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Isringhausen Would Veto Any Trade

Several teams have expressed interest in soon-to-be 35 year-old Cardinals closer Jason Isringhausen.  However, as a 10-and-5 player, Izzy has earned the right to veto any trade.  He's prepared to exercise that right.

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Isringhausen told the Cardinals he would not waive his no-trade clause and wants to finish his career in St. Louis.  He said as much publicly, too.  300 career saves might be a goal; he's at 269 now.

Isringhausen's career was nearly left for dead in September of '06, when he elected to have surgery for his degenerative hip condition.  He's silenced that talk with a 1.45 ERA and 20 saves so far this year.  It would be absurd if the Cardinals didn't exercise his $8MM option for '08.  I could even see them renegotiating and extending as they did with Jim Edmonds (if they haven't learned their lesson).


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Isringhausen has done well this year. His saves number would be much higher if the Cards would have better starting pitching... i.e. More wins. Izzy has not had the opportunity to close as many games as in the past.

I'd like to see him close his career in St. Louis. Chris Perez is the closer of the future and is moving fast through the ranks.

Before Saturday I would have said what a selfish prick for not doing what's best for the team. But now being on 6 back and after looking at the next week's schedule. I am glad they won't trade him. Maybe it's time for the Cards to try and land a #3-4 type starter that can help give them some innings but won't take a huge prospect to acquire. Because if the Mets and Phils can play good this week, and the Cards handle their business against the Pirates and Nats, this becomes a 3 team race real quick.

It is not selfish at all to want to stay. Since when do teams act in players' best interest? Come on.

TNS, that's idiotic.

First, he JUST GOT A RING last year. It's not like he's urgently trying to get a championship before he retires.

Second, Izzy grew up in Brighton, Illinois, which is in Jersey County, about 45 minutes due north of St. Louis. Why would he want to leave his hometown team that he's played for for 5+ years and earned the right to veto?

Third, why would he veto his option? Yeah, he could probably garner a few million more for next season or even two years, but why? He could just as easily renegotiate with the Cards, who are aware that he's a very popular player in Cardinal Nation and probably would pay market price for him, as they did for Carpenter earlier this season.

If vetoing the trade hurts anybody, it's other teams who're trying to trade for him - but it won't hurt Jason or the Cardinal organization (yet).

Please don't tell me that anyone believes the Cards will contend for this division with the worst starting rotation in the majors....


Weirder things have happened. They are only 6 out right now and could easily end the week ALOT closer than that. Brewers and Cubs spend the week playing the Mets and Phils. While the Cards have the Pirates and Nats. I could see them only being 2 back by the end of the week. at that point they'd be in contention. I'm not saying it's likely but both the Mets and Phils can influence this race quite a bit over the next week

I know what you are saying...and normally I would agree. However, you have literally the worst rotation in baseball!!! Unless you can start every game with your bullpen than kiss it goodbye. You think that by the end of the week the cards could be 2 back??

That means that the Cubs and Brewers would have to lose more than they win and the cards would have to sweep both series. You can see that happening?

I'm not being an idiot here...I jus think iys not going to happen with that terrible of a rotation. I believe that has to be the backbone of any good team, which would make the cardinals...well, spineless I guess.

Well aduncaroo,

I do think that the Mets and Phils are both much better teams than the Brewers and Cubs. So them losing more than they win? Yes I think it's a real possiblity.

as far as the Cards basically winning out for the week, not as likely, but Wainwright is heating up finally. Hopefully the start vs. the Brewers can finally get Reyes untracked to the point where he's at least going to give the Cards a chance to be in the game. Looper has been ok enough to keep us in the game. The keys involve s removing Maroth and Wells from the rotation. Mulder is going to be starting his rehab anytime now and could be back within a few weeks. Then they need to find a trade for a middle of the road 3rd-4th type starter. Maybe using Juan encarnacion, since that would be addition by substraction. Plus Tyler Johnson will be back soon as well, allowing the bullpen to become even stronger. and then you have to consider the offense is clicking now that Albert is getting hot finally.

Is there's much of a chance that they win the Central? probably not, but all hope is not lost either. God it sucks so bad that Carp had to have TJ surgery. Otherwise it would be alot easier to have more hope.

"Maybe using Juan encarnacion, since that would be addition by substraction"

Dude...he is one of the hottest hitters in baseball since the break...maybe the hottest. Thats subtraction by subtraction....

