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A's May Trade Piazza Instead of Johnson

If Mike Piazza can't catch - and it looks like he can't - the A's pretty much have to unload Piazza or Dan Johnson once the former is ready to play.

Susan Slusser notes that possibly interested teams, such as the Twins, Yankees, and Angels, may prefer to go after Piazza.  The cost would mainly be in salary, whereas the cheap and league average Johnson will require a decent player in return.  So the question for Billy Beane is which does he want more?  Relief from the remaining $3.88MM on Piazza's contract or a solid prospect and an open spot for Daric Barton?

The A's are not usually sellers at the trading deadline, so we don't have much precedent.  I like a Johnson move a little bit more.


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Piazza instead of Johnson? No, its more along the lines of Piazza AND Johnson, at this point. There is no real room for Piazza, and Johnson is blocking Barton, so both could quite possibly be traded.

Why can't Piazza DH 75% of the time? He would also be very valuable late in games to PH for the Kotsay/Crosby/Kendall Black-Hole.

Then, use Cust in a corner outfield position 4 or 5 times a week. He's a bad outfielder, but he's not that bad. I don't want the A's to "Durazo-ize" Cust, using him only as a DH. It hurts the team come Inter-League play time.

Would the Yanks go after Piazza with Clemens on the team? Probably not.

What the heck would the Yankees do with Piazza?

Could Piazza really be much worse at catching than Will Nieves? Piazza as backup catcher and hitting .280 has got to make the team better than Nieves as the backup and hitting .120.

The priority should be obtaining a decent prospect for Johnson and opening up 1B for Barton. I can't imagine why Beane would prefer salary relief for Piazza. At the worst, he can collect a draft pick for him after the season. If Elias bases their rankings on last season as well, I'm assuming he'll be a Type B FA.

My preferance would be for them to cut Kendall and let Piazza backup Suzuki & Cust at C & DH. Piazza may not be a premier catcher anymore but he should at least be able to get the job done for a game or two a week.

If they can obtain a useful piece for Johnson (Scott Baker, preferably) and figure out a way to work Piazza, Barton, Cust & Suzuki into their lineup on a regular basis, I can see them threatening the Angels in the 2nd half.

Could the Braves make a move for Piazza? Salary relief for the A's with no top-notch prospects given up.

The A's may be hesitant to trade to any of those teams
1 Angels lead the division
2 Twins 7 out in the wild card
3 Oakland normally has a strong second half


kinda surprised the a's are going this way, usually they have a strong second half. they have the pitching. trading piazza kinda sucks, i was hoping he'd do good as a DH in oakland, but he did get a hurt a longtime ago and cust is a good dh for them. i think he'd be a great hitter for the twins and help them try to make a run at the wildcard.

Cust, Johnson and Piazza really dont have a place on the A's. Swisher has better D at 1B than almost anyone (check his DWS from last year) and Barton is not a capable defender anywhere (he has a ton of errors at first in HALF a season, ouch), so he should be DHing. So what they need more than anything is a CF, as Kotsay is at this point, a 4th OFer starting everyday.

Suzuki is a better hitter than Kendall, but his team ERA when he is catching is a disaster, he needs more seasoning behind the plate. Keeping Kendall around would be OK if there wasnt such offensive liabilities in CF and SS as well. 1 free out is passable, 3 is not.

I don't think Piazza could throw out Big Papi at this point in his career. A lot of singles would turn to doubles....

Is trading Bobby Crosby a possibility? He's hurting the A's right now but I don't know who could replace him. Here's a scenario that could benefit all 3 teams:

Braves: Dan Johnson & Jose Contreras
A's: Edgar Renteria
White Sox: Bobby Crosby & Matt Diaz


How would that benefit the White Sox at all?

And who would play SS for the Braves who are in a pennant race? Why would they trade away a key part of their team and plug in a rookie there?

If they traded either it wouldnt really even be giving up on 07 would it?

I think they could trade one (or even both) of Piazza and Johnson and still be able to produce the 2nd half we expect from them year in and year out…

Oh and left off of Jza’s reply to Westcoast is “if this thread is about the A’s possibly selling parts off, why would they take one on in Renteria?”. E-Rent would come cheaper than he looks because of the BoSox picking up so much, but why would the A’s do it if unloading is their goal?

The A's would do that deal in a nanosecond, even with Renteria's terrible offense in the AL (compare his boston numbers to the rest of his career - yuck).

Ken Williams is kind of a terrible GM in my opinion so he would probably do that deal if the braves and A's gave him a prospect. The braves get a little too much there but the A's would take it.

