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Braves Still Interested In Teixeira?

We've seen the Braves connected in Mark Teixeira rumors before; in late June Kat O'Brien included the Braves in a sizeable list of interested teams.  Speculation for quite a while now has placed catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the discussion.

David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the Teixeira-to-Atlanta rumor was still making the rounds at the All-Star Game.  He seems to be speculating when he says Jon Daniels would require Salty and another young player, but that sounds about right.  Perhaps the Braves wouldn't be daunted by Teixeira's free agency after 2008.  They could definitely let him walk and collect some valuable draft picks.  That'd bypass a lot of the Boras factor, though they'll still have to arrive at a 2008 salary.

Braves' first basemen have amassed an ugly .211/.264/.374 line in 318 ABs, most of it coming from Scott Thorman and the since-departed Craig Wilson.  But if they went with Saltalamacchia exclusively from here on out, would he be significantly worse than Teixeira?

The Braves are fourth in the NL in OBP and sixth in slugging, with Andruw Jones perhaps primed for a much better second half.  The bigger need is in pitching, specifically the starting rotation.  Atlanta's 4.60 rotation ERA is just 10th in the NL, and they have to be at least slightly worried about John Smoltz.

The problem is that Teixeira is definitely on the market, while an ace starter may not be.  Javier Vazquez might be the best pitcher available.


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Terrible deal for Atlanta, I hope this is bunk.

Big Tex would pretty much see the braves winning the NL East specially if Jones boys get on track (health and just crappy first half).

a year and a half of Tex for Salty, and he replaces Andruw Jones.

Eh, baseball fan i disagree. While having tex in the lineup would make our offense better, our pitching still would be in the terrible state it is in. The braves offense, while streaky, is good enough right now for us to contend with the mets and phillies. The braves have got to address their pitching if they want to seriously make a run at the postseason. Roto is exactly right about smoltz, he is 40 and it just has to be expected for him to start having arm trouble. I think Javier Vazquez would be a great addition to the Atlanta staff, for the simple fact that he s a workhorse who is also pitching like he should, finally.
Also, putting offense even more on the backburner, is the fact that the braves also need to find another arm for the bullpen. Not only is the bullpen being overworked because of the lack of innings the starting pitching is producing, Bob wickman now is sporting a 4.80 ERA, definitely not a good sign heading into the second half.

While I do agree that tex is better than salty, I do not think that five full years of salty is worth trading away for a year and a half of tex. The braves need to address the bullpen and the staff far more than their offense.

Nah, let's trade for Dmitri Young and keep Salty.

Chipper you hit the nail on the head. "Big Tex" as quite a player but his bat is not what the bravos need right now. Young is hitting well and will come cheaper. Further, starters are our big need right now. Decent relief is actually available in the minors.

Chipper you hit the nail on the head. "Big Tex" is quite a player but his bat is not what the bravos need right now. Young is hitting well and will come cheaper. Further, starters are our big need right now. Decent relief is actually available in the minors.

look for the angels to be the team that gets teixeira they need a big bat to protect vlad and they have prospects to move.

O'Brien at the AJC points out that Boras will want Andruw-like money for Tex after '08, so why not keep Salty, make him your full time 1B and save the money?


I'll believe that when Bill Stoneman actually shows that he's willing to move one of his prospects.

Wow, if the Mets had Salty behind Mccann, and we had a chance to use Salty to get Tex I would be hoping and wishing omar pulled it off. Gold glove clibur swith hitting, power hitting, run producing first baseman entering his prime. He would actually be in a good lineup with protection for the first time in his career pretty much. I hope the braves dont pull this off. I would much rather face Salty with the game on the line then Tex. And your not going to get some ace pitcher that u can control for 5 years who will dominate and be paid crumbs for trading Salty. It just isnt going to happen. Tex is a good bounty for him, unless braves fans would rather see Thorman over there everyday, which is also fine by me.

Obviously Mets fans haven't seen Salty. He is cheaper, hit 30-40 hr's a year, switch hitter, will play 1B, and is cheaper. Mets won't get win the division this year. Because JS will probably swing a deal for a pitcher like Noah Lowry. In fact, I don't think they even get the Wildcard because the west is loaded with better teams like the Padres and the Dodgers

C'mon now, do you know how many catchers can hit 40 HR a year? Let's call it 25 and then see if he can really bust out. 25 would be very good in itself.

I said he would be a first baseman. He has tremendous power.


Dude Salty will at least hit 30 homers and .300 Batting Average. He is the BEST Prospect In ALL OF BASEBALL!!!

Without question after Felix Hernandez.

Salty has the power to hit 40 but most likely would become a 30-35 HR guy at first. He has hit about 9 balls so far this season that have come within a foot of going out and most of them to straight away center.

Thank you!


Dude if Salty played in the Philly park and hit in Philly he has AT LEAST 12 homers!!! AT LEAST 12 homers if he plays in Philly! Thats why I thought that it was a Damn joke that Howard won the MVP over Pujols. Pujols plays in a Pitchers park. Pujols should have won that MVP. If Andruw Jones played for Philly in 2005 he would probably hit 65 homers instead of 51. That Philly park is a damn joke. Salty is gonna be the next big thing in MLB!!!

