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Backwards Center Field Trade Bait

Most of Joel Sherman's column today is filled with the Mark Teixeira stuff you've been reading about everywhere else.  (I, for one, am now absolutely sure of how to spell Tex's name.  A couple of weeks ago?  Not so much.)

But, there are two tidbits buried in the column that are interesting both on their own and juxtaposed.

First, Sherman corroborates Buster Olney's claim that the Yankees are hot after Dan Johnson.  But he gives us more: Billy Beane asked for Brett Gardner and was rejected.  Uh, Brett Gardner?  Useful player, perhaps, but the Yanks are interested in Johnson because he's a useful player too, and one who is a lot more likely to help them this year (and next, too, in all likelihood).  Sherman interprets that as New York's new protectiveness of their prospects.  Too bad there isn't another ~$15M rental like Bobby Abreu out there this year ... unless you count Richie Sexson, whom I don't.

Second, he repeats the common Gerald Laird-to-the-Cubs refrain, but adds a twist:

The Cubs have interest in Laird and Rangers relievers, and might include center field prospect Felix Pie to get that.

I suppose Laird + Eric Gagne might merit Pie.  Maybe.  It would certainly make the Cubs more credible contenders immediately, but...Felix Pie? 

What an odd world it is, when Brett Gardner is off the block, and Felix Pie is on.

By Jeff Sackmann
Brew Crew Ball


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I would like to think that if the Cubs would trade Pie that it could fetch for more than just Gagne and Baird, there would have to be an extra releiver in that deal, IMHO...

That seems like a little much, but it would certainly improve the cubs chances this year.

I like gardner a lot, he just got to triple a and hes working somethings out. i can see him taking over for damon in center or in right, whichever position that melky doesnt take. hes got a lot of speed, he just needs to get that average, hes got a decent obp so far in triple a at .370

Don't the Cubs currently need a centerfielder? Seems kind of funny (not really unlike the Cubs, though) to trade away their best option at CF in the upcoming years.

Isn't it every few years, it's the same thing? 'This is the year,' so we'll trade anything and everything even if we don't get to that ultimate goal. You'd think the Cubs would learn after this year, that you need talent from your own system out there to win a championship. You can't just buy it.

Yeah I actually saw Brett play in college and spent some time working at a camp with him. He is a great guy and will be a good lead-off man and CF for the Yankees. Yanks can save money just play him next year.

The Cubs problem is they can't hit in CF, RF and C, and they don'y have a good lefty reliever, so they're going to trade their best prospect for ANOTHER right handed reliever, who is a rental, and another catcher who can't hit? What is wrong with Hendry?

Why not platoon Pie and Pagan in center, dump Jones, and do your best to get a LOOGY and a RF who can hit?

ok tsizzle...thanks for the lecture in the obvious.

The Cubs dont go out and spend 300 mil every offseason...this one is different. Plus, they are using MANY players from within their own system as it is, like Theriot, Fontenot, Marmol, and others. So thanks, but no thanks for stating the obvious.

Is Laird supposed to be good? Why don't they go after Dioner Navarro or something. He shouldn't cost much. Laird and Gagne for Pie sounds like a rip to me.

Maybe they're collecting bad hitting catchers and they're going to put them together like voltron to form one average hitting catcher.

I know they don't spend $300 million, but they've been spending at the top of the league for some time now, only for losing baseball. My point is, they would rather trade for veterans than use their own guys...like trading for Pierre last year, this rumor, etc. It happens all the time with these guys.

And I know they're using guys from their system, I said that. I said, "You'd think the Cubs would learn after this year, that you need talent from your own system out there to win a championship." The key words there are 'learn after this year.' I'm realizing they're using guys from their system, and it's working. So why do they feel the need to go out and trade for more BS, when they have other options. Instead, they would rather stunt their growth down the road for the minuscule chance of winning a championship right now.

Whatever, though...you can continue to support their crap. They do this every few years, and they still haven't learned. I wonder when they will...

Hendry's still trying to find a way to save his job. I doubt he would pull something like this. Maybe Pie for Torii Hunter or someone on that level, but not for Laird and Gagne.

alright sizzle, I can deal with that. I didn't like the Pierre thing at all either...but I know what they were doing because they didn't have a leadoff guy at all, even in their own system. Anyway, it was real dumb...I agree. Mitre would be looking awesome in the place of Marquis right now...but thats neither here nor there.

The cubs, before this year, had been around the 90 million range...at least thats what I think...and they were like always around 5th or 6th in the league....actually, the Cards were right around them last year...and won a championship. The red sox won with a HUGE budget and not that many more players from their system....and not too many were complaining then.

Anyway, I know what you are saying though, and we agree.

Which is why I think that that guy is pretty much full of it...I seriously doubt that Hendry has even talked about Pie...and certainly not in a Laird deal....

the only way i would trade pie is if you could bring d-train back to chicago. the marlins need a centerfielder and it never hurts to have a pitcher that has some experience at the back end of the rotation... as opposed to their current option sean marshall.

I think Marshall has been very good. Replacing Marquis would be better....but thats not really an option...

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