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Dunn To Brewers Rumor Quashed

Radio rumors are among the most dubious, because I can't confirm unless I heard the report myself or a trusted person communicated it to me.  So when I heard of a few thirdhand reports of an Adam Dunn to Milwaukee radio rumor, I remained skeptical.

I still haven't talked to anyone to learn which specific person at SportsRadio 1250 initiated this rumor, but it doesn't seem completely fabricated given that ESPN picked it up.  The scenario:

The Reds would trade Adam Dunn to the Brewers for Tony Gwynn Jr., Matt Wise, and an unknown infield prospect.  Wise is solid, and Wayne Krivsky likes relievers.  But the bounty still seems too small for the best available slugger.  The other red flag is that Wise and Gwynn continued to play in today's game after the rumor surfaced.

Fortunately, Jerry Crasnick spoke to Doug Melvin and confirmed that there's nothing to this trade rumor.


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If that trade somehow turns out to be true, I would have to say the Brewers might be the team to beat in the NL. Which is tough to say being a Mets fan. The Brew Crew are probably still really under-rated despite thier success this year. I don't think too many fans know how good guys like Braun/Gallardo/Hart have played. You could even make a case for Prince Fielder for MVP. I actually picked the Brewers to win the central before the season. I wish I had put some money on it.

Tim, what do you think would be a reasonable package for Adam Dunn? And from what team??

I have no gauge where he might end up (if anywhere) and what we could get for him.

Obviously I'm not Tim, but I think Gwinn Jr. and Matt Wise would surely be a good start for a trade. Those two already would surely at least come close to completing a deal. IMO if they added in one more player, maybe an arm, it'd be hard to pass up. Especially for a guy like Dunn that has warts and isn't exactly a complete hitter.

If that deal was to go thru I would want the Reds GM fired immediately after accepting it. That would be a horrible deal.

The Reds hold a option on Dunn for next season and if thats the best that he can bring back then it needs to be exercised.

Gwynn seems to me to be a boarderline starter/4th OF, Wise is a fine reliever but nothing really special either, and unless that prospect is the true key to the deal (Gallardo) I want nothing to do with it.

There is also the no small matter of where Dunn would play with the Brewers and the fact that the Reds really wouldn't deal someone like Dunn to a in division rival even if it were only for the remainder of the season.

I could see him going to the Cubs if they're willing to take the risk of putting Soriano in right. I don't think the Cubs should do it though, just stomach using a different lineup every day. I see the Dodgers as a possibility if Kemp or Ethier were included. Maybe the Yankees would get in on him for first base. Angels could use him, but wouldn't have anywhere to play him unless Willits was involved, which he won't be. Tigers could put him in left, surely, if they're willing to bench Casey and/or Monroe. Brewers? Too many outfielders, not a good fit there. Twins are a good fit at LF/DH, but they don't want the salary and would have to give up some arms, and may not want to lose two impact free agents. Mets could nab him if they open a spot. Padres could center a deal around Headley, but I don't see why they would. The best fit I see are the *drumroll* D-Backs, centering a deal around Carlos Gonzalez or Quentin and Dustin Nippert. They need a bat desperately.

I dont think this deal will go through. It wouldnt be a smart move for the Brewers. Dunn has tons of power but also strikes out way too much (327ab/113so). Gwynn is a very consistent hitter and has great speed to along with his ability to always come through in clutch situations. He's a great defender and reminds me a little of a good version of Juan Pierre. As a regular he will consistently hit around .300 and could probably steal 30-40 bases. Little to no power but perfect as a leadoff hitter since he is a tough strike out. Besides...the Brewers already have streaky left handed hitters in Jenkins and Gross. Another reason is the Brewers are overloaded with outfielders and in need of relief pitching. Wouldnt make much sense to let a reliable reliever (Wise 3-1 2.79era) go....not at all a Doug Melvin style move.

Well; I’m mixed on this rumor if there is anything to it…

On one hand I really think Dunn’s bat could be huge for Mil. I mean we are talking about a .360 OBP / .547 SLG guy here… But the team isn’t hurting in the HR department (2nd in NL to Cin ~ 40 over LgAvg) and isn’t hurting to score runs (4.8 P/G, 3rd in NL ~ .3 over LgAvg). They could probably use the OBP (currently LgAvg there, 9/16 overall) but is it of dire need? The Ks hurt, but the team isn’t horrible in that department now so its not a huge deal.