I agree, with Carp you are probably already contending.

The fact is that



Offense is better, I agree. But Juan won't keep this up...Edmonds is done, and Rolen had been hot lately, but sucks as a whole. (offensively) I just don't think they have it in them this year...

While Juan encarnacion is hot right now, It is still definitely addition by subtraction. How many Cards games do you see? He doesn't hustle, and has way too many defensive lapses in the OF. Plus after 30 Hrs in Memphis, it's time for Ankiel to get a shot to play.

One of those automatic loss SPs will be gone soon enough anyways. Mulder will replace one of them soon enough. Plus Wellemeyer is close to returning, while talent wise he's not a huge advantage, but for some reason the Cards win when he pitches. I'd like to see what kind of SP they could get for a package of encarnacion, Flores and maybe some midlevel prospect if need be. Then Ankiel and Cate step in to replace Encarnacion and Flores.I just don't know who would want encarnacion? But then again it doesn't really matter, any solid 3rd or 4th starter would be good enough for me as long as he could give us a chance to win when he pitches.

as I'm typing this I'm about half a mile from Bucsh....I watch a lot of cards games. I was at all three cards cubs games last week. Watched every game this weekend...don't think I don't see the games.

Without Juan Enc. you are probably 9 to 10 games back right now....that is how good he has been lately. Be careful what you wish for.

Ankiel deserves a shot, I agree...but you don't think he is going to struggle the first time he experiences ML pitching? Believe me, he will.

I'm a Cubs fan...I know Wellemeyer very well. He sucks. He has the straightest fastball ever created. They might have been lucky so far....but look at the numbers...they will lose.

Lets look at Juan in the last month...


You want to give up a guy that has done THAT in the last month???

To get a SP? Hell Yes! I will take the difference between Encarnacion and Ankiel in a heartbeat. Slide Ankiel into the 2 slot in front of Albert and his introduction to the bigs will be much smoother since he will see mostly fastballs. He could be this year's Dunc. Because it's obvious that it helped smooth the transition for Chris last year.

I was just on espn looking at Pujols stats lately and saw this....I have to post it!

Pronounced: POO-holes

HA! I may be immature...but thats just freakin hilarious!

"lide Ankiel into the 2 slot in front of Albert and his introduction to the bigs will be much smoother since he will see mostly fastballs."

Easy there, because you would be screwed if that didn't work out....you have to hit him lower in the order where a slump barely hurts you. Duncan did well though...so maybe you are right, who knows? Its a big risk though...

And I think you need to trade for a SP...don't get me wrong...but I don't think you can trade a guy with those kind of numbers...but it could work by selling high...who knows. I just don't see Rick putting up numbers even half that good.

and you need 3 pitchers...looper and his 5+ era are starting to equal automatic loss as well.

Another key behind trading encarnacion now is he has no place on the team next year anyway...

SO it's smartest to trade him while he's hot.Value will obviously be higher.

Next years outfield will consist of Ankiel, Edmonds, and Duncan
With Taguchi and Schumaker on the bench.
And Joe Mather is probably ready to help the Cardinals and will be much more valuable than Encarnacion would be off the bench since Mather has played 1b and 3b a little in the past besides both corner OF slots.

Maybe, but that outfield is weak considering Edmonds sucks, Tuguchi sucks, Schumaker may be alright, and NO ONE knows what Ankiel will bring. He might be good...he might choke on the ML level....neither you or I can say. They are probably losing Eckstein, Carp is out at least half of next year...no one knows if Mulder will be any good when he comes back....I can go on and on. Be careful what you wish for. Rasmus will help alot in 09...but the outfield is below average until then.

and Rolen is only getting worse...

Doesn't he have like 5 home runs this year? He is only declining year by year...

But we were talking about this year and I just don't think they get anywhere north of 4 games back...

do you know who is ranked to have the easiest schedule from here on out? The Cubs #1 easiest and #2 the Brewers....so good luck catching those two teams with that starting pitching.

the cubs play 1 team with a winning record in the ENTIRE month of September...

That's why it has to happen this week. The Cards have to get within 2-3 games right now

Plus I wouldn't exactly consider the Cubs pitching to be uncatchable. Marquis and Lily could easily collapse like normal.Which will destroy the Cubs chances. and The Brewers aren't exactly a playoff hardened team, who knows how they will perform in a pennant race. They aren't currently running away with it like they were early in the season. Cordero is complete crap on the road, Sheets is hurt. Can Gallardo continue to be a replacement for Sheets? or will he struggle like Sunday more often?

