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Latest Mark Teixeira Trade Rumors

Now we're really getting down to the wire; will Jon Daniels take this thing all the way to tomorrow's deadline, knowing that some teams will move on if he doesn't commit soon?


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C'mon JS! Let's get Daniels to agree already.

I don't see this trade getting made right at 3 o'clock on Tuesday. Teixeira gets traded today or stays in Texas, where he has to stay out the rest of his deal. It would be pretty dumb to try and trade him in the off season when his value is so high right now. No way they can get what teams are offering now after Tuesday.

No, not Hanson in this trade. He is better than Harrison already. If Hanson is in the deal then remove Elvis and put Lillibridge in the deal.

It's got to happen today. Too much on the line for Texas to not make a deal in the next 24 hours.

As a Braves fan, I'd much rather move Harrison than Hanson.

That said, I'd rather the Braves stand pat on Salty and try to move him this off-season for a pitcher or maybe Chris B. Young and sign a stud 1B with money Teix would be getting.

Sorry but there are no good 1st baseman in the free agent market this year. Chris Young is untouchable for the Padres as he is a co-ace with Peavy.

Chris B. is the Arizona CF but presumably equally untouchable.

You can forget about the Braves moving Tommy Hanson. Ain't gonna happen.

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