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Braves Make Offer For Teixeira

According to Ken Rosenthal's sources, the Braves have made an offer to the Rangers for Mark Teixeira: Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Matt Harrison, and Elvis Andrus.  That's without any relievers coming back to Atlanta.  That's three young players all with a chance to become above-average big league regulars.  You couldn't really criticize Daniels for it, no matter how it turned out.

The only other major player seems to be the Angels.  The Halos recently tweaked their original offer of Casey Kotchman plus Nathan Haynes or Terry Evans.  There's now a pitcher in the mix, apparently one of Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders, or Nick Adenhart.  I'd consider this a comparable offer, especially if Adenhart was the one. 

The Dodgers aren't out of it, but I don't see them getting Teixeira.


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If the Braves were *smart* they'd revoke the offer for Tex and offer that same package for Contreras. :)

It is very simple, the braves and angels have very similar offers. However, the Braves are parting with their best prospects, while the angels are parting with prospects who will not nearly delplete their farm system as much as the braves will. Also, considering current conditions, the Angels probably have a much better shot signing tex long term than the braves do.

The fact to remember is that even with Tex, the braves still are a long shot to win the World Series, which is the only justifiable reason to trade away this much young talent. Our pitching staff is going to be too overworked to remain consistiently effective come September, not to mention october (Just look at Soriano right now.) The same can be said for our starters, and we are trading away all of our pieces that could possibly bring in some pitching help. So, while this makes our offense stronger, it really does not make a lot of sense for the braves to give up this much future potential for a 1 year and 2 months rental of production that probably will not make a world series contribution.

Does matt Harrison really have a chance at being an above average regular? His numbers @ AA the last 2 years have been anything but impressive. Lots of hits. Very few strikeouts. Are the Rangers maybe prioritizing pitching over batting?

I'm confused. I thought that the Braves were unwilling to add payroll? I would think that Garland would help the team more than Tex would...as far as wins go anyway...and chance to get into the playoffs and do any damage.

Tex is good...he the difference in the numbers he puts up vs. Salty's at 1st, I just don't know.

Anyone want to explain the cult of Elvis Andrus to me? I see the proud owner of a lusty 260/334/354 minor league line who gets thrown out half the time he attempts to steal.

Salty's a legit chip but the rest looks like filler to me.

Tex would fill in alot of holes for the Braves. Many years locking up 1st base

Andrus is friggin 18, cut him some slack.

This is insanity for the Braves. I don't see them making the playoffs even with Tex.

Man I wish the Jays had a Tex to trade, I'd love either of those packages. Tho I kind of hope the Braves get Tex because that may bump Glaus's value up since he's likely the next best slugger potentially available.

I'd much rather trade that package for Ian Snell of Gorzellany.

I agree that these 3 for Tex alone is too much. I'm willing to accept it if the Rangers throw in a reliever, but otherwise I think the Braves should drop it and go after Snell instead.

If the Tex thing falls through, I wonder if Bobby has given any thought to playing Chipper at first base and letting Yunel play everyday at third.

Andrus is 19. Why should we cut him any slack? We're talking about a deal for one of the game's premiere 1B. Aside from a nice GCL debut he's done exactly zero to cement his prospect status.

This is GREAT for the Braves! They sacrifice nothing for the 2007 team and get a star slugger through 2008. Huge difference maker.


I agree that it would make sense for the Braves to offer a similar package for Snell. Snell is under control for more years then then Teixeira and SP is what ultimately wins games. With Jones, Jones, Renteria, Johnson, McCann, and Francouer, the Braves have enough offense. Sure, Teixeira would be a great upgrade, but I think Snell would be a smarter move (if he's available). Plus, the Pirates front office is quite horrible, so they could probably get Snell for less than they could from another team.

I think the proposed trade would be a win-win, but I think the Braves would be smarter to offer Salty and Harrison for Snell.

Then they could look at a role-player like Lamb to help at 1st. Lamb has hit .305/.370/.480 over the last 2 years. He would come cheap since he's a FA after this year. Plus, he's more familiar with NL pitchers then Teixeira. Just saying.

