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Buehrle Extension Lives

UPDATE: Kenny Williams spoke to the press tonight; the White Sox have offered Buehrle no-trade protection except for an 18-month span.  It seems likely that the two sides reach an agreement.

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times believes tonight could be Mark Buehrle's last start as a member of the White Sox.  His teammates have been collecting memorabilia, and extra support is expected tonight at U.S. Cellular.  Hard to believe that this thing died over a no-trade clause.  Perhaps Buehrle wanted a full and the Sox would only give a partial.  But how can they justify passing on a well below-market commitment of 4/54?  The Sox are definitely built to win in 2008.  Everyone Buster Olney talked to is stunned as well.

Dylan Hernandez and Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times reported this morning on discussions between the Dodgers and White Sox about Buehrle.  The Sox want outfielder Matt Kemp in a trade.  They may even be asking for more, perhaps Chad Billingsley or Jonathan Broxton.  We know that Kenny Williams' starting point was each team's two best prospects.  If the clubs ultimately settle on Kemp for Buehrle straight up - something the Dodgers hope to avoid - Williams will have done well.  He needs an outfielder he can build around.  The L.A. Daily News, however, says no deal is close and the Dodgers haven't even talked to the White Sox since before extension negotiations died.

Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune believes the Mets, Braves, Red Sox, Brewers, and Dodgers will all now increase their interest in Buehrle.  And Lance Berkman of the Astros is now campaigning for him too.  Cowley mentions in his article that the Mets' interest is now heating up.  And if you're wondering what the Mariners might be able to offer, check out Dave Cameron's take.

One long shot possibility: this is all just a noise by the White Sox and they'll make an extension announcement before Buehrle takes the mound.  That's the scenario Sox fans are hoping for at this point.


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Kenny Williams will face scathing criticism if this deal fails over a no-trade clause. The White Sox must balance a fickle fanbase, and this type of stubbornness will create some very negative noise.

As a Sox fan I definitely disagree that the Sox are built to win in '08. Aside from starting pitching which looks solid the next few years there is much else there. The team is old and slow and lacks a bullpen outside of Bobby Jenks.

As much as I want to keep Buehrle around I think when Kenny stated that signing Buehrle will not help this team win a championship he was right. We need better players in the outfield and infield and we have a lot of holes to fill in the near future, so to be competetive next season and beyond this is a move that I regretfully say, needs to be made.


Thome: $14MM (Sox paying about half)
Konerko: $12MM
Vazquez: $11.5MM
Garland: $12MM
Contreras: $10MM
Pierzynski: $5.5MM
Crede: $5MM+ if not released
Podsednik: $3MM+
MacDougal: $2MM

That is $68MM on the books if Buehrle is dealt and Contreras/Vazquez are not. That team cannot rebuild for '08 unless a complete fire sale is conducted.

Hopefully Lance is ignored by the Houston front office. The team has far too many holes; adding a decent Lefty to the rotation isn't going to fix them all.

The 'Stros need a huge rebuilding project, one that I do not have confidence in Tim Purpura to be the architect of.

Instead of looking at taking on contract situations like Buehrle's, H-Town needs to be looking at getting younger and cheaper, and shooting to contend in 2009-2010. At that point, the team should at least have a few decent prospects come through:

C-J.R. Towles/Max Sapp
1B-Lance Berkman
LF-Carlos Lee
CF-Hunter Pence

SP-Roy Oswalt
SP-Troy Patton
SP-Chris Sampson

That leaves some significant holes at 2B, SS, 3B, and RF on offense, and a few rotation spots. I'd imagine that at least one of Albers/Bathmaier/Gutierrez would be able to step up and fill a rotation spot.

If the team focuses on getting prospects at 2B, SS, 3B, and RF, they should be in decent shape to compete in 3 years. Adding an impending free agent, expensive starter won't get them where they need to go.

Please Tim, Drayton: Ignore Lance.

-An Astros Fan

The Sox are built to win in 2008 ? I'm a Sox fan and I don't know what you're talking about.

Kenny Williams will never conduct a complete fire sale or total rebuilding phase.

Right now, the Sox need a 2B, SS and 3 OFers - oh and a bullpen.

Considering, they have no position players of value in the minors (Sweeney's ok), they draft like crap, will surely avoid any elite prospect with high demands, they won't spend a lot in free agency or re-sign their most important player for a below market contract - 2008 and the future look very bleak.