It's hard to count anyone out in the central since none of the teams are that good. None of these 3 teams would even be sniffing the playoffs in any other division than the NL central.

Actually, thats not true. The Cubs and Brewers would be within a game or less of the NL West lead....and only like 3 or so from the NL East...that seems like sniffing to me...doesn't it?

The Cubs pitching has been the best in the NL...even if Marquis collapses, Lilly doesn't have a history of collapsing, so I don't know where that is coming from.

A guy that pitches with a 4 or 4.5 era in the AL East is going to be around 3.5 in the NL Central...and thats exactly what he is doing. There is no reason he should "collapse".

I don't really know or care about the Brewers, but I know that they have good SP and MUCH better all around team than STL. So do the Cubs. Believe me, without two or three starters...STL is going nowhere. Even the local "experts" in St. Louis are saying this...

Not to mention that Zambrano and Lilly are currently the best two pitchers in baseball...literally. Lilly won't keep that up...but his 3.5 era is about right. Z might not lose again the rest of the year...he is pitching that well. (I am exaggerating, I know.)

And Marshall has been nothing short of Amazing since being called up, just hasn't gotten any run support. Hill is above average to say the least. And I would say Marquis is as good as any starter you have...maybe with the exception of Wainwright. So the Cubs have 4 pitchers better than anyone of yours and one about the same as your best....and you say this is "catchable?"

If you put the Cubs or Brewers in another division their records would most likely be worse than they are now though. Since they would be playing against much better competeition.

ok...can you even imagine what the Cards record would be with that SP?

By the way...the Cardinals run differential is actually WORST than the Reds AND the Astros...two of the teams you are saying are so bad.

Believe me...this weekend was a fluke. A great one for the Cubs AND the Cards...but a fluke none the less.

WORST = WORSE....wow. My English is apparently the WORST.

another couple "flukes" as you call them this week and this conversation will be completely different though huh?

"STL is going nowhere. Even the local "experts" in St. Louis are saying this..."

BUT... the EXPERTS also didn't predict they would be Champions of 2006! It's not August yet! The CUBS will collapse as they do EVERY year! Do I think the Cards have chance this year? No, but I continue to hope. I didn't think they had a chance last year either, but Christmas came early.

Yeah...its nice when the worst team EVER to make it to the WS wins...that was Christmas for you.

Anyway...yeah...with some flukes in the Cubs series, flukes in the Brewers series, and flukes in the cards series for the next two series each...we might have to change the conversation a little.

However, it will still ALWAYS come back to the fact that your starting pitching SUCKS!

hat is the difference between this year and last...last you had Suppan, Carpenter, and company all getting hot at the same time.

So this year it would be led by Mulder and Wainwright... Wainwright is much better than Suppan.

You are expecting to gain ground on two different teams which you trail by 5.5 and 6 games... both of which are solid on SP?

Sorry, I just don't buy it. Last year you had SP that got hot at the same time...and they were talented. This year, you have crap other than Wainwright and maybe Reyes (if Duncan would leave him the hell alone and just let him pitch)

Anyway, its just not happening.

Mulder? When was the last time he pitched ONE INNING?

you keep forgetting about Mulder....

And if the Cubs and Brewers struggle this week, it should be easy for the Cards. Since we play 2 of the worst teams in the NL

Mulder is beginning his minor league rehab this week or early next.

Just because Mulder was hurt doesn't mean he can't come back strong this year

Also don't forget the Cubs don't have the world's best bullpen so that can and will unreavel some of tht solid SP you're banking on so much

I just said its solid...and the bullpen has been VERY solid as of late. Can you recall them blowing a lead and losing in the last month? I can't....

Mulder hasn't pitched an inning in almost a year...and you think he will lead your team to the playoffs? Thats worse than Mets fans thinking Pedro will come back his normal self...

oh, and if you are referring to the bullpen the Cards beat up on in that ONE game they won...that was a AA pitcher that is no longer on the ML staff....

We started seeing the real Ted Lilly tonight again. Mr HR

4 runs in 6 innings is his bad day and you don't think the Cardinals would PRAY to have that right now?

He would look like Johan with those numbers to the Cards right now....

That "Mr. HR" title CLEARLY belongs to Kip Wells....

so you lost 2 of 3 to the pirates....still think you have a chance?

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