Im starting to think that RotoAuthority does not think too highly of the Braves prospects. One day he said Escobar was a descent prospect and now he thinks Salty would be doing good if he hit 25 homers. Come on man I know you dont watch the Braves, BUT Escobar is gonna be Real good, AND Salty is gonna be the SECOND BEST 1B in the Majors in 2 years from now, only behind Albert Pujols. Of course that is if the Braves keep Salty!!!

braves#1 is right. Too much bias.

Well, I guess I have a right to chime in since everyone thinks that salty and I are connected at the hip. My take is that Rotoauthority is right, salty is not going to come out of the gate hitting 40 homeruns. He never has been projected to hit that many, and he has been compared to jason varitek, who had 25 homer power in his prime. I do believe that if salty is moved to first and eludes the grind catchers go through, he could become a 30-35 homer guy down the road. And I also think he could be a nice average hitter, hitting around .285 fora career. But right off the bat, in his full first season, expect .280-25-90 type production.

My main point in regards to the Texiera is that we have five more years of salty, and more than likely would only have 1 and a half years of tex. Tex does good, he demands 18-20 mill a year, which the braves will not come close to meeting. I completely agree with nrmax that there is a very slim chance we find a pitcher whom we can control for the next four years and who will turn into an ace, for example Ian Snell, but I do think the smart choice would be to keep salty and have his 25-30 homer and 100 rbi potential in our lineup at a possibly one-tenth the price it would cost to keep tex in the lineup beyond a year and a half from now. The braves payroll has decreased about 20 million dollars over the past three years, and even though we will be freeing up some money, all of the current big, immovable contracts that are clogging are roster will make the braves even more resistiant to sign a player long term for so much money.

The best strategy for the braves is to get young proven pitching, such as Noah Lowry using the middle infield depth in the minors, and possibly thorman if he still has trade value. The next step would be to lock up young players such as francouer and chuck james, and further down the road salty. Another idea would be to feel roster spots with cheap but productive signings, such getting eric byrnes to play center in 2008 and 2009. It just makes no sense for the braves to trade away pieces who will be a vital part of the offense over the next 5-10 years for a 1 and half year rental, even though that rental is a great offensive producer. The braves already have a good enough offense to contend for the playoffs, now they need to make moves to shore up a starting staff and bullpen that are overworked and are continuing to produce worse results as the season goes along.

I agree, Tim is a little unrealistic when it comes to the Braves but Yunel Escobar isn't going to be a great player. He may be a .300/10 HR type player with a very good glove so he'll be good but not incredible.

Chipper is in his mid 30s and seems to get hurt every year.I think the Braves should move Chipper to 1st to avoid injuries, and go out and get a 3rd baseman like Ryan Zimmerman (the nats are a bad team who are trying to unload anyway) for Prado, Escobar, and Davies and put Ledezma into the rotation. After all, the reason why they got Ledezma is because of his ability to start.

and for the pitching, they need to go out and get Javier Vasquez who is finally pitching to his expectations.......

Hey here's a crazy thought...... What about trading McCann and his huge contract for Tex and put Salty behind the plate? Makes a little sense huh? I've seen Salty play a short time and already I think he is a whole lot better than McCann. The Rangers need a good catcher and Tex is young as well. Tex as you know, has 35-45 homer power and so will Salty a few years down the road... Wouldn't that be a powerhouse lineup?

Prado, Escobar, and Davies wouldn't get close to Zimmerman. Seriously that is a utility infielder, a decent shortstop, and a fourth starter at best with control issues for a good, young, cheap third baseman.


If i was you, I would just not post anymore. The Nats are looking to unload good verterans who will gain the Nats some decent prospects so they could build for the future. Zimmerman is 22 years old, he is the cornerstone of their franchise, there is no way he gets traded.

The other thing about your post deals with mccann. The Braves did not give him the deal six months ago so they could trade him at the deadline, they gave it to him so they chan have him a a good price over the next six years. Salty is no way better than mccann, because salty has had 100 at bats compared to mccanns year last year, probably the best year a catcher of his age has ever had. Please understand that you make absolutely no sense before you attempt to post again.

This is an interesting idea. Especially for Texas seeing as Salty has potential to be a 40 home run guy...in a park like Texas? That could be frightening. But still, I doubt Schuerholtz, a man who always brings players up through the farm before trading them, would trade the Braves most talented offensive prospect.

Thorman maybe struggling one but in Texas, why couldn't he be a 25-30 home run guy? He's gonna get near 25 at this pace in Atlanta. I'd say shoot him, Escobar, and a young pitcher or 2(maybe Lerew, Boyer, Dan Smith?) for Texeria. It would be complicated, but it would certainly improve our offense.

Tex can play outfield and third as he did in 2003 and 2004, so why not put him in left field? Allow Salty to move in at 1st and you're looking at one of the best offenses in baseball.


There hasn't been an offense that strong in Atlanta since the days of Sheffield and Furcal.

well, the main thing about this whole idea is that jon daniels has made some pretty bad trades in the past, so he is going to want quality much more over quanity, and for the that reason, it seems pretty unlikely the Braves would be the best place to find that if salty is not going in this trade, The dodgers and angels have much more depth in terms of quality in their minors systems, so I think that makes them the frontrunner

and hey roto, roy oswalt has said hell waive his no trade clause if it would help the stros, maybe that will start a whole new wind of speculation

The Dodgers are likely more intrested in texeira then the braves they keep Nomar at third and move Loney to the outfield trading either Kemp or Andre to the Rangers for tex,or are they to valuble?

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