Oh well, atleast we'll always have the 2005 World Championship to remember.

People are misunderstanding the term "built to win in 2008." There is no argument that the Sox are good, or will win, or are planning to win. The point is merely that the White Sox payroll is structured in such a way that it retains a lot of contracts through 2008, at which point massive rebuilding will again have to begin.

right now Kemp is the only Dodgers OF'er with power. And even though Little is rotating the guys around to keep them all playing 3-4 games/week, the fact Kemp does have pop would seem to make him not a tradable guy.

I am not saying untouchable but rather untradeable from the Dodgers persepctive. Unless that is, Colletti has another deal in the works to either spin Buerhle & Ethier to another team, Texas, cough, cough then spin Texeria/Gagne to the Yankees for Arod.

Even so, it would leave the Dodgers with pretty much no outfirelders beyond the Rascal Scooter Boy (Gonzo) in LF and the Au'pair (Pierre) in CF. And ZERO power/experience in RF (as in WHO would even play there.

The Dodgers right now need a SP and a power guy at 3rd (sorry Nomar cannot get it together this year). But the SP needs might not be completely desperate since Billz had a super start against SD on Sunday. Still looking to next season, another SP will certainly be needed by then. Plus to get anywhere this season they really need a proven SP and move Billz to be the #5 SP...Schmidt is not going to be back then or maybe ever...

So, really, unless the Dodgers can get Buerhle in a deal that involves Ethier and only move Kemp/Nomar/??? to get a top end power guy I doubt it happens. The DePUDesta days are done. No more trading for the dregs of the Marlins & DRay's...though Colletti seems to have a fetish for Tampa Bay Dodger-ray's guys. But hopefully he is over that obsession.

Actually, until his injury, I was thinking they would go after D.Wilis in Fla...the Marlins might be more willing to take young guys in return.

"I cannot build a championship team if I do. The short-term and long-term ramifications are just too great."

This is just the dumbest quote I've ever heard from a GM. Buehrle pitches half the season and is still giving this big of a discount for his services and KW denies it over a no-trade clause. I can see this hindering a deal if the contract was for 7-8 years but only 4 years? How does not being able to trade a guy for the next 4 seasons stop you from building a championship team?????

This article is about as interesting as the article about Arod's wife wearing the F-bomb shirt!!!

Teetz, he will be a 10/5 guy after 2009 so its really only 2 years of a no trade clause. Even more amazingly stupid when you factor that in huh...

But, it looks like KW did want to do the whole sign & trade thing ~ if not today then in the offseason I guess. It would have actually been fun to watch if Mark took millions less to stay in Chi and Williams inturn took the cheap contract & swung it for a better return 6 months from now. It probably would have stoped almost all FAs from wanting to sign with him and inturn kept the team in continual rebuild until he was gone.

But anyway, not sure how everyone is acting like the Dodgers are the best fit, offense is their biggest need. I guess I can see the team thinking something like "we play in a pitchers park and could have HF-Adv in the first round if we won the Div. A couple top starters might get us buy" but they would probably be playing Mil in the playoffs if that did happen and I would think they need all the Off. they can get against those guys.

Yeah, I just see him headed to Atl or NYM, and the Bums instead shooting for Glaus and another OF with some pop...

My prediction:

Beuhrle signs the extension with the NTC.

Contreras is traded to the Mets for a young OF and lower level SP prospect.

Vazquez is traded to the Braves for Lillibridge and Davies.

WS still have a solid, yet younger, rotation of Beuhrle, Garland, Danks, Davies, and Floyd. They also fill SS and on OF spot.

I would like to see this deal happen: Ethier, Kuo, and Tomko or Hendrickson for Buehrle.

I just don't think KW has no interest in signing Buehrle and thinks he's better off getting a young position player in return. Either, that or he is purposely trying to annoy me with his arrogant stubborn ass.

This site should be renamed to mabtraderumors.com for Mark Anthony Buehrle Trade Rumors.

Man I wish something would happen, just for the sake to read something different on this site.

Striker, you aint a kidding...

Though no fault of Rotos of course, this site is kinda "all Chi baseball, all the time" with the Jones stuff, Cubs fans and rumors around the PaleHose pitchers... He has been doing a great job of giving us other tidbits, but with so little happening it's still overwhelming...