The A's have too many parts to "give up" or "become sellers", they really need to make moves in fixing their pen, OF and SS, they have the pieces to do so, and its probably only a matter of time before Beane starts wheeling and dealing.

Johnson, Piazza, Crosby, Kotsay, Kielty, Kennedy and Harden are all pieces that need to be moved to fill their needs elsewhere. Look for some of those guys to be in deals at the deadline.

"How would that benefit the White Sox at all?"

It gives them a long-term SS and some depth to their depleted OF, both for an overrated pitcher who could benefit by moving to the NL.

"And who would play SS for the Braves who are in a pennant race? Why would they trade away a key part of their team and plug in a rookie there?"

Yunel Escobar is proving himself worthy of taking over that role.

"Why would the A’s do it if unloading is their goal?"

Who said that's their goal? The thread is about two pieces they're looking to move, we're not talking firesale here.

My main point though is that Bobby Crosby needs to be dealt and the White Sox seem like the best fit, given their expressed desire in acquiring Khalil Greene.

oops, got the two threads mixed up...

here, this is what I thought was in this thread but was actually in the Twins, Yanks, Johnson" one...
"There's a lot of buzz going around that the A's may become sellers soon, nine games back in their division and eight out in the Wild Card. Typical impending free agent parts like Mike Piazza and Shannon Stewart are candidates to be moved."

Adding that to the above posts makes my "unloading is their goal" part a little more understandable I hope...

"It gives them a long-term SS and some depth to their depleted OF, both for an overrated pitcher who could benefit by moving to the NL."

Long-term SS? A SS that doesn't hit qualifies as a long-term SS? The whole point of you wanting the A's to dump him is because he isn't that great a SS.

And getting Diaz still doesn't solve any of their OF problems. They get a fourth outfielder but who's going to start?

Getting rid of a pitcher while getting nothing back in return is idiotic.

"Yunel Escobar is proving himself worthy of taking over that role."

Like I said...they're in the middle of the pennant race. They're not going to disrupt team chemistry and put a rookie into the mix at this point in the season. That's something you do when you've given up and want to give your youngsters playing time. They're already going to give primo time to players like Kelly Johnson, Jarod Saltalamacchia, etc. so they don't need to add additional risks like Escobar if they want to win the NL East.

And another thing about your suggestion Bias, is how in the world do you thing the braves are going to trade off edgar renteria or matt diaz. Edgar Renteria has been our most consitient hitter in a lineup that is very streaky, and his defense has been very solid as well. The braves are not going to trade away their most consistent hitter to shore up the starting staff, especailly with contrares, makes absolutely no sense at all. Plus, diaz is a very good option for us in left, as he has stayed around .330 for the most part since he came to atlanta at the beginning of last year.

The only logic i can see in your opinion is that we have prospects who could take over for diaz and renteria. But it makes absoultey no sense for the braves to trade away renteria or diaz when each has been a big reason we are contending right now. Plus, the braves really do not need dan johnson, as well are probably not going to trade away for a first baseman unless salty or thorman are in the package that goes to the other team. I echo JZA in saying that the braves would never make a move like that in a pennant race, heck, no team would. Use some sense when you make suggestions man, come on.

Let me first say, GET RID OF DAN JOHNSON. I'm SICK of this non-athletic, slow slob of a patheticly streaky hitter. As for the A's bullpen, it's just fine once healthy, specifically next year. Casilla is an excellent piece to the bullpen with Embree (if anyone is laughing about Embree just check his numbers as the interim closer), Calero, Duchsherer (next year), and Street. DiNardo back to the pen, Ron Flores. A's bullpen is an issue currently as we just have no health right now but going foward it doesn't need help.

Beane MUST see this team as the '05 roster, we aren't winning more than 85-88 games and that wont make the playoffs this year. There is just no way at this point he could believe this team is catching the Angels or the WC (Indians, imo). We're a game under .500 as of last night, our hot streak starts in JUNE and instead we went into the break a .500 team. Harden back on the DL as expected, Duchsherer out for the rest of the season...Loaiza is..?

I expect Beane to make his usual trades and take the extra draft picks this off-season for who he can't move. As for the A's OF, I think Beane has quietly stacked next years OF quite nicely (depending on how the young kids pan out). Snelling, Denoforia(sp?), Travis Buck, Kotsay (his defense makes him an everyday player and isn't he a career .280 hitter that hits about 10HR's a year or so?), and I'd like to see Shannon Stewart re-signed to be completely honest although his arm is "Damonish", can't forget about Jack Cust as well. I'd LOVE to see a right-handed power bat if possible above anything else though. Bobby Crosby is a glaring weakness, he's obviously not who people thought he'd be (I still can't believe Harold Reynolds called him an MVP candidate for the '06 season).

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