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Contract Extension For Dmitri Young?

Dmitri Young learned of teammate Ron Belliard's two-year contract extension, and now is talking about staying in Washington himself.  He's cautious to add that there's a ceiling on what kind of discount he will provide.

What would Young want?  It would have to be two years, already a questionable idea for Washington.  I'm guessing maybe he'd want $8-10MM?  Just doesn't make sense for the Nats, no matter how good Young thinks he is in the clubhouse.  He's not a reliable player; he's a DH nobody wanted who happens to be on a hot streak. 

Even if it's just a B-level prospect, it's hard to see why Jim Bowden would not trade Young in the next week.


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Oops! You posted this twice. :)

Oh man, a hot streak! wow I didn't know those lasted a 1/2 season in length. So what is 9it called if he plays well all season.

Come on you have to give Young some more credit than you are giving him. He was a pretty darn good player in Cincy when he was with them. zo know that was a few years back but still you have to consider the fact that maybe while he was in Detroit something else was wrong like his personal problems with the law prevented him from focusing on baseball. That is over now and he is producing pretty darn well again.

Yeah Tim, nice to see I'm not the only one suffering from problems with double posts... :)

But I did want to ask about that though, everytime I post from my phone the last week or two I get a double post. You happen to know what has changed where it would start doing that?

I have also been experencing problems where TypeKey will log me out after I post even though it says I am logged in still. I then have to hit the "logout" and log back in just to post a second time... Not a huge deal, but figured I should bring it up incase anyone else has experenced something like it.

I'm getting the same deal as above....

2001 was a long time ago Jay. And he was only a touch above league average for his position, at his peak. Sure, I'm jaded because he's a scumbag. But regardless I wouldn't be locking him up at $5 mil per, if that's what he wants.

Darkstar, I deleted both double posts. TypePad has had major problems today so that could be a contributor.

As for the issues...best way to get someone looking at it would be to contact TypeKey. I am pretty far removed from the technical side of things.


If he plays well all season it's called a "career year."

What's his BABIP this year? LD%?

Oh give me a break on Young. If that's the case you guys probably buy into Willie Harris too.

Young's got value NOW, and he doesn't fit into the team's long term plans. Trade him Jim!

Does this surprise anyone? Bowden ran cincy into the ground, they still haven’t recovered! Truthfully they need to package Young and Felipe Lopez (Given that Christian Guzman has no value) and ship them off for a pitching prospect, really any prospect. Then they can move Ryan Church to florida for Olsen, and if Bowden is fixated on having a power hitter that would swing at a football he could probably flip Jon Rauch and/or some odds and ends for Willy Mo Pena. But no! It looks like he is going to sign Young to a longer deal (I don't know why when they get the same production out of Nick Johnson?!).

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