to see the Sox sign Lowell to a 2 year deal, with a team option for a 3rd. I'm sure Lowell would love to stay and the fans love him. Gold glove caliber defense and a doubles machine (not to mention he's leading the Sox in HR and RBI right now). But if I were to venture a guess, I'd say the Sox let him walk and acquire a 1B (Helton/Teixiera) in the off season, which would push Youk to 3rd.

Jacque Jones is total and complete garbage (and way overpaid garbage at that), but don't be so sure Felix Pie is "ready for the show" just yet.

Take a good look at his numbers vs. lefties in AAA this year. Not good, not at all, and he was overmatched in his first stint with the Cubs. His growing pains may be painful at the MBL level.

What if the padres went after Rocco Baldelli instead of Crawford, his value is down and the Pads would't have to break the bank either. I'm sure Hensley (young, cheap, and 10th in ERA last year)would be of interest to them, and then throw in Andrew Brown or some AAA reliever who can't get a shot in the stacked bullpen

I don't see Dunn as a good fit in San Diego. He is a terrible outfielder and that probably wouldn't fare too well in Petco Park.

If Dunn were traded to the Padres. I don't think Dunn would be traded for an inexpiriend reliever. The Reds already have four rookies in the bullpen. So maybe a veteran reliever and a prospect. The Reds pretty much are not in any need for a prospect that isn't a pitcher unless it is a shortstop or catcher and you can never have too many of those.

I think that it would be a good trade if the Reds could trade Dunn for possibly Cesar Carrillo plus Heath Bell. With Carrillo on the DL it may take some trade value away but Heath Bell or anohter veteran reliever could replace that.

Did you guys here about Sean Gahalagher? The Cubs just called him up.

Mike Lowell was what i would like to post about seems like most of what i wanted to say was already done by Papelboner i was just wondering what the sox would go after 3rd and 1st looking mighty thin. i dont even want to hear the words alex rodriguez not ganna happen

i hope they offer mike an extension he plays all around good ball and the fans love him. that said so did billy mueller.

Sunny Reiser.........Pie has only had 32 AB's against LHP in Iowa. He needs to face them more often before he gets better, and he isnt going to face them enough down there. I think he needs to stay with the cubs, and when the cubs face a LHSP he should bat 8th. His defense is more than enough to keep him in the lineup in my opinion.

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