Come on already Balt, let's get the firesale going... :D

Beauhoopman clarified for me perfectly - the Sox aren't actually built to succeed in 2008 but they have too many large contracts to not try to win.

As for the overflow of Chicago rumors...I really think that's where the action happens to be right now. I can't make stuff up. Trust me no one is more tired of the Buehrle situation than I am and I live in Chicago.

But towards the end of last week I did purposely write a lot of non-Buehrle stuff so you can't say I didn't try.

Nah, like I said Roto, you did a great job there! Not you're fault that is all that's happening...

On the plus side I really expect the Astros to get things rolling soon and Adam Dunn really should be dealt. So we can focus on that stuff. Those are smaller markets though so coverage can be light.

I was just having fun with the situation roto. I will always love you! :)

You know what would be a sweet little add on for your site? Have a little matrix showing stats of players included in the rumors. You know how in fantasy league if there is a proposed trade you can compare their stats? That would add a little fun to the situation.

roto when you say you expect the Astros to get going do you think they would trade minor guys like Loretta or Jennings? Or someone like Roy Oswalt?


"I would like to see this deal happen: Ethier, Kuo, and Tomko or Hendrickson for Buehrle."

Every time has less than stellar trade prospects the fans are always trying to move - if you had included Delwyn Young you would've included every single one of them for the Dodgers pretty much.

Hey striker...I think the rumor matrix is an awesome idea. I have tossed it around in the past but for free agent signing rumors. The best would be something that the readers could help maintain, but I have no web design savvy.

Im a little confused on the wording of the no trade clause offered by Williams. I thought it said he was offered a no trade clause for the first 18 months, but than i read it said 'except for a 18 month span'. Does that mean except for the last year and a half on the contract, or would it be a no trade clause for everything but the first 18 months. I would imagine the first.

Why the hell is Berkman campaigning for Mark Buerhle? I have no problems with Buerhle and would love for us to go after him in the offseason, but please for the love of God, do not waste prospects on another rental. We arent winning the World Series this year, let alone making the playoffs, so whats the point in trading for him?? We need bullpen help bad, not starting pitching.

19 months sounds like a no in season/ spring training trade clause. never really heard of that

true that Brian. i think the guy who actually interviewed berkman (i forget his name) mentioned in the chronicle that the quote was taken out of context. i'm not sure what he could have meant to say, but berkman's statement may have been misinterpreted


there's the link i used. it's at the top of the page. correct me if i'm wrong but i believe he was misinterpreted

Ok, why doesn't this team just keep their mouth shut! "Were going to trade him, were going to sign him, we can't sign him so were going to trade him, we are going to sign him..."

What, can't they handle being a bad team, and have instead resorted to saying anything to the press in order to get some publisity? An entire team with the childlike mentality of screaming "look at me" when they start to feel they are being forgotten, no wonder they love Ozzie so much! Its like Days of our Lives or something with this bunch...

No way they trade Ethier, Kuo, and Hendrickson for a Buehrle rental. That's a terrible trade for the dodgers. I'd rather see them stand pat. If they do get an extension for Buehrle?

Schmidt 17m
Lowe 9m
Penny 8m
Buehrle 15m
Wolf 8m
Billingsley minimum

That's ridiculous. Assuming Wolf is gone after the season, that's still 50 million for four pitchers. This isn't the yankees. The only way it's worth it is if they'll take something like Dewitt and Stults. Forget it. The WS are asking for way too much. Maybe Ethier straight up for Buehrle would be ok, but the Chisox wouldn't do it.

They want Kemp for Buehrle? Throw in 60 million for the contract difference.

60 mil for contract difference? does that mean Kemp is paying the dodgers 55 million to allow him to play there? That's a heck of a player, I'd want him on my team too.

Buehrle is only signed through the rest of this year, so the Dodgers would only be on the hook for the rest of this season. If they sign him, the numbers agreed on by the Dodgers and Buehrle would be what the Dodgers see him being worth. At that point, the Sox would have nothing to do with it.

Right, I'm just saying they shouldn't make the trade at all. 60 million is for the difference in the contracts were the dodgers to extend Beuhrle. It was dramatic irony. It would be a fair trade if Kemp was out of arbitration years, but he isn't even eligible yet.

I have development experience. Let me know if you want me to throw something together.

Not sure how flexible your hosting provider is though.

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