Tim, you right that he is a huge difference maker, but I sincerely doubt that difference is going to lead us to a World Series. And Salty can turn into a power hitter at first, and we would have him for the next five years at probably one fifth the cost of Tex past 08. Plus, andrus could be a bust, but he also could be a very good shortstop. I am a little bit skeptical on harrison as yall are. I am just saying that with the current questions in terms of payroll, the better option was to get good production from first base that is cheap and still developing, but if we could somehow sign tex longterm, it would be a great trade. I just do not think that is going to happen, so I just do not see the point in giving up a guy in salty who we can have cheap for five years and who could give us middle of the order production, plus a potential starter who will develop at least decent stuff at the major league level, plus a young shortstop who has the potential to be a star, for a slugger who we are going to keep for a year and two months, and who will probably cost us at least 15 mill if we want to keep him beyond 08.

With all this being said, i still know the first time TEX hits a bomb, i am going to estatic we did this trade, and since it seems as if we are already this far, we might as well get the prize.

As a Mets fan, I actually hope this deal goes down. Away from Texas, Teixera isn't the masher that everyone thinks he is. Yeah, he's still good, but far from a savior.

I can see the trade happening, the Braves maybe getting the wildcard, and losing in the first or second round. He's gone after next year, and then everyone complains that they shouldn't have made the deal.

If they were getting another starter, then I MIGHT be worried. But that would be too smart....

hmm interesting thing to consider with a Texas player. Texas is an extreme hitters Park. Here's the Splits

Home Texas Rangers 38 142 23 47 12 1 5 28 76 16 33 0 0 .403 .535 .331
Away Texas Rangers 37 132 25 35 12 0 8 21 71 29 30 0 0 .402 .538 .265

Tex hits for a far better Average at home but has more HR's on the road, The OBP is basically the same

"Teixera isn't the masher that everyone thinks he is."

That's ridiculous. Teixera can rake anywhere and is a stud 1B. Probably a top 5 1B in the National League immediately upon arrival. They are 4 games back from the Mets with horrible production from the 1B position. Teixera, among other factors, could close that gap and even have the Mets out of the playoffs if two of these teams get hot down the stretch: Milwaukee, Cubs, Dodgers, Padres.

Salty doesn't have the bat to be particularly valuable at first. He MUST be traded, plain and simple. Whether it's for Tex or another starter is another question.

But his value comes from him being a good catcher who can also hit like an average 1B, which is immensely valuable.

If the Braves keep him and play him at first, it would be a massive waste, regardless of the low salary.

I'd make that Tex deal if I'm the Braves. You're 1.5 games out of the WC and don't think Tex would make a difference???

Tex's splits this year are nearly identical home and away. Last season he had a .983 OPS on the road and .791 at home. I don't think ballpark factor will that big of a change in numbers. Teixera is a great hitter in any ballpark.

But salty's production at first would be a world of a difference for the braves, because leage average is a big leap from worst in the majors. And I know going from salty to Tex would be an even bigger leap, but not one that I think would make us a world series contender over the next two seasons, and then after that, we lose tex. Because I do not think this trade makes us legit contenders over the next two years, I think the best option is to have salty develop for cheap over the next five years at first instead of losing out on him, plus harrison, plus the potential of andrus, just to take a leap in production from salty to tex. If was a leap that would land us in the World Series, the yea, do it. But with the questions our staff has, that does not seem likely, so i think we are giving up too much.

Okay... poor wording. Yes, Teixera is good. Yes, he would probably be a top 5 NL 1B. However, I don't think he's enough of an upgrade for Braves fans to get their hopes up. I think with Salty at first, and trading for a SP, they would have a MUCH better shot at making the playoffs. Leaving the SP as-is and adding Teixera? I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Maybe they want him more for next year. They'll probably just deal him at the deadline and hope to collect a nice bounty.