Then we have to think about who he would replace? Bill Hall is a lock in Center if he’s healthy and we know he won’t be supplanting Fielder at 1st… So is it Hart or Jenkins who gets the boot? Stat wise you would have to stick with Hart in my mind, but then you have an 8M dollar 4th OFer. To further add to the problems, Kevin Mench has been a great bat off the bench for the team as the current 4th OFer…

As far as the guys rumored to be sent packing? Matt Wise, Gwynn Jr. and another prospect seems like a great deal for the Brewers. Gwynn isn’t exactly special like his father was and Wise wouldn’t be missed too much in a rather impressive and deep bullpen ~ .79 S% (3rd) 3.48 ERA (2nd) 1.21 WHIP (2nd).228/.297/.355 line against (2nd to SD)

What I think should happen; Mil does this trade (if possible or course) then instantly flips Jenkins to another team looking for a power 1B/OF type... A big LH .255/.318/.477 bat at a neutral park in the NL would look mighty fine in the AL, and since teams like ANA, NY and CLE have been looking for something similar we should be able to find a match. Turning Geoff over for a young arm would be nice, and each of the teams has a couple in the minors they could probably spare as well as a bit more.

Ahh, but it was probably just an empty rumor anyway…

My comment tonight is short. Maybe a 3 team trade could be in the works with Cincinnati, Milwaukee and ???????. Then perhaps this type of deal would seem more logical.

Jenkins is kind of a lame duck. They could probably keep him for the bench if something like this happens. On the other hand he probably will have some value in what looks to be a weak trade deadline year. Tough to say. But a team like Minnesota, maybe even Atlanta might give you an ok prospect for him. Maybe the Brewers don't even have to eat any money being he would just be a rental.

Oh yeah, forgot about Minn looking for someone like him too... Between all those teams you would imagine they could get some good interest going.

I know he would be rather perfect for Cleveland if we were willing to DFA Nixon (which we should have done weeks ago) ~ and even if we dont there have been rumors of Lofton, Griffey, Dunn and a couple more to replace DavidD who is gone for the rest of the meaningful season... We would probably be willing to part with Francisco or Gutierrez (but he's out of options) and a plus-side BP pitching prospect ~ would replace Gwynn with someone just as good if not better and just be a kid instead of Wise if the rumored deal went down. Could work out pretty good for the Brewers…

Will somebody PLEASE tell me how Tony Gwynn Jr. is all of a sudden a top prospect??? He was a below average minor leaguer and an well below average major leaguer. This guy is a Joey Gathright clone.

Except the fact that Gwynn JR. has never jumped over a car. Gathright has.


Oh jesus, I didn't know that. Sean Marshall for Gathright, get on it Jim.

Can somebody verify if Gwynn Jr. talks like an 1920's southern white guy like his dad?

As a Cubs fan I am very glad that this never happened. That's all we need is a guy that crushes balls 699 feet and destroys scoreboards in doing so on a team we are trying to catch in the standings.

If I am at a game in the bleachers and Adam Dunn hits a ball my way im heading for the hills. The rest of you fuckers go ahead and enjoy your free baseball while you spend the rest of your life with a colostomy bag attached to you....and that's if he goes opposite field.

If anyone could hit a batted ball to the scoreboard in Wrigley during a game it will be Adam Dunn, and I doubt as old as it is that it will stand up as well as the one in Shea did.

I wouldn't trade Marshall for Gathright. He might be able to jump over a car, but his offense makes Juan Pierre look like Ryan Howard.

You're dumb if you wouldn't trade Sean Marshall for Joey Gathright. Gathright is a car-jumping stud who's got a bat like Tony Gwynn Jr.

Only guy i want from the brewers is Ben sheets and his 55 injuries. Not a single person they have interest me.

Id rather have another partial year rental of Kenny Lofton than Gathright...in a trade that involves Eric Gagne.

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