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Joel Sherman's Ten Trade Candidates

Joel Sherman of the New York Post has an article today regarding ten veterans who may be traded this month.  He's packed the column full of insider info beyond the ten players highlighted; check it out.

  • Mark Teixeira is now more likely to be dealt than Eric Gagne.  Sherman sees the Angels as perhaps the best possibility here; they'd have to include Casey Kotchman.  I imagine Ervin Santana's stock is down far enough that the Rangers would not settle for the two.
  • The Indians appear to be out on Gagne but the Tigers still make sense for all parties.  Would Todd Jones graciously step down from his closer post?  Detroit's bullpen has actually been doing well lately.
  • The Royals want a righthanded-hitting center fielder in return for Octavio Dotel.  Now that's a tall order.  Sherman names Lastings Milledge and Carlos Gomez as two who fit the bill, but such a trade would require young talent like Zack Greinke coming back to the Mets.  Just speculating, but Melky Cabrera and Reggie Willits also fit the Royals' need.
  • Apparently the Mariners and Braves are "very interested' in Dmitri Young.  That's the first I've heard of a team besides Atlanta inquiring.
  • Oddly, the Devil Rays appear to have some interest in Kyle Farnsworth if the money can be worked out.  They like Scott Proctor as well, so keep an eye on that Ty Wigginton rumor.  Sherman mentions that the market is heavy with available role players, so look for a lot of boring deals with that type of player.  Just kidding, trade rumors are never boring.  Sherman tosses out Tadahito Iguchi to the Padres; that's a fresh one.
  • Sherman runs down all of the available relievers we already know about.  Throw Kiko Calero in there as a new name. 


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"Apparently the Mariners and Braves are "very interested' in Dmitri Young. That's the first I've heard of a team besides Atlanta inquiring"

The mariners traded for jose Vidro, how could they not be interested.

Wait a guy who works for a NY paper claims that the Tampa Bay devil Rays are willing to trade players for one year relievers who are freaking awful or Scott Proctor and his torreitius?

My god thats the definition of credible.

Ha ya true. Makes more sense to just give Ibanez or Broussard time at DH though, then again it did before they traded for Vidro. I think D'Meat hook and the Braves are a love match waiting to happen. Salty anyone? jk. But Tad to the Pads? Haven't heard that. They should just hope Giles hits a streak or go for someone like Kaz who can leadoff more comfortably than Tad.

Why don't the D-Rays go for Greinke? They have the sexy prospects the Royals would want and need and the Rays can afford to let him go through growing pains as a set-up man/closer for their long awaited success run. Also, Dukes fits their want for a righty CFer, B.J. Upton would probably be a stretch though. It's fun to think about though, that is, Upton for Grienke.

^Another fit I though of for Grienke was the Rockies. They also have the prospects and might contend next year, though knowing them they'd try to develop him as a starter.

Young for Olsen??? no way AZ does that...

LOL. That's crazy. The Royals absolutely do not need a "righty CF". No no and no. That's pure speculation based on the Royals asking for Matt Kemp.

Willits = Gathright
Cabrera = DeJesus lite

How much wore the Wily Mo Pena would it take to land Dotel?

Probably not much.

I think Jed Lowrie is a much more likely target though if Dotel is shipped to the Red Sox.

"How much wore the Wily Mo Pena would it take to land Dotel?"

It shouldn't take anymore, but according to the Denver Post, the Red Sox have a deal in place to send Wily Mo to the White Sox for a minor leaguer.

"* The Red Sox are determined to move outfielder Wily Mo Peña and have a deal in place with the White Sox for a low-level minor-leaguer if they want it. That would create room to pursue a more versatile backup like Oakland's Bobby Kielty. Boston wants another reliever and will continue monitoring Brian Fuentes and Brad Lidge, even though both are likely to stay put. "

"I think Jed Lowrie is a much more likely target though if Dotel is shipped to the Red Sox."

He's 1/2 year away from being alot more highly regarded, he isnt being traded for Dotel.

Wily Mo is definately worth more than a low level prospect.

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