I agree SP would be a better addition, but Tex will improve the '07 Braves immensely. Regardless of a team's deficiencies, you can't count any playoff caliber team from World Series contention after watching the 2006 playoffs and seeing some of the scrubs wearing rings now.

Ah well at least we can agree on the fact that a bunch of scrubs won the WS...

Damn Yadier...

I still find it amazing what a distant memory Salty's hugely disappionting 2006 season has become.

And nobody seems the least bit concerned that over 1300+ MiLB ABs, Salty sports a yawn-inspiring 822 OPS.

I guess being young and a catcher makes one overlook a lot.

Don't forget a switch hitter, which turns any hitter into Mickey Mantle.

"Jul 26 Yahoo! Sports reports the Philadelphia Phillies have been scouting Houston Astros relief pitchers Brad Lidge and Chad Qualls hard as they look to bolster their bullpen. One player the Phillies could offer to the Astros is OF Michael Bourn, a Houston native."

Source: http://www.philly.com/dailynews/sports/20070726_Despite_rumors_to_the_contrary__Phils_dont_appear_ready_to_deal.html

I'd take Tex over Garland (if he's the pitching option in a second). I've heard Snell for Salty too of course, but that never seemed to get anywhere. Plus, the Pirates seem pretty happy with Paulino/Doumit.

Yes, Garland could be very good just by the AL to NL move, but I can't see trading for a pitcher with peripherals that awful and a big contract. Vazquez? Sure. Not Garland though.

I think the best scenario would be someone like Snell who'd be under the team's control for awhile, and then getting a Hillenbrand-type to play first.

Short of that though, I like the Tex deal.

To sum up - I agree going from the Thorman/Franco/Craig Wilson crap to league average would be a big help - but it depends on what starter Salty could get you. They're just not out there.

Can't say I like that move for the Phills. Trade Burrell and eat as much cash as it takes.

"Anyone want to explain the cult of Elvis Andrus to me? I see the proud owner of a lusty 260/334/354 minor league line who gets thrown out half the time he attempts to steal."

One: He's 18 years old playing in High A

Two: He's 23/30 in steals this year

Three: He's in an extreme pitchers park

BP predicted a .786 OPS for Salty this year.

Looking at the past few seasons, 2005 was excellent, and 2006 was his first year in a high-level league. He struggled but still showed very good strike zone judgment. We know what he did this year, and now he's holding his own in the majors. Small sample size yes, but his current OPS would rank 6th among qualified catchers.

Tell you what - what do you think a reasonable worst case is for Salty? (not "he breaks his leg and never plays", but what do you think is the downside of his numbers if gets 500 AB?) I bet those numbers, coming from a catcher, are worth a lot more than you think.

That's the main point - not that he's an amazing hitter and will set the world on fire with his bat. But that he's a good hitter and can catch (well, from what I've heard).

i like the braves package, but if the angels are really offering nick adenhart then idk how texas could turn dow him, kotchman, and maybe another player. they'd get an immediate cheaper replacement at first plus a stud young pitcher. throw in moseley and i think daniels would have a heart attack

i know everyone's high on adenhart, but the angels still have a formidable young staff r/n even without him and colon. b/w lackey, escobar, weaver, saunders, and santana (once he figures things out again) i think they could afford to lose adenhart. just a thought

If the Angels are really offering Adenhart, which I hope they are not, Texas would jump at this in a heartbeat.

Had Adenhart not been hurt his senior year, he'd have been taken above Homer Bailey, Mark Rogers and Phil Hughes.

does he have really wicked stuff or something? i know he has pretty good numbers at AA this year, but i don't know much else about him other than he's a highly touted prospect.

"As a Mets fan, I actually hope this deal goes down. Away from Texas, Teixera isn't the masher that everyone thinks he is. Yeah, he's still good, but far from a savior."

Gotta disagree. The protection of Andruw, Mccann and Frenchie behind him with Chipper and Edgar in front of him will help a lot more then moving ballparks will hurt, IMO. Maybe the homeruns will go down a little, but thats about all that will.

For a package with such a bounty, the Braves should at least receive C.J. Watson in return.

Teixeira is a very good player, but what happenned to Ian Snell? Wouldn't Ian Snell help the team more this year (Remember McCann and Andruw are primed for better second halfs lets hope)?

The package is led by Salty but in a couple of years Andrus could be the major chip in this trade. He has great potential and is only 18 years old. He is Scouts Inc. #18 prospect, above the likes of Billy Butler, Pie, and Longoria (http://braves.scout.com/)

A Snell trade would give the Braves a good looking young pitcher who they will have under contract past '08. I personally beleive a pitcher would be more effective for a best prospect.

"Teixera, among other factors, could close that gap and even have the Mets out of the playoffs if two of these teams get hot down the stretch: Milwaukee, Cubs, Dodgers, Padres"

Thats also ridiculous. Your assuming that 2 other teams, not including the braves will get hot, overtake the mets, while the mets continue to get little to any production from 1st base, second base, catcher, centerfield, and right field? The mets have a 4 game lead and they have been underachieving (putting it gently) the whole season. If Delgado ever weaks up this offense will be unstoppable. Alou ever comes back, icing.

little if any *

wakes up* lol sry a little bit blazed here.

How could any Mets fan want the Braves to acquire Teixeira?

IMO them getting Teixeira is better for us than them getting a SP

What is your opinion Tim? Would it be in the Braves interest to unload top tier prospects for Teixeira or try to acquire Ian Snell for maybe a dilapidated value since his "threat to kill someone" incidence?

While Salty, Elvis and Harrison have all received much hype and fan-fare, they are not can't miss prospects. In my humble opinion, I think Salty will be a great catcher, but I have my doubts about the other two. It's tough to get a true feel for Andrus because he's so young, but losing Harrison is no big blow considering that he's been outperformed by two other lefty prospects (Jo-Jo Reyes and Dan Smith) this season. Personally, I'd prefer to send Lilli over instead of Elvis, but I trust Schuerholz's judgement selecting the surplus player that should be dealt. You can argue all you want that we could have gotten more for guys like Andrus and Harrison, but you can't say that trading them hurts our short or long term health as a franchise.


What you are forgetting is that the Mets are probably primed for a big drop in pitching production though ~ and its really a mater of "will increased hitting overcome decreased pitching"...

Guess it depends on how much each are effected, but I would be worried...

As far as adding Tex to the Atl lineup… Not mentioned is the fact that this would be the Jones replacement bat for next year meaning the team would be about the same as it is now despite losing him. Don’t know if its worth the package, or if they should rather focus on pitching ~ but this deal would help keep the competitive for next year.

Looks like Tex is in the lineup for the Rangers at KC. Nothing doing for now...

I really don't think any of the pitchers some of you are suggesting are really out there. I think Snell, Garland, and Vasquez are all staying put. And anyone who thinks Contreras would be much of an upgrade is delusional.

If we can get a pitcher, than I think we will. But Texeira is the next best thing. And the Braves will have a decent shot at resigning Tex after 08. They Don't mind spending what Andruw's current contract is, the just can't afford what Andruw WILL get paid. Although the Boras effect is in play with Tex as well.

And If I'm the Braves, I need to at least get a left-handed reliever if I'm not getting a starter. They need to get one from Texas with Texeira, even if they need to add a lower level prospect.

we have to make this deal. Schuerholz and Cox see that Chipper needs more protection behind him than he is getting. Period. There are too many whiffers after him. Adding Tex would take the focus off of Andruw, because they wont be talking about him, or his plans next year. He can just go back to producing. We are within striking distance of the Wild Card and the division. Pitching wins in October, no doubt about it, but we need to score runs to get there. I dont want our season to hinge on the production of rookies. Salty MIGHT be a good 1st baseman. Tex is a good 1st baseman. Who would produce in a better lineup. Because if we get to the postseason, that is who they are going to pitch to. Prospects? We have good prospects just about every year. We have a shot this year to get there and make some noise as well. I make the deals because his presence in the lineup helps us every day not he starts, we have other prospects